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Thursday, January 26, 2012

CESAR MILLAN - the "Dog Whisperer" in Costa Rica & Pets Y Mas Pet Expo • Expo Mascota - January 28, 2012

CESAR MILLAN - the "Dog Whisperer"
in San Jose, Costa Rica

WHAT:  Cesar Millan in Costa Rica – A SASY! FUN raiser!!

WHEN:  Saturday, January 28 - 8pm-midnight

WHERE:  San Jose - the new National Stadium / Estadio Nacional 

BENEFIT:  SASY (hence spread amongst numerous organizations)

Costa Rica's Estadio Nacional (National Stadium) will go to the dogs, literally, on Saturday January 28, 2012, when the Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Millan, will take centre stage, where he will takes dogs whose owners have behaviour problems with them.

In front of the new National Stadium during the day (before the Cesar Millan show) -
Pets y Mas - PetsYMas.com
will have a stands giving away 20 Datamars microchips!
Sábado 28 de enero, frente del Estadio Nacional durante el día, antes del Show de César Millán. Pets y más estará con un stand, esperándolos. Entre todos los que se arrimen al stand, regalaremos 20 microchips Datamars y muchas revistas y una revista con AUTOGRAFO de César Milán. No pueden faltar!!

By now most of you have probably heard that Cesar Millan, the famous Dog Whisperer (aka el Encantador de Perros) will be making his first-ever appearance in Latin America. Working in cooperation with the event promoter, RPMTV/Xtreme Family Entertainment, SASY! has negotiated the opportunity to sell tickets to our friends and supporters and retain a portion of the proceeds to help fund SASY! spay and neuter programs.

Millan fells there are no "bad dogs", only bad owners/masters. To share the spotlight Millan will bring his own pack from to show Costa Rican dog owners what is possible.

Prior to his "The Dog Whisperer" series, Millan had focused on rehabilitating especially aggressive dogs and had founded the Dog Psychology Centre in South Los Angeles.  Millan's first 3 books, including Cesar's Way, all became New York Times best sellers, have cumulatively sold 2 million copies in the United States and are available in 14 other countries.  

Part of Cesar's philosophy is that dogs need jobs, otherwise this leaves them bored, unfulfilled and act out. He has even created a special dog backpack (which he sells on his website for $59.98) to help your dog in his work.

In Costa Rica dog abandonment is a serious problem that is not addressed. Stray dogs or "zaguates" can be seen everywhere from the inner city of San José to the groomed parks of Rohrmoser.

February to April are the months with more dog abandonment, as the Christmas puppies now are starting to grow, demand more attention and time and costly to maintain. Some do not consider that large dog breeds start out small and quickly, within a few months, grow to pretty close their adult size.

These dogs - still puppies really - are fast left behind by their owners and many of them have tragic endings.

The Dog Whisperer event in Costa Rica is being sponsored by RPM-TV.

• CIUDAD COLON  -  SASY - http://Facebook.com/groups/8700344677 /  http://SASYCostaRica.com - Rita DeVore at Casa Bella Rita Boutique Bed & Breakfast (http://CasaBellaRita.com - Devore.Rita@gmail.com  / 2-249-3722)

• HEREDIA - the Pet Shop at the Refugio de Animales -  Lilian's AHPPA - 2-267-6374 /  2-267-7158 / SpayCostaRica@yahoo.com  -  http://AnimalShelterCostaRica.com

• DAWG - 8-850-7477 /  dawgfostermom@gmail.com

• JACO   -  McKee Jaco - 2-643-4012  /  info@mckee-jaco.com

• NOSARO -  Nosara Animal Rescue - 8-948-6743; nosaraanimalcare@gmail.com

• Queridos Perros – 8-371-3825  /  pacifico@racsa.co.cr
NOTE:  If you purchase your tickets through SASY, you will NOT have to pay the 1,500 Ticket Service fee.

• Identify in which section you would like to purchase tickets; note that we are holding seats in Gramilla Working Dogs (shown in red: 23,000-c/ticket) and Platea Herding Dogs (shown in green: 18,000-c/ticket) sections at the Estadio Nacional (see the attached Estadio Nacional Seating Chart).

Pay for your ticket no later than Monday, January 23 (still call because I'll bet you can still get some!)
Tickets will be distributed at wherever you purchased them from beginning Thursday, January 26 and must be picked up no later than Friday, January 27; if you have trouble getting to the Pet Shop call us at the above numbers and we will discuss options. 

OTHER OPTIONS:  You also have the option of purchasing tickets online through http://Laboleteria.com/eventos/details/18-cesar-millan-el-encantador-de-perros.html  and can receive a discount using your BNCR card  -  BUT  - these will not help SASY receive any donations/support.  
If you purchase tickets through these traditional methods, you WILL be charged the 1,500-c per Ticket Service fee.

Tickets for the event go from ¢8.000 to ¢35.000 (is $16 to us$70) for the event.


Consider purchasing a ticket or group of tickets for people in the community who are not able to afford them. This is a fabulous way to further their education efforts. You may specify the distribution or we will distribute tickets appropriately and let you know who your beneficiary is.

We hope to be able to offer additional opportunities and promotions so please visit our Facebook page for updates: SASY! Costa Rica. 


WHO IS CESAR MILLAN - the "Dog Whisperer"?

For more information about the Cesar Millan show and the ExpoMascota earlier the same day go to http://rpmtv.co.cr

Cesar Millan has begun his latest speaking tour to educate people about how to get along with their dogs and the tour will see him go to 6 American cities and Costa Rica, Europe and Australia and New Zealand. It began Jan. 14.  The 42-year-old Millan is the popular Mexican-American dog trainer and his show, The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan is in its 8th season (seen in some 15 countries in the world). Millan is known for taking aggressive dogs and teaching them and their owners how to live together with respect and love.
Cesar Millan: Dog Whisperer on Tour to Norfolk, Virginia on April 7. His website says he may add dates to his list of U.S. shows.

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Cesar Millan, the world-renowned dog behavior specialist and co-creator and star of the popular television show “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan,” will share dog training tips and advice during his Jan. 28 show at the National Stadium in San José. RPMTV Xtreme Family Entertainment is sponsoring the event.

In addition to his hit series, broadcast on Nat Geo Wild in the U.S. and on Animal Planet in Latin America, the self-taught Mexican-American Millan has written several books on dog training and has toured around the world. Millan has something of a cult following among dog owners and has used his behavior techniques to help the dogs of celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith.

According to RPMTV Media Manager Juan Carlos Peña, Millan will talk about how to have a good, balanced, healthy pet at the Jan. 28 show. This includes mental health; Millan considers this one of the fundamental principles of owning a pet. Using his own dogs, Millan will demonstrate what constitutes good habits and correct conduct. To show how to modify dog behavior, Millan will use dogs from Costa Rica with behavior issues, and offer solutions.

Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/317865#ixzz1jzJN0aEm

For the first time in Costa Rica, on 28 January at the National Stadium at 8:00 pm, this extra special with the Costa Ricans share their knowledge and offers a magnificent show that combines an entertaining chat with live demonstrations of their techniques.

For anyone who loves their dog needs no introduction Cesar Millan, renowned worldwide for its extraordinary method to get answers to the problems of the owners with their pets, Millan is a true hero in training and correcting bad habits in dogs.

If you love your dog but can not find out at inappropriate or aggressive behavior can not miss this unique opportunity to attend and discover the secrets of Dog Whisperer.

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