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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Apple Macintosh Repair Technicians and Parts around Costa Rica (updated 10/13)

I don't care what the rest of the world's statistics are as based on MY observations - a LARGE percent of people I know living in or visiting Costa Rica have Apple's / Macintosh's - yet finding someone to repair it or hardware or software at a reasonable and in a timely manner and finding things for your Mac can be QUITE challenging and EXPENSIVE!!

So I've started a list of resources!! If you know anyone/anything else to add - have them go to the link at the bottom of this page for the questionnaire.

HINT:  If you're needing help connecting your WiFi Router (not always so easy), BEFORE you buy it - make sure it's compatible with your computer & modem.  Also, I find it easiest to let the technician know the model numbers before he/she comes.

(I've not experienced most of these - just sharin' info!!)

Also check "Authorized Apple Dealers" below
SKILLS/COMMENTS: David’s my MAIN MAC APPLE REPAIR GUYs having taken care of me and helped me through MANY a FRANTIC situation and he always kept his cool (my computer is my BABY [and my life!!!]) as well as helped MANY MANY people that have found him from my blog and guests and friends and so far we’ve ALL been REALLY HAPPY!!!   
He’s very reasonably priced, thorough and can take care of your computer in MANY ways (read into that as you’d like to!).   In a rush/frantic?   He’s always been VERY considerate of that if he can be (just let him know DIRECTLY - speak your truth!!)!!!    He also sometimes has parts/computers for sale!!  If he can't fix it, he has a secret contact that's just about always been able to take care of it!!
He can also assist with Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Internet setup/troubleshooting, network setup/installation troubleshooting (for both Mac and PC) as well as Website Design (html, php, flash, css).
He also does PC REPAIR as well.   
OTHER SKILLS:  He's a Spanish - English Translator.  
LANGUAGE: Español is his primary language - BUT he’s a Tico that speaks GREAT English!
RATES: Starts at $39 (plus his time to get there)
LOCATION: Escazu - but he can also come to you.
CONTACT:  8-853-2451 / david@terramundis.net

Laboratoria de Electronica
  (aka Todo En Mac)
LOCATION: John Thomas has a shop in San Jose-Barrio Mexico - Avenida 5 y Calle 26 though he will come to you in an extreme emergency for repair (of course you'll pay for it).  He's also THE man for APPLE PARTS - even old hard to find ones!  He's been repairing Apples/Mac's for OVER 20 years!!
SKILLS/COMMENTS: He's one of the few people that can repair iPods. He also have used MACs/Apple products FOR SALE.
HOURS: Mon.-Fri. - 7am-5:30pm
LANGUAGE: Español though he does speak some English if you speak slowly.
RATES: Check the computer - $36 for labor.
CONTACT:  2-221-8709 / 2-257-4820-p/fax / 8-376-8901
TodoEnMac.net / JThomas@racsa.co.cr / JTE_LdE@hotmail.com / info@TodoEnMac.net

Skype:  EternalSage

LOCATION: He lives in Tibas but can come to you.
SKILLS/COMMENTS:  George is an APPLE AUTHORIZED TECHNICIAN and he was VERY patient with my NON-techno self/talk!  Software and Hardware.  He also SELLS COMPUTERS - new and use, equipment and supplies.
LANGUAGE:  Being a Tico - Español is his primary language - but he speaks some English if you speak slowly.
RATES: He's $30/hour (standard rate from the 1/2 dozen I have info on).
CONTACT:  8-394-3296 / 2-241-4507 / JorgeCalvo@mac.com

Marvin Bermudez
LOCATION:  Coronado (San Antonio) and you can go to him or he can come to you
SKILLS/COMMENTS: Christopher Howard recommended him HIGHLY
LANGUAGE:  Español - though he does speak some English if you speak slowly.
CONTACT:  8-886-9711

