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Monday, December 17, 2012

ARCR SEMINAR - MOVING TO COSTA RICA - an IMPORTANT SEMINAR you MUST ATTEND (even if you're remotely fantasizing/thinking of moving to Costa Rica)!!!! & their FIRST FRIDAY LUNCH

For ANYONE even REMOTELY fantasizing•thinking about moving to • becoming an ExPat in Costa Rica, I HIGHLY suggest you consider attending
(the Association of Residents of Costa Rica) 

(and I am not one to “recommend” things [I “share information” since we ALL have different tastes, experiences, etc. so I can only speak from MY experiences])

It's a VERY informative 2 day seminar that is VERY HELPFUL (though NOT “THE” end all) as it helps people get a reality check on if they could actually LIVE in Costa Rica - or work with it - to become an Expat.

Before moving here in ‘05, when I found out about it, I changed my dates/ticket at a cost to me of around $200 and with that said, it was WELL worth the investment!!!

They invite THEIR Associates from the various field listed below to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

- Costa Rican Laws and Regulations
- Banking in Costa Rica
- Health System in Costa Rica
- Moving and Customs
- Buying, Selling or Renting Real Estate
- Insurance in Costa Rica
- Title Guarantee
- Living in Costa Rica
- Technology, Communications
-  Internet in Costa Rica
The last Thursday (8am-4:15pm)
Friday (8:10am-3:40pm) 
most months (I know not Dec. and am not poz on any others).

NOTE that they use “their associates” who are NOT always the best people out there and they DEFINITELY are not anywhere near the cheaper side (more expensive does NOT mean the best!!).  They tend to be LOTS more expensive - like a basic/canned Corporation I believe is around $750 - vs $350-$400 with a company geared towards gringos. 

Also, I add the “s” around “Association” because MOST people I’ve spoken with thing this is an “association” - as in organization/group.  They are a MAJOR MULTI-MILLION dollar corporation - Casa Canada - http://CasaCanada.org - doing Mortgages, Real Estate (mainly higher end), Accounting, Tax Consulting, Administration of bank accounts and things++), Investments+++.

This is NOT to say they’re not “good” - I just feel it’s IMPORTANT that YOU KNOW UP FRONT who you’re dealing with and then YOU can “tap in” and decide what is best for YOUR needs!!

The LAST Thursday 
of most months 
(I know not Dec. and am not poz on any others).

Thursday and Friday
June 26-27
July 24-25
August 28-29
September 25-26
October 30-31
November 27-28

San Jose - the Restaurant in the Parque del Lago Hotel-San Jose
From the Casa Canada (ARCR Office) Building on Calle 40, turn left and walk one block North. The hotel is on the next corner and the restaurant is on the other side of the corner windows. To get inside / walk / ride / fly one-half block farther to the entrance to the hotel parking lot. The hotel entry is from the parking lot.

ARCR members: 
(lunch and coffee break for 2 days included)

if you join ARCR by the end of the Friday seminar, $20 will be deducted from the membership fee!

Spouses and dependants of a member can join for US $10 annually
(mail a separate application form for each person).

$100/year for individuals withOUT legal Costa Rican residency

Legal Resident:
(proof of residency is required)

(I think this membership is REALLY GOOD - at least for your FIRST YEAR - as they have some other benefits.

NOTE - they no longer have their discount on the CAJA and are charging an additional $10/MONTH to make the payment for you. 
Even if you don't speak much Spanish, you CAN sign up for the CAJA on your own!!!  Just bring someone with you that speaks Español [even if it's your favorite taxi driver].

Also, their Miami mail address is actually through Aerocasillas)
2-233-8068  •  2-221-2053  •  seminar@CasaCanada.net  •  ARCR.net

(tell Ryan Vicki with the blog sent ya!!)

