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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Living SUFISM Retreat in Costa Rica with Shafiya Majid - Dec. 14-16

Living Sufism
A Workshop•Retreat on the Sufi Way of Life

Breath    •    Meditation Walks    •    Sufi mantra practice    •    Poetry
Ritual of the Zikr    •    Dances of Universal Peace

WHEN:  Friday - Sunday - December 14-16, 2012

WHERE:  Cartago - Paraiso  -  Finca La Flor  -  la-flor.org

Sufis use breathing processes, meditative walks, and mantric practices to awaken authentic knowing. All Sufis practice Zikr, the Ritual of Remembrance of our Unity with the Divine. Sufis are masters of poetry, movement, sound and breath.

In this initiatory workshop you will experience all of these practices and feel their healing, alchemical influences­awakening the Sufi within you. We will also share some of the “deeper” Dances of Universal Peace as we build community and deepen our process.

The workshop is led by Shafiya Majid (Dr. Sharon Mijares). She is an initiator in the Sufi Ruhaniat International and a Mentor of the International Dances of Universal Peace. She has taught Sufi practices internationally, and has been trained to lead Zikr. Shafiya Majid has authored 6 books, one of them, The Revelation of the Breath: A Tribute to Its Wisdom, Power and Beauty, shares powerful Sufi breathing practices. She has been leading these practices for over 21 years. She has also been trained in depth Eastern, Shamanic, Western and Middle-Eastern spiritual practices for over 43 years. For more information on Shafiya Majid  -  PsychoSpiritual.com

CONTRIBUTION: 20,000 colones ($40)
(Invite and come with someone to share these special gifts and receive 15% off!!)
Includes: share lodging in cabin, 3 meals on Saturday plus breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Sharing in community, surrounded by beautiful gardens, teachings, workshop, ceremonies and Dances of Universal Peace. NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN BLANKETS (pillows and warm blankets will be provided)

CONTACT:  Finca La Flor asodecah@gmail.com OR Rosa  killawarmi.mujerluna@gmail.com

(Please tell them Vicki with the Living Life In Costa Rica blog Connected you and share it with everyone you know that would enjoy it!!!

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