Kenyon Zahner
LOCATION:     He can come to you or you go to him at his place in San Sebastian (about 3 miles North of Downtown SJ) though he’ll come to you wherever (for the right price).
SKILLS:    He says he can help with anything from iMacs, PowerBooks and iBooks to G3/G4/G5 Desktops. Troubleshooting, Upgrades and Installations. Operating Systems OS X (Jaguar/Panther/Tiger), OS 9. Software: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite 2 (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.) iLife ‘05, Final Cut Studio: Final Cut Pro 5, Motion 2, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro 4/ Final Cut Pro and Express, DVD Studio Pro, After Effects, QuickTime Pro, Acrobat, Toast Titanium, Quark Express, Utilites, Adobe Font Library, Web Design, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Virex, Audio (too much to list).
LANGUAGE:  English and lots of Español.
RATES:           Starts at AROUND $25/hour if he comes to you (case-by-case basis).
CONTACT:     2-286-5821  /  8-838-0812  /  tlyn2003@hotmail.com

Eddy Torres
SKILLS/COMMENTS: Rachel said his prices are ok and he charged her in ‘08 $125 for redoing her Mac and loading all new software.
LANGUAGE: Español and good English
CONTACT:  eddy.torres@gmail.com (note, I’ve tried to contact him and haven’t received a response back so don’t know if he’s still around or not)

“Dr. Mac” - Diego Rivera
HOURS:  Mon.-Fri. - 8am-noon and 1-5pm
LOCATION: San Jose - from KFC on Paseo Colon - go 200 mts. North and 150 West (I have a note - something about the Cemetaria Obrero)
DIAGNOSTIC:  FREE to look at and no set price on
CONTACT:  2-222-5850 / 2-223-4159 / drmacsa@racsa.co.cr  •  https://facebook.com/pages/Dr-MAC-SA/227359994982

Mac Workshop

https://facebook.com/MacWorkShopCR  •  2-289 8054 • asalas56@gmail.comService repair and maintenance of Apple equipment, computers, tables and phones. Specialize in data recovery on PC and MAC, as well as a repair and maintenance service on Windows PCs and Android SmartPhones.
LANGUAGE:  Not sure if they speak any English as their Facebook page is only in Spanish.
HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 10am-7pm.  Saturday 10am-5pm
LOCATION:  Escazu (San Rafael) - Just South of TGIFridays restaurant
by the chocolate shop.
(I can't verify anything about them as EVERY time I've gone by their lights were not on in their sign or the office and no one has returned the few calls I've made since they opened)

AIP Consultores
http://facebook.com/AipConsultoresCR •
AipConsultores.com • 4-070-1000 • 8-711-5728 • info@AipConsultores.com
HOURS:  Monday-Friday - 9am-6pm

Roberto Mora
LOCATION:  Consulting via the internetSKILLS/COMMENTS: Roberto is Tico a CERTIFIED MAC TECHNICIAN plus PC Repair and though he no longer lives in Costa Rica, he’s available to consult REMOTELY (via the internet [it's kinda scary what they can do thousands of miles away] with SOFTWARE REPAIR (specializing in Mac OS, iLife, Microsoft Software, Movie Edition software) and INSTALLATION via the internet on many things.  He can even "clean" Virus Cookies and malicious software from Mac and PC software by REMOTE ACCESS!!!   He’s a real sweetie and GOOD at what he does (he was a GodSend to me MANY times when he was at ICON)!  Make sure to tell him you're in Costa Rica to get his special Tico Rates!

LANGUAGE: Being a Tico - Español is his primary language - but he speaks GREAT English!
CONTACT:  RMoraCR1@gmail.com  /  1-915-630-6608 (in El Paso, Texas)  /  Skype:  cuervocr  /  Yahoo Messenger:  roberto_m_h

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @


SKILLS•CERTIFICATIONS•COMMENTS: Formerly a professional editor and CERTIFIED APPLE INSTRUCTOR. He enjoys helping repair peoples problems. Specializes in Mac and iPhone repair and factory unlocks.
DISTANCE YOU WILL TRAVEL TO: Not currently making house calls but can work remotely on on Macs and iPhone unlocks.
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English with some Spanish.
RATES: Rates vary by repair but start at $35 generally.
LOCATION: Located in Samara - but he's happy to service those from outside Samara by appointment, or if possible remotely.
CONTACT:  8-973-3669  •  brandon@iRepairCR.com  •  facebook.com/iRepairCR

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @


#1 - See SAGE above!!  He's a MIRACLE WORKER!!!!  (I have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with him!!!  He even correctly diagnosed me over the phone withOUT seeing my computer and helped walk me through my problem!!!)

