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Monday, August 20, 2012

English Speaking TAXI DRIVERS in Costa Rica (updated as I find new leads)

(I'm MEGA starting to updated•enhance this site!! [anyone have extra time on their hands to volunteer to help update it??  Do you speak enough Español to help make calls?  Do you have a car and can drive around to get new info and pictures?  Call me at 8-378-6679 or email me at the address at the bottom])

Vicki's (aka THE Sarong Goddess) List of
Official • LEGAL


Most of these drivers below speak some amount of English and the one’s that don’t, MY experience has been they are at least pretty trustworthy/reliable. Right now the list is predominately geared towards the Escazu area BUT it’s expanding (with YOUR HELP!?!?!) so keep checking back with my Living Life In Costa Rica site 



NEVER NEVER NEVER leave a voice message for a driver (or most anyone in Costa Rica) and expect them to call you back!!  I find that MANY people in Costa Rica don't know how to use/check their FREE voice mail, don't have their password (which is often the last 4 digits of the cell - or 1234) or just don't do it!!!

I'm starting to add where taxi drivers live as well - in case someone is wanting to check out an area to possibly move there and wants someone that extra knows the area - or may have contacts on places for rent or sale (especially that might not be publicly promoted!).

Do you have a LEGAL RED TAXI DRIVER that speaks at least 1/2 decent English and/or gives above and beyond North American level Customer Service to add?? 

Please get the answers to the questions at
and email me at  LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com 


(NOTE:  I say where a driver lives especially in case you're needing a driver either early morning or late night and/or if you're wanting someone to drive you around an area if you're looking for a place to move to).
JORGE Retana  -  6-241-1738  •  RetanaGamoa@hotmail.com
This Jorge is new to me but I was THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED and he's a rarity for evenings•LATE NIGHT!!!  NICE car! 
GOOD English
HOURS: Thursday • Friday • Saturday - 4pm-3AMSunday 6am-12pm/Noon
HANGS out at:  ESCAZU Centro.  LIVES IN:  Pavas
PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you!!!

Belmer  -  8-330-4361  -  GOOD ENGLISH 

LEKIN (sounds like Lincoln)  -  8-911-8025  •  Perez75@gmail.com
LANGUAGE:  GOOD English because he's worked for lots of Gringos!
HOURS:  Every Day - 8am-10pm (but available extended hours if you're going outside the area)
HANGS out at:  ESCAZU - WalMart.  LIVES IN:  Escazu - San Antonio

JASON Valverde   -  8-705-4071  •  NEW EMAIL - JeyVCR27@hotmail.com
GREAT PERSON!!! Jason can also hook you up with REAL Cuban Cigars!!  He's GREAT for Touring you around also!!  (he shares his car with William who's a sweetie but does not speak a lot of English).  NOTE:  Jason would be at the top of my list if he worked longer hours as he's GREAT!!!LANGUAGE:  GOOD ENGLISH
HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 6am-4pm (days and hours can vary and he can extend it if he's touring you around)
HANGS out at:  ESCAZU Centro.  LIVES IN:  Alajualita
PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you!!!

JORGE Badilla  -  8-629-9824  •  TSJ5299@hotmail.com GOOD personality.  He has his own car.  
HOURS:  Daily - 6am-7pm works MANY hours so call and see (normally around 5am-9pm-ish, some Sunday 11am-3pm-ish, but often later if biz is coming in)
HANGS OUT IN:  Mainly Escazu.  LIVES IN:  Tibas 
PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you!!!

MARLON Campos -  8-815-8399  •  MarlonCampos26@yahoo.com
GOOD English and Good Customer Service!
HOURS: Monday-Saturday - 6am-7pm (he can be fairly workable as he owns his own taxi). 
HANGS out at:  Escazu - MultiPlaza.  LIVES IN:  Ciudad Colon
PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you!!!

