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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

HAIR SALON de ADY - an AWESOME Hairstylist that speaks ENGLISH in Escazu, Costa Rica

Every so often I decide to let go of MY need to control it all and be open to see what a PROFESSIONAL that understands bone structure, colics (however you spell it), tricks to take attention away from various flaws or enhance what you have - and I let THEM work their MAGIC!!

I did this the first time I went to Ady with SALON de ADY in Escazu!

I LOVE the latest color - February 17, 2015!!
I put my hair - my look for the next month in her hands and Adi Villegas did an AWESOME job - THE BEST HAIR CUT I've had in AGES and found in Costa Rica!!

Ok, so I wear my personality on my cuffs so she could figure me out pretty fast and she cut it short with a LOT of precision (wisps, etc.).  It/I was stylin’!!  I could style it a few different ways from more mature (like the pic above [not a great pic of me]) to punk/spike it more if I was in that mood (ahhh - the life of being a Gemini!!)!

Salon Ady is a bright octagonal FULL SERVICE SALON / DAY SPA FILLED with LOTS of windows and greenery (not some sterile stuffy environment!!)!!!

with everything from
(PRICES updated February 17, 2015)

Cut•BlowDry•Shampoo - starts at 17,000-c
Cut only - women - starts at 10,000-c.  Men - 8,000-c
Blow Dry  -  starts at 7,000-c
Highlights and Lowlights  -  start at 32,000-c (short hair)
Color•Bleach  -  starts at 23,000-c (short hair)

Keratin Hair Treatment  -  starts at 60,000-c
Relax  -  starts at 30,000-c

by Walkiria
Manicures  -  starts at 7,000

Pedicures (basic)  -  starts at 9,000-c
Spa Pedicure (with all the creams & potions++) -  starts at 13,000-c
Acrylics  -  starts at 16,000-c



 (Therapeutic•Therapuetico, Aromtherapy, Lymphatic, Reflexology, Sports•Deportido:
75 minutes

Starting at 18,000-c (that's a GREAT deal!!)

Coligin, Vitamins•Nutrients, Facial Massage, Holistic
Starting at 18,000-30,000-c

(for weddings, graduations, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, girls day, hot dates)

 Starting at 15,000-c


Ady is also a REALLY sweet/FUN kinda gal!!  

(Shhhhhhh!!!!  I hear she does some current/former pretty “high rankin’” people in this country!!)
Tuesday-Saturday - 8:30am-6pm

Tica Ady•Adi Villegas-Bonnet lived and worked in the US for many years (and her kids were born there) hence she speaks pretty good ENGLISH!!!  (as well as Spanish of course)

Escazu (San Rafael)
Coming from the Pista (getting off at the first Escazu exit - at WalMart), pass McDonald's and KFC and the next light.  JUST after that is a tiny "blink and you'll miss it" street JUST BEFORE the Delta (formerly Shell) gas station/bomba - turn Right.
Go down West 150  meters on the Left (see the house in the top picture). 

Coming from Santa Ana•Calle Vieja:
At the Scotia Split (the end of Calle Vieja) - go Left•North (towards the Pista•Walmart).  JUST after the Delta gas station•bomba - on your left also, there's a little rock quary store and a small side street.  There USED to be a little "opening" there but it's blocked off so you'll have to go up to the first opening, turn into their parking lot & U-turn back.  Or you can do this up at the street at Rosti Pollo & Vivero Exotica - OR - turn left there & go around the block.

Go down West 150  meters on the Left (see the house in the top picture).   


Escazu (San Rafael)
(2-228-3182  /  8-844-3675-English  / 2-228-3193  /  SalonDeAdy@yahoo.com

Make sure to tell Ady that VICKI CONNECTED YOU and e- me with your experience (and picture!!) at
(I sometimes live in Escazu so call me if you want to do lunch!!!)


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