2-444-4141 • 8-701-8080 • info@click.cr
LANGUAGE:  Their website only is in Spanish so not sure if they speak English
Grecia Centro - in front of the gymnasium and school Eulogia Ruiz • en frente al Gimnasio de la Escuela Eulogia Ruiz.
Oliver Duex
LOCATION: Lake Arenal Area - It’s best to bring your machine to him in Arenal (in Barrio Los Palmares) but he can come to you.
SKILLS/COMMENTS: Repairs Macs and PCs. He also gives lessons on MS Office, Photoshop and Adobe Suites and does Web Designing.
LANGUAGE: Oliver speaks GREAT German, English and Español.
RATES: $18/hour.
CONTACT:  8-333-2729  / CorrectingTime@fastmail.fm

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

I hear they have a COMPUTER CLUB in Arenal that meets at 2pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month at Hotel Tilawa (they also have a Gringo Gathering just after this meeting from 4-6pm) (thanx Ed Reames).

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

Scotty Alexander Rodriguez
Scotty’s PC Repair
SKILLS•COMMENTS:  Mac OS, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Linux and other Linux distributions.  He can install, configure and test software such as:  Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Partition Magic, Partition Master, DAEMON tools for ISO's and backups, CCLeaner, Registry Cleaner+.  He can also fix a wide variety of software and hardware related problems - Hard Drives, RAM Memory modules, CPU's and heat sinks, Fans, UPS systems.  And do Data recovery, Data backup, Antivirus software, Spam filters, Parental control software for safe internet surfing for the kids, Logo Design, Photo editing and touchups, Data deletion - Standard government security wipes of data with 3 rounds of protection (in case you are selling your computer and don't want to risk passing along any personal info), Document translation - English to Spanish or vice versa.
LANGUAGE: Español and English.
CONTACT:  8-718-6846 /  2-770-4195  /  ScottyRu@gmail.com  /  creative.translations@gmail.com

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

Joshua Wilson



Manuel Prado
CONTACT:  6-050-9916
AppleGeniusCR.comapplegenius@me.com  Manuel is a Certified Mac Techinician that services virtually all Apple products, can quickly access parts and accessories and will come to your house.
LANGUAGE:  Perfectly bilingual. 


(I've found that taking your computer to a store often takes MUCH longer and can be lots more expensive)

(especially for older computers):
Hardware/parts for Macs can be VERY CHALLENGING to come by, take time and ain't cheap in Costa Rica (I believe they charge about 37% Duty on computer items)!   Used parts are even harder to come by!!  Consider trying to find people coming to CR to bring you things.  Which are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper in the U.S!

BY FAR - Laboratoria de Electronica is THE PLACE in Costa Rica to find parts of older Apples!!!! 
Laboratoria de Electronica
SKILLS/COMMENTS: John's also one of the few people that can repair iPods. They also have used MACs FOR SALE.
LOCATION: John Thomas has a shop in San Jose-Barrio Mexico - Avenida 5 y Calle 26 though he will come to you in an extreme emergency for repair (of course you'll pay for it).  He's also the man for APPLE PARTS - even old hard to find ones!  He's been repairing Apples/Mac's for OVER 20 years!!
HOURS: Mon.-Fri. - 7am-5:30pm (I've noticed when I call, John tended to arrive late morning and no one spoke English in the morning [if that's important to you].  I've also found he can be accommodating often a bit with those hours).
LANGUAGE: Español though he does speak a fair amount of English (if you speak slowly).
RATES: Check the computer - $36 for labor.
CONTACT:  2-221-8709 / 2-257-4820-p/fax / 8-376-8901 / JThomas@racsa.co.cr / JTE_LdE@hotmail.com

THIS is the cheapest way - BUT - if you have it mailed to you, these days - there's a GOOD chance it WILL be stopped by the Aduana/Customs and you have to go down to their location near the airport, stand in line for HOURS and pay taxes on it.  NOT where I'd choose to spend my time.  IF you Do choose this way, have the person sending it to you take it OUT of the box so it doesn't look new and have them NOT include the receipt and make a note you forgot it (according to MY interpretation of the rules, taxes here are NOT based on what YOU paid for it, they're based on how much it would cost IN Costa Rica!!!)