FRANK Calderon  -  8-879-0239
Speaks English
HOURS: DAILY 5am-4pm.  
HANGS out at:  MultiPlaza-Escazu.  LIVES IN:  Ciudad Colon
PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you!!!

ROLANDO Vargas Montero  -  8-920-4093 • Rolando.1509@gmail.com
GOOD English
HOURS: Monday-Saturday - 7am-7pm (he can be workable with the time as he owns his own taxi). 
HANGS out at:  Escazu - MultiPlaza-5-star.  LIVES IN:  Moravia

Aceuedo ("the Voice•Voz") -  8-954-5958

Fabian is one of my NEW FAV LATE NIGHT drivers!!!  He's a sweetie, conscious, on-time and has one of THE BEST Voices I've heard in Costa Rica (deep and sexy like a radio dj!!!). He does smoke (NOT in the car of course since that's now illegal) so the car does smell of smoke IF that's an issue for you.  
LANGUAGE:  Pretty Good English (best face-to-face)
HOURS:  LATE NIGHT DRIVER - Monday-Saturday - 4pm-3am-ISH.  

HANGS out at: Escazu-Centro.   LIVES IN•FROM: Centro Escazu for many years.
PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you!!!

Mauricio Flores  -  8-698-3774  •  LaLaFloresB@yahoo.com
Speaks a good amount of English.  He has one of THE CLEANEST•most organized taxi I've been in (I wonder if he's a Virgo!).  NOTE:  Mauricio RAPIDLY moved up to the TOP of my list because how ABOVE and BEYOND his job he recently went for me!  I had an 81 year old lady I was helping.  Her husband had recently passed away and she was having to move back to the U.S. as she was not in good health. I volunteered to help her get rid of things, prepare for the move and sell everything.  I was in the middle of deadlines for those things when she got really sick again.  So I called Mauricio to come to my aid as I needed to be there with her.  He went to the pharmacist for her and the market and took care of everything.  A few days later AGAIN he came to my aid when someone no showed on me for putting up the signs for a garage sale we were doing - our last weekend!  Mauricio went to the stationary store to get poster boards, made signs and put them up for us!!  He went WAYYYY ABOVE and beyond what his job description is (taking people from Point A to Point B) and of course I gave him a generous tip!!!  He's someone I KNOW I can rely on!!!
HOURS:  ONLY on Saturday - 6am-4pm.  (BOOOOO for us but YEAHHH for him for his new job)
HANGS out at:  Escazu Centro.  LIVES IN:  Alajualita
PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you!!!

Chicas  -  8-871-2900  •  FrankChicasTours@yahoo.com

REALLY GOOD ENGLISH!!  My Tico Brother!  He owns Enjoying Costa Rica Tours and has 6 legal tourism vans and 5 legal red taxi’s so he can hook you up.  If you REALLY want someone that speaks good English, you NEED to be VERY CLEAR that's what you want if he's not available.  
HOURS:  ALL sorts of hours so call him as if he's not available, he can send one of his other drivers (make sure you TELL him if you NEED English speaking driver!!)
HANGS out at:  Marriott Hotel West of the AIRPORT (GREAT for Airport Pick-Ups).

PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you!!!

Henry Cordoba - 6-058-0078
A nice NEW 4x4 Taxi with HANDICAP ACCESS. I like his driving as he drives how YOU like (for me that's like a bat out of hell and he's had some of my "old lady" style people and they loved him!  Just tell him UP FRONT).  LANGUAGE:  Henry understands a fair amount of English and speaks some.
HOURS: Daily usually 8am-7pm (at least).  
HANGS out in:  Escazu Centro

MARIO - 8-389-1571  •  8-849-8526
He works LOTS of hours including on Sunday usually, he’s TRUSTWORTHY and RELIABLE and if he's not available or running behind, he's quite good about finding you someone if you ask (a RARE level of Customer Service!!!!).
LANGUAGE:  I think Mario understands a fair amount of English usually but does NOT speak it much (at least not with me!!  I didn’t know how much he spoke till about a year after I knew him because he was trying to help me improve MY Spanish. That was great for me but it lost him a LOT of biz)
HANGS out at and Lives in:  Escazu Centro
PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you!!!