(506) 2-233-8068 or (506) 2-221-2053  •  seminar@CasaCanada.net

(tell Ryan that you found them on Vicki's blog)


ARCR also hosts a


All ARCR and Costa Rica Living message board members and friends are invited to join Ryan Piercy and others at 12pm/noon for an informal lunch and BS session. 
There is no agenda and no schedule - just good food (I've been there and I agree - it was VERY tasty!!  I had the Chicken Casado - YUMMM! 3,500 includes drink - main course - fish, chicken or beef with 2 sides - mashed potatoes, fries, rice, beans, mixed veges and natural drink) and friendly talk. Attendees are responsible for their own food and drink expenses.

San Jose-
Sabana Sur•South
 KC Hotel's Green Restaurant

KCSanJose.com/location.html  or google KC San Jose Colaye
 GPS Coordinates: 
Latitude - 9.929804  Longitude - -84.103142 (this is what the hotel gave)

 (2-519-4100 - hotel # if you need help) • facebook.com/KCSanJoseColaye.hotelKCSanJose.com

100 meters West•Oeste - 100 meters South•Sur de La Contraloría de la República - Barrio Calle Morenos

Coming out of ARCR turn LEFT at the first street
At the next street (the end - at Sabana Park and Soda Tapia) turn LEFT.
Go 2 blocks just PAST the exit•entrance to the highway•Pista that heads towards Escazu and turn RIGHT•West onto the new Sabana road (aka Calle Vieja) (there's a Universal store on that corner) 
Go to the 2nd stoplight (there's an AM-PM store on that corner) and 
Turn SOUTH•LEFT and go 300-350 meters.
About 25 meters BEFORE the next traffic light look LEFT for the sign for the KC Hotel - Colaye San Jose. Parking in the lot.
Enter the hotel - pass through reception to the pool area and the restaurant is on the RIGHT

Take the old road (aka Calle Vieja) from Escazu heading East towards San Jose.
At the West end of Sabana Park, enter the new road East and go to the 3rd stoplight (where AM•PM is).

 Turn RIGHT•South and go 300-350 meters. About 25 meters BEFORE the next traffic light look LEFT for the sign for the KC Hotel - Colaye San Jose. Parking in the lot.
Enter the hotel - pass through reception to the pool area and the restaurant is on the RIGHT


They also have a "Forum"•Message Board that's REALLY HELPFUL though pretty much for people looking to move here.

Unless things have changed, they ONLY allow detailed mentions on their forum of THEIR Suppliers/Associates - and it's a VERY HEAVILY "monitored" (controlled) board they do NOT allow non-associate businesses to be promoted even from people referring them let alone businesses sharing their information•details.
This is a HUGE DIS-Service to the readers•members as #1 it limits you getting good information/help (basically, leaving you to finding lots of your referrals from the internet or phone book MANY have shared the felt it seems like.  DEFINITELY RISKY!!!)

I actually have been BANNED from sharing on this forum - #1 - because I was sharing information on EVENTS or answering questions with actual DETAILS (saying "I like xyz restaurant" without giving DETAILS in a country where it's REALLY HARD to get info is USELESS INFORMATION in my book!!!) and one time they said I had my signature on an answer that was promoting my
Costa Rica English information blog
(what's weird with this is I swear on my father/mothers grave I did NOT put it there myself!)

NOTE - ALL the information I have shared is info that I have made NOT ONE colon/penny from ANYTHING I promoted there.

I'm ALL about COMMUNITY - bring EVERYONE TOGETHER - so it's challenging for me seeing "information sites" that limit what people can share.

You'd especially think they'd have an "Events" section to show people how people can come together. 
So take what you need to from this board as it IS a helpful place to search for information for those thinking of moving to Costa Rica.


One can choose to use their associates to do their residency - or another company - OR - you can even DO IT YOURSELF!!
Do YOUR RESEARCH first as there are some other options that also specialize in Residency and have GOOD contacts withIN Imigracion•Immigrations and/or that are also cheaper. 

Especially if you have an easy/clear cut Residency like Pensionado where it's Social Security or something - MANY have done it themselves (and some of those have had a better experience doing that than through some of the big agencies.  Hey - it's Costa Rica - "stuff" happens [or does NOT!]).

I've found a GREAT English-speaking LAWYER that works AT IMMIGRATION that is happy to answer questions for you!!  ESPECIALLY HELPFUL to those doing it on their own!
Details at:



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