I think the cheapest way to go for getting used computers and parts are http://CraigsList.org  - ESPECIALLY http://SFBay.craigslist.org (the Silicon Valley / San Jose / San Francisco Bay areas - the hub of the computer world!!  Also New York).  BE CAREFUL with this as I bought one that had a NON-Apple power cord with it and it shorted the computer out (live and learn.  I had it shipped to a non-Apple friend that didn't know better that was coming to visit).

Also - Apple sells some of their discontinued models on http://eBay.com
but when dealing on eBay - BE CAREFUL as this is an area where there can be LOTS of scammers.  If their rating is under 9.5, if they haven't had people commenting in awhile (they could have been hacked recently) or if their rating is a 10 (sometimes people put their own "reviews" up there and if you go to contact some of the reviewees - interesting - they're no longer there - hmmmm)


 Apple now has an area on their site where you can get Refurbished Apple products - BUT - note they are coming from CHINA so they take longer to get.  "Refurbished" usually means they were store demo's or returns (so cosmetically they may have a few blemishes and it may not come with the original packaging) but they've gone through a STRINGENT series of checks to make sure it's in 100% working condition (in theory, it's gone through MORE tests than a new one!!  Many of the older/discontinued models through their refurb department are NEW!!!  Sometimes some of the things are even UPDATED in them!!)!  The store is constantly being updated and when a new model comes out - OFTEN you can find the previous models there greatly reduced so keep watching it!!

Other than one of the stores listed above and below – check either on Craig’s List - http://CostaRica.craigslist.org/sys or the Costa Rica Living Message Board - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CostaRicaLiving (I believe in POSTING what I AM SEEKING – not just looking for what others have to offer!!)

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

NOTE: I've DEFINITELY found that the "official dealers" are LOTS MORE $$$ for things and don't assume that they will have everything as it ain't easy to get things here (repair wise they're also LOTS more expensive and take MUCH longer usually!!)

iShop (formerly iOne)
This is a newer company that does Repairs IN store so faster than some others and I have found the workers (at least at the Escazu location) to be SOOOO helpful and there is usually (always when I've been in) someone that speaks English!!  Authorized Apple Dealer.  General Manager - Juan Loaiza - Manager@iOneStore.com 
RATES: Diagnostic and other assistance - starts at $35/hr
LOCATIONS:  (fyi - they have LOTS LOTS LOTS more locations.  Check out iShop.cr/tiendas.cfm
ALAJUELA  (2-430-2000 / Alajuela@iShop.cr) -  HOURS:  Daily 11am-8pm.  LOCATION:  Courts Alajuela 800 mts North of the Courts•Tribunales in AutoMercado Square (on the road to Poas Volcano). It is Immediately to the left of the main entrance to AutoMercado.de los Tribunales (la corte) de Alajuela 800 mts N, en la plaza del AutoMercado  (en la carretera a Volcán Poás).   It is immediately to the left of the main entrance to AutoMercado. 
ESCAZU -  (2-588-2606 / 2-588-2592 / Escazu@iShop.cr) - I've been here and found them to be SOOOO HELPFUL and their prices seem to be lower than icon.  Bernie and Arturo Cordova speaks GOOD English and GOOD Customer Service (give them HUGS from Vicki)!!  HOURS: DAILY 11am-8pm.  LOCATION: in the mall at Avenida Escazu (in the building JUST before where the new iMax/VIP Theatres are and one block East of CIMA Hospital)
MORAVIA (4-000-6236 •  Moravia@iShop.cr) LOCATION:  north of Guadalupe in the Lincoln Plaza.  
CURRIDABAT  (2-271-6000 • Pinales@iShop.cr  LOCATION:  PINARES  in front of WalMart
TRES RIOS  (2-279-4100 / TresRios@iShop.cr)  -  HOURS:  Daily 10am-8pm.  LOCATION:  The old road - adjacent to AutoMercado
CONTACT:  info@iShop.cr