OSCAR Fallas  -  8-342-6169  •  ofallas_sa@yahoo.com
HOURS: Daily 12pm/noon-12am/midnight (especially by appointment) 
HANGS out at:  MultiPlaza.  LIVES IN:  Curridabat
PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you!!!



ROGER Miranda  -  8-680-2396 
Decent English.  
HOURS:  He works MANY HOURS - Daily 4am-11pm   
HANGS out at:  Escazu.

Warner  -  8-865-8695 
Good English.  
HOURS:  6am-5pm
HANGS out at and Lives in:  MultiPlaza

Jhonny Alvarez - 8-833-8723 / Joga09@hotmail.com 
A fair amount of English (he learned English watching tv). 
HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 8am-11pm
HANGS out in:  Escazu

Gerardo  -  8-379-6289

Johnny - 8-380-1247 
Good English 
HOURS: 8am-8pm
HANGS out in:  Escazu Centro


If I'm just going around within Escazu, I usually just call Dispatch for Taxi's Escazu,
though if it's a bit longer, I may call one of the drivers below)
•  Miguel Lopez  -  English.  HOURS:  Mon.-Sat. 6am-7pm
•  Jeffrey - 8-827-2008 - Good English - HOURS: Sat. 7am-10pm.  HANGS: Escazu Centro)
•  Oliver - 8-375-6624 - HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 6am-4pm.  Speaks a bit of English - HANGS: Escazu Centro)
•  “Sigi”fredo - 8-372-7428 - Decent English - HOURS: 8am-6pm (Escazu Centro)
•  Joaquin Herrera - 8-828-5398 - 4x4 - VERY GOOD English and focuses on the customer he has at the time though that has meant at times if he has an appointment, he doesn't always show up on time/call so be specific if you REALLY NEED him at a specific time or ask him to send someone else.  HOURS: Sun.-Fri. 8am-4pm-ish (NO Sat.) (Escazu Centro)
•  Mauricio Arias  -  8-826-2764  -  Pretty good English, Customer Service Oriented.  
•  Jesus - 8-391-9460 - Some English - HOURS: Daily 6am-9pm (Escazu Centro)
•  Frank - 8-879-0239 – HOURS: 6am-4pm
•  Martin - 8-387-7825 - Spanish only but VERY available and works LOTS of hours (Escazu Centro)

TAXI'S ESCAZU (Escazu-Centro) - 2-289-0826 / 2-289-0026 - HOURS: Daily 5am-MIDNIGHT (Alejandra in dispatch speaks pretty good English and Roberto speaks some also [if you speak good Spanish - tell them Vicki say's "HOLA!!"] )


•  Juan Jo Monge -  pretty good English - HOURS: Daily 6am-4pm (InterContinental-Frank Chicas)
•  Wagner - 8-865-8695 (Wagner.Cespedes@gmail.com / from Desemparados) - Good English - HOURS: Daily 8am-8pm.  HANGS at:  InterContinental•MultiPlaza
•  Manuel Suarz - Good English - HOURS: Daily 4pm-6am (InterContinental)
•  Rafael - 8-876-5510 - pretty good English - HOURS: Daily 6am-4pm (InterContinental-Frank Chicas)
•  Carlos Ramirez - - pretty good English - HOURS: Daily 4pm-6AM (InterContinental-Frank Chicas)
•  William - 8-868-3071 - Understands a fair amount of English but doesn’t speak it but NICE RELIABLE guy! - HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 4-11PM+-ish (MultiPlaza)
•  Juan Carlos Garcia - He speaks a fair amount of English and is really NICE - HOURS: 6a-8pm (MultiPlaza)
•  Manuel Suarez - 8-855-4127 - HOURS: Daily 4pm-6AM (MultiPlaza)
•  Fabio - 8-829-0176 - HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 3pm-3AM (MultiPlaza)
•  Heiner - 8-394-4379 - A bit of English - HOURS: Daily 6am-11pm
•  Hidalgo (or Lisi) - 8-368-5430 - Ok English - HOURS: Mon.-Sat. - 6am-6pm

