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Friday, December 23, 2011

CHEESES - Where to find Specialty and Gourmet CHEESES in Costa Rica

I don't find lots of great choices for cheeses - especially STRONG ones) in Costa Rica and when ya do - be ready to PAY for them as they tend to be LOTS of $$$!!  (I also don't find a lot of STRONG foods/drinks in Costa Rica [even the goat cheese I've found here are quite weak!]).

So here is a list I've started on where to find some SPECIALTY, more unique, 
imported and GOURMET CHEESES!!
If you have others to add - or just REALLY GOOD cheeses, PLEASE email me at info@CostaRicaResourceGuide.com

(Caffe Torino is located by the entrance to my old place!)
(the guys from the deli.  That's Richard - the guapo on the left!)

 (2-288-4476 / 2-288-4473 / Torino@racsa.co.cr

I feel that Cafe Torino in Escazu (San Rafael) has THE BEST DELI and IMPORTED items I've found in Costa Rica  -  BUT  - they're NOT cheap!!!  
GOURMET•IMPORTED items  -  They have MANY things I’ve not found elsewhere in CR - everything from REAL Maple Syrup, mustards, candies, things like pesto in a tube, fresh pastas, jams, crackers and cookies, wines and LOTS MORE!!  
CHRISTMAS ITEMS  -  Cafe Torino is THE PLACE for old style foreign/imported CHRISTMAS favorites including Gingerbread Houses and baskets 
DELI (makes sure to have Richard take care of you as he speaks GOOD English and gives GOOD Customer Service!):
CHEESES  -  They have the largest selection of cheeses I've found in Costa Rica - cheeses from many countries like Switzerland and France and cheeses like Brie, Gouda++ (more specifics coming).  
MEATS - YUMMM!! (a detailed list is coming!)   
WINES  -  They also have a very nice selection of imported wines!
PASTRIES  - To the left of the entrance - in the back, they have many Pastries with a Tico flare.  They have everything from a CARROT CAKE, a more real tasting KEY LIME PIE, GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE, BOSTON CREAM PIE, CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS and even DONUTS (in between an American donut and a Tico one).  Christian works in this area and speaks good English!
RESTAURANT  -  Their restaurant (with dining upstairs, in the back or a couple tables up on the balcony or out front ALFRESCO) features REALLY GOOD  ITALIAN pastas, Soups, Salads and Sandwiches. 

ENGLISH (and GREAT Customer Service):  Richard (in the deli), Cristian and owner Marian (PLEASE make sure to tell them Vicki Connected you [and give Richard a BIG HUG from me!!])

HOURS:  Mon.-Tues. and Sat. 10am-7pm, Wed., Thurs. and Fri. 10am-10pm (CLOSED - Christmas Eve - December 25 at 3pm until January 4).  

LOCATION:  Escazu-San Rafael - ON Calle Vieja just East of Calle Country Club (in Plaza del Rio - home also to Cafe Te Con Te [across the street from where Vicki used to live) 

(some of the imported goodies!)
The tasty treats / postries / pastries and FULL BAR!!

Martina giving samples of Lekkerland Cheeses at Vino Expo '11

(Vicki's FAVORITE!!!)


Lekkerland has some REALLY NICE choices of specialty / gourmet CHEESES with a true European flavor - made with the highest of standards of quality and craftsmanship of old world style!!  NATURAL - NO Preservatives or Coloring!!  MY FAVs from Lekkerland are their Black Label (to me it's sort of a cross between blue cheese and a strong parmesan) and Blue Cheese.  They also make a great Edam, Feta, Gouda, Goat Gouda, Maasdam, and fresh Mozzarella!!   You can find Martina - the Dutch owner of Lekkerland - giving out tastes at MANY festivals, expos and bazaars around Costa Rica!

PRODUCTS:  See more pictures of their other cheeses at -

WHERE TO FIND:  AutoMercado carries Lekkerland though BL is not always so easy to find or they run out fast so perhaps ask the manager for their delivery date. 

ENGLISH (and GREAT Customer Service): Martina Harteveld (and PLEASE make sure to tell her Vicki Connected you and sends a BIG HUG!!)