New, used Macs and repairs. AUTHORIZED APPLE DEALER and REPAIRS.  Ask for Jorge who speaks some English (more in person).
LOCATION: Tibas - 100 meters East and 300 meters South of Burger King.
HOURS: Mon.-Fri. - 8am-6pm
CONTACT:  2-236-6067  luis.miranda@ReproColorCR.com

They sell new and used Mac's, do REPAIRS and some classes (PhotoShop, Word, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Flash. Find the announcements on their Facebook page)!  The are AUTHORIZED Canon Agents.  The also carry iPad, Canon
LOCATION:  Tibas - 50 mts. North and 125 mts East of  Al Dia newspaper
CONTACT:  2-235-7047 / info@MacSol.net

MY experience with iCon is their repairs can EASILY take 2++ weeks and most people I know, when they need a repair - they NEED a repair.  With that said, their technical office I believe is one of the biggest and their stores are the biggest (hence why it takes longer I'll bet).  I understand they're now offering service where they come to you also (I'm sure that's a LOT of $$$ since their prices for EVERYTHING tend to be LOTS more expensive than other stores).  
Diagnostic Test - minimum 25,000-c/$50. 
ALAJUELA  -  Mall Internacional  (2-431-2641)  -  HOURS:  Mon.-Sat. 10:30am-8:30pm, Sun. 10:30am-7:30pm.  LOCATION:  adjacent to POPS.
ESCAZU  -  MultiPlaza-West  (2-201-5025 / 2-201-5026) (I think it was Fernando that helped me and he was REALLY helpful and a real sweetie and spoke English pretty well). HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10am-9pm, Sun. 10am-8pm.  LOCATION:  NEW LOCATION - in the NEW section - 2nd level - around the corner from the old store.
HEREDIA  -  Paseo de las Flores (2-261-7454 / 2-261-7872)  -  HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10:30am-9pm, Sun. 11am-8pm.  LOCATION:  near Payless Shoes
SAN JOSE CENTRO  (2-221-2522)  -  HOURS:  Mon.-Fri. 9am-6pm, Sat. 10am-5pm.  LOCATION:  West side of Plaza de la Cultura - near Hotel Costa Rica?
SAN PEDRO  -  Mall of San Pedro (2-234-5834 / 2-234-5835) HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10am-8pm, Sun. 10am-7pm.  LOCATION:  2nd floor, near the Northern Entrance of the mall.
ZAPOTE -  MultiPlaza-East  (2-280-1590 / 2-280-1556 / 2-280-1548). HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10am-9pm, Sun. 10am-8pm.  LOCATION:  Next to Nike
SERVICE/OFFICE - OFFICE - CURRIDABAT  (2-234-2076 / SERVICE - 2-225-3002)  - HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm.    LOCATION:  de la Pops de Curridabat, 300 m sur, 100 m Este: 
Diagnosis - takes 2+ days .
The people in ICON were GREAT and have ALWAYS been VERY VERY helpful with other little things where they didn't charge me to fix/alter (but I ALWAYS gave the store person that helped me $10-$20 as I was SOOOOO GRATEFUL!!!).
HINT: If you have a problem that you know is going to require them sending it in to their service/repair center - save yourself time by bringing it in YOURSELF to the main office in San Jose (that can save you a day on either end). SOME things might be able to be done in a local store like I've had to go there twice when I couldn't get wireless to work in my laptop (the day before leaving on a trip) and all I had to "pay" was a nice tip to the guy that helped me out (and that wasn't mandatory - I just like to show my appreciation for people that help me out).