Cinco Estrellas (5-Star Group)  -  2-228-3159
at the InterContinental Hotel – 24/7 BUT - I have NOT found anyone that speaks English in the office here.

ALONSO  -  8-640-6656
Good English.  Lives in Escazu!!  
HOURS:  He's now going to school so availability is more varied - Tues. and Thurs. after 2pm - BUT you can reserve him with at least a few hours notice. 


ALEJUELA  (near SJO Airport)
•  Luis Marine  -  -  English.  HOURS:  4pm-4AM
•  Erick Campos - 8-377-4704 - English.  HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 7am-8pm

BELEN  (near SJO Airport)
•  Hever Valdez - 8-885-1587 (Hever28@gmail.com)  -  GOOD English - HOURS: Daily 6am-8pm - Lives in Heredia Centro (used to work for Frank)  -  HANGS:  Marriott Hotel

Office  -  2-249-2078 • 2-249-1300 OesteCR.com/taxisciudadcolo  (every time I've called I've gotten someone that speaks English and there are many English-speaking drivers there)  -  HOURS:  5:30am-11pm.  LOCATION:  In front of the catholic church  - if coming to the farm, ask them to bring a tall car.•   Rafa Delgado Guererro  -  8-312-5626 - Great English (per Carolyn)

English-speaking Taxi Drivers that work in other areas but live in Ciudad Colon so they're good for early morning airports, etc.:
MARLON Campos -  8-815-8399  • Speaks GOOD English and Good Customer Service! 
      HOURS: Monday-Saturday - 6am-7pm (he can be fairly workable as he owns his own
      taxi). HANGS out at: 
      LIVES IN:  Ciudad Colon (so better for early morning airports or coming back.
FRANK Calderon  -  8-879-0239  -  Speaks English. HOURS: DAILY 5am-4pm. 
      HANGS out at:  MultiPlaza-Escazu.  LIVES IN:  Ciudad Colon

CARIARI  (near SJO Airport)
•   Jorge Hernandez  -  8-711-4769 (JorgeHernandez53@gmail.com)  -  REALLY GOOD English!  HOURS:  Daily 8am-6pm (lived in Ft. Lauderdale for 28 years and New York for 4 years and a U.S. citizen)(give him a BIG HUG from Vicki - the big red head gal!)
•   Manrique  -  8-834-1331 (Manrique@gmail.com)   REALLY GOOD English!  Really Friendly personality (even at 5am!) and each time I've used him (when I was Hotel Sitting at a B&B in Cariari) he was VERY prompt!  HOURS:  Mon.-Sat. 6am-6pm.  He has a medium sized STATION WAGON.  (give him a BIG HUG from Vicki - the big red head gal!)
•   Richard  -  8-375-6152 - 
Taxi Office (24 hours) -  2-260-3050 (but every time I've called there and asked for them to send me someone that speaks English they never have)

•  Gabriel - 8-912-8919 (Dominio79@hotmail.com) - English - HOURS: Daily 4am-4pm

•  DENNIS SALAZAR - 8-859-6025 (DSPSeventeen@hotmail.com)  -  GOOD English, Customer Service oriented and great personality! 
HOURS:  Mon.-Sat. 4am-9pm!!!!!  
(PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you and give him a BIG HUG from me!!)
**Interested in learning about moving to Grecia?  Hire Dennis to show you around for a couple hours - introduce you to the town, share the ins and outs, etc. at just $20/hour (note - a regular legal taxi only job is to drive you from Point A to Point B and VERY few speak English.  This is a service above and beyond)!!  He's also starting to look for rentals for the area)

8-743-7403 • oviedo_26@yahoo.es)  -  GOOD English, Customer Service oriented, sweetie, has a VAN!
(PLEASE make sure to tell him Vicki Connected you and give him a BIG HUG from me!!)
•  Jose - 8-823-7312 - REALLY GOOD English.  HOURS: Tues.-Sun. 10am-mid.

