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Thursday, February 12, 2015

PEQUENO MUNDO • Pequeño Mundo - one of the CHEAPEST places to find things for the home in Costa Rica


I think Pequeño Mundo has some of THE LOWEST prices I've found in Costa Rica for household goods.  It's kind of like the American Big Lots or the old time Pic N Save (are they still around??) where it's always different (ok, so that's how Costa Rica is overall) and most of it's the cheap quality "Made in China" stuff, but you can find LOTS of things here - to me - making it perfect for someone that JUST moved here as in many ways it's a one-stop-shopping place!!

They have everything from:
•  Housewares•many things you need to set up a new Home•Kitchen•Hogar (though cheap quality) from dishes sets for under $20, glassware
•  Decorative items
•  Hardware•Ferretería (a GREAT place to find everything from the old fashioned [healther for you] light bulbs, hammers, screwdrivers and all that type of stuff)
•  Food•Groceries•Abarrotes
•   Furniture (in the larger ones mainly)
•  Clothes for Kids•Niños • Babies•Bebes
•  Women•Damas • Men•Caballeros • Shoes•Calzado.

In "Summer" season - tents/beach things.  They're even good to find things for someone starting a restaurant as you can get SOOOO MANY things there!!!!!

NOTE that, as with MANY stores in Costa Rica, what you see today - chances are GOOD you will NOT see them tomorrow!!!!

I have some pictures of some things I've seen there over the years at Pequeño Mundo:

HOURS:  Daily 10am-7pm


They have 9 locations now!  The largest (hence BEST BY FAR!!) ones (3 of them) are
(NOTE:  I believe this map [off their website] is the old directions and they have re-routed it)

Escazu - GUACHIPELIN (2-288-2111)
THIS is their BIGGEST STORE!!!  They've just MEGA EXPANDED warehouse and it's HUGE and filled with even MORE!!!
It's off of the Autopista Próspero Fernández•Pista del Sol•Ruta #27 - 500 meter West of MultiPlaza though NOT easy to get to from MultiPlaza (at least I haven't figured it out yet [if you do PLEASE email me what you go to LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com])Coming from Santa Ana:  JUST after the Guachipelin exit there's a NEW small exit that leads to Pequeño Mundo and the new Casino (I think it still says "Guachipelin").  Make an IMMEDIATE RIGHT and a Right into their parking lot. (I need to figure
Coming from San Jose:  Get off at the Guachipelin exit and go Left•South.  I think the easiest way to do it is to go under the overpass and get back on the Pista and get off at the first exit (a small one).  See the directions from Santa Ana above for the rest.

Cartago  (
La Lima de Cartago, costado sur de Bomba Shell.

Heredia  (2-
1Km al Sur del Mall Paseo de las Flores.


Alajuela  (2-4311596)

DIRECTIONS:  Del cementerio•cemetery   central - 400 metros Oeste/West.

Curridabat  (2-

DIRECTIONS:  600 metros al este del San José Indoor Club.

Desamparados Y Griega  (2-286-0043)

DIRECTIONS:  Contiguo a la rotonda de la “Y” GriegaEscazú (San Rafael)  (2-289-9246)
This one is actually 4 small ones - the highest one/most West is Food and Hardware type items.  Next - Household decorations.  Then Women's Clothes.  And the one closest to Mas x Menos is Kids things.

DIRECTIONS:  Next door to Mas x Menos just West of the Scotia Split - Del cruce a San Rafael de Escazú 50 metros Oeste/West.

Moravia  (2-240-2700)

DIRECTIONS:  e la parroquia (church?) - 300 metros Oeste/West.

San Pedro  (2-253-4616)
DIRECTIONS:  Montes de Oca. Del Restaurante Río 100 metros al Este/East.

 Corporate Office - 2-280-1200  •  PequenoMundo@PequenoMundo.com)

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