(note you MUST do the www as it seems they have one of those webmasters trained in CR [no  comment])

Alpiste is a FABULOUS Import company that brings in all sorts of products from many parts of the world (especially  Italia / Italy as well as French) and sells them to the public as well as you can many of their things in stores and used by many restaurants.  They carry such things as: 

CHEESES (most cheeses are 250 grams to 5 pounds [unlike ) - the Italian main brand is Auricchio Reserva Exclusivo -  parmesan regiano, pecorino romano, ancoretto, cacciotta auretta, cacciotta del pirata, saracino, peproncino rosso, grana padano, pepper pecorino, provolone dolce, provolone ahumado, sirbone.  French - Paysan Breton - Emnental.  Costa Rican products - Italacteos - types - Bocconicini (like buffalo mozzarella), Scamorza, Busqueso (more like a mozzarella), Ricotta.  
OLIVE OILS - everything from regular cold-pressed to truffle, pepper, garlic and other speciality olive oils.
Various unique import items like Balsamic Vinegar, Pestos, Beans, Asparagus, Peppers, Divilla Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Mustards (various from France), Duck Wings in Confit, Divilla PASTAs++.  
WATERS - San Pelligrino Water, Fiji Water.  
SALTS - special salts from different parts of the world like Black Salt from Hawaii, Blue Salt from Iran, Pink Salt from Himalayas, Green Salt from Britania.  
PATES - Spanish pates like Duck, Black Pepper, Parfait of Foie Gras, Cherry Wine, Armagnac.  
CHOCOLATES - German Ridder Sport in many flavors.  
OLIVES - black (Italian, Spanish), green, whole or pieces, BIG olives - Botija from Peru.  
GELLATTO - they have the makings/mixes and machines for it.  
TEAs - Argentina - Chamana and Intizen.  
COFFEEs - various kinds - including the famous Italian brand - Illy.  
WINES - a nice size selection from Spain and Italy, Argentina, Chilean and California (a Chilean company/wine maker located in Napa - Star Angel by Montes Siraz and Napa Angel Cabernet.  Seghesio's Zinfindel from Sonoma) - everything from regular table wines to expensive/fancy.  
Champagne - Pommery - REAL champagne from the Reims region in France.  Cavas - Spanish Sparkling Wines.  
Rum - including the fancy/famous Zapa from Guatemala, Grapa - classic and flavored.  

GLASSES and DECANTERS - 100% crystal and some are handmade.
The owners are Italian but have been here since 1958!
For more details on their products go to http://www.alpiste.co.cr/enlaces.php

ENGLISH (and GREAT Customer Service):  The Sommelier (wine expert) Randall speaks good ENGLISH and he knows ALL the products so if you have any questions contact him directly at Sommelier@Alpiste.co.cr / RCalderon@Alpiste.co.cr / 2-587-0634 / 8-327-8414-Randall (and PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you and send a BIG HUG!!)

HOURS:  Mon.-Fri. 8am-5:30pm, Sat. 8am-noon.  Closed Sat. Dec. 31.

LOCATION:  Escazu - Guichipilin - 800 meters NorthWest of MultiPlaza-Escazu - Go under the overpass/Pista and take the first right (the 2nd one takes you back onto the Pista) and go 600 meters to Plaza OffiBodegas Capri office park and they're on the right.  Just next to Blue Valley school.


When I was there last week, AutoMercado has various cheese in a special section of more gourmet/speciality cheeses - plus in their regular dairy section they have cheeses, but MY experience (based on MY taste buds) is most are pretty weak.


PriceSmart has a few cheeses like Blue Cheese.  Cash said it was decent but it was $10 for less than a pound.


Peri Mercado is selling authentic Danish blue cheese by "Rosenborg" at the front of the Deli service counter.
(THANX GringoCentral.webs.com)


Make sure to tell everyone mentioned that 
Vicki Connected you 
and how much I RAVED about them!  I tell them I send them a BIG HUG!!!   


Email me DETAILS and photos of various Gourmet • Imported • Specialty Cheeses YOU find around Costa Rica!!!  Let's help each other!!


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