•  Fabio Chaves  -  8-382-2710 - Speaks some English. HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 6am-3pm
•  Wilder Arte  -  8-305-7869 - NO English but LATE NIGHT.  HOURS: Fri.-Wed. (NO Thurs.) 3pm-2AM
•  Olman Quesada - 8-948-1444 - GOOD English - HANGS:  Infront of the U.S. Embassy/Plaza del Oeste.  HOURS: Daily 4pm-1AM

JAMES FRANCIS BROWN!!!!  -  8-375-5558 • JaimeFB27@yahoo.com - GOOD English, a REAL SWEETIE and a FUN/NICE person and reliable!  HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 8am-5pm. Sun. 1pm+.  HANGS:  CARIBBEAN BUS TERMINAL (tell James Vicki that USED to have the guest house in Escazu Connect you!)

•  Eduardo  -  8-463-4992  -  Ok English.  HOUR:  Tues.-Sun. 4pm-1am
•  Edwin Murillo  -  8-824-2912 / EdwinTaxi@gmail.com  -  HOURS:  6am-6pm

•  Manuel Acuna  -  8-388-1475 - Good English - HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 5am-8pm

•  Marco Jimenez  -  8-385-6002 - He speaks English and a little French - HOURS: Daily MIDNIGHT-noon (varies)

•  Alex Obando  -  8-864-2426  -  HOURS:  Daily 7am-10pm.  He speaks some English.  Gilda say's he's honest and responsible.  HANGS out around San Jose South/Sur

•  Elias  -  8-849-9272 - Good English - HOURS: Daily 7am-9pm-ish
•  Wilber Pacheco  -  8-381-0326 - Good English - HOURS: Daily 7am-6pm
•  Erick VillaReal  -  8-366-3767 / ErickVillaRealAraya@yahoo.com  -  English.  HOURS:  7am-6pm

•  Sergio Murillo Munoz  -  8-390-3672 / SerMuz@latimail.com - HOURS: Daily 7am-7pm

Heli ("Eli") - 8-882-1027 / Heli07@gmail.com - A fair amount of English. Has 2 Tourismo Vans. HOURS: Daily 6am-10pm

Alvaro - 8-310-3131 - English - HOURS: Daily 3pm-4AM



I can hook you up with a GOOD, reliable English-speaking driver that can take you WHEREVER you need to go in Costa Rica!! Especially if you're going at off hours to the airport, it's good to have a taxi that lives in your area!

I can help you with a taxi, van or even a bus!
Call me at: 8-378-6679 within Costa Rica or from the U.S. – 1-941-312-7569 or LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com

If you're needing a Tourism Van (a bit more expensive but WELL worth it - especially for transfers or touring around Costa Rica) my MAIN guys are:
Frank Chicas  -  8-378-6679
He speaks GOOD English and has a BUNCH of drivers BUT you MUST be VERY VERY SPECIFIC if you need an English speaking taxi driver.


8-889-7555-CR  •  1-908-818-0606-U.S. #  •  Skype:  Abner506




referred•Connected you!!!
(the BIG red-haired gal from Escazu - formerly of Casa Naranja or Casa de Vicki)



Vicki Skinner
(aka - the Sarong Goddess)!!
8-378-6679   •   LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com


PLEASE "SHARE" this link with EVERYONE you know that could use an English-Speaking or Customer-Service-Oriented Taxi Driver


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