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @


Laboratoria de Electronica
LOCATION: He has a shop in San Jose-Barrio Mexico - Avenida 5 y Calle 26 though owner John Thomas Chavarria will come to you in an extreme emergency for repair (of course you'll pay for it).  He's also the man for APPLE PARTS - even old hard to find ones!
SKILLS/COMMENTS: He's one of the few people that can repair iPods. He also have used MACs FOR SALE.
HOURS: Mon.-Fri. - 7am-5:30pm.
LANGUAGE: Español though he does speak some English if you speak slowly.
RATES: Check the computer - $36 for labor.
CONTACT:  2-221-8709 / 2-257-4820-p/fax / 8-376-8901 / JThomas@racsa.co.cr / JTE_LdE@hotmail.com

PC Doctor
LOCATION: in Plaza Real Carrieri (2-293-3798) and Terra Mall (in front of Scotia Bank (2-518-1693)

Office Depot  and  PriceSmart 
are now selling a some Macintosh / Apple Computers



COMPUTER - PC CLUB of Costa Rica 
Though they’re not just a “PC” club - they also have a few Mac people in this group.

WHEN: 3rd Saturday of each Month - Coffee and donuts start at 8:30am, meeting - 9am. The meetings last until 11:30am or when we are finished with business, classes and interchange of computer related fun. They're free to members and and non-members can attend one meeting before joining.
WHERE: Belen - at the PanAmerican School
NOTE: Anyone is welcome to attend one meeting without first joining to see if it works for them. The meetings often include a free software and hardware clinic to solve any problems that members have. Members are encouraged to bring their computer or problems and the club will try to resolve these FREE of charge. We have classes and information sharing at each meeting that proves beneficial to all.
MEMBERSHIP: $30/year
CONTACT: Chuck (2-266-0123 / awake897@gmail.com)

I hear they have a Computer Club in Arenal that meets at 
2pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month at Hotel Tilawa 
(they also have a Gringo Gathering just after this meeting from 4-6pm)



#1 - if you have a computer that is under warranty and need a part - what I've experienced (and heard from many others) is that ALL the authorized dealers MAKE you bring in the old part and then wait at LEAST 1 week for a new one (so this means if it's a Power Cord, you can NOT use your computer without BUYING another one!!!!  I'm SOOOO DISAPPOINTED as I expected LOTS more from

If you bought your computer outside of Costa Rica, CHECK THE WARRANTY BEFORE YOU COME (or buy it) as I bought my Mac's in the States, telling the dealer that I was buying the iMac and iBook specifically to MOVE to Costa Rica. They sold me the Extended Warranty for an extra 2-3 years. My first week here, I was having problems with links on emails so I called one of the main internet providers and spoke with a Mac specialist (trust me, they do not have many here!!) who punched up some things in the computer and told me to reboot my computer. I made the mistake of ASSUMING that all was fine and hung up and restarted my computer and DEAD - BLACK - NOTHING!!! Since I work 10-15+ hours a day on my baby, I PANICKED!!! I called back and "he wasn't available" and that was the message I got for 3 days. First thing the next day I ran to Mac dealer near me (ICON) who told me the Hard Drive was blown out (this on a 3 month NEW computer!!!) and then gave me the "great" news - that my warranty did not cover me outside the U.S.!!! So $350 or so and a week later - I was back on track. Unfortunately I wasn't able to use my laptop much because I had accidentally left behind the power source for my new iBook and they couldn't get a new one in for WEEKS so after buying all the batteries they had (at about $100/each I think) the new power cord FINALLY came in (I want to say that was about $140 or so).


Do you know any other MACINTOSH / APPLE TECHNICIANS to add to this list? 
Please have them fill in our form with as MANY DETAILS as you can give at:

#1 - do a Google search for - apple repair costa rica - what comes up on the top 10 searches??  MY sites!!!!  Plus my blog gets over 30,000 "Page Views" a MONTH and is considered one of the top English Information Sites!!! 


If this connection has helped you•made your life easier - 
please consider giving back to help keep this blog alive and active!! 

For more information on where to 
 go to the top right corner of this blog and either gift through 
Paypal, MasterCard DEBIT card, Bank of America


PLEASE tell EVERYONE you deal with that you found them on Vicki's “Living Life in Costa Rica” site and
SHARE this link with ALL your friends (especially on Facebook) that have a Mac!

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