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Friday, January 23, 2015

FURNITURE - Places•Where to find Furniture in COSTA RICA

Below are some thoughts on whether to bring a container with ones own furniture & things or whether not to.  It's a NEW way of thinking about it from when I first came to Costa Rica 9+ years ago.

Below that you'll find lists of stores and places TO find furniture!!


Times they have a changed in Costa Rica!!  Because ExPats seem to be leaving in DROVES (like I've never see in my 9 years here.  And we're talking people that SWORE they'd die here are leaving), IF I were doing it again - in a heart-beat - I would NOT NOT NOT bring my "stuff"/a container and I'd  


On top of the fact it seems the price of Containers has at least DOUBLED in the 8 years and Customs•Import Taxes (Aduana) are OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

Lots of people don't calculate another BIG expense and that is of RETURNING to where you came from with a container.  So when you're trying to calculate out the cost of to Container or Not to Container - DOUBLE that!!Added to that the HIGH chance of things getting stolen•"disappearing" - often from a worker (so then you have that added MEGA STRESS and dis-trust of people)  •  not lasting as long if it's electronics (with the constant power surges - seriously - things just don't last as long).  Hence what I share with people thinking of bringing a container to Costa Rica, don't bring anything you're not willing to loose or give it away.  Just don't bring it!!!

It's SOOO EASY to find a Furnished Rental (or home to buy) - even "Turn-Key" (that come with EVERYTHING - even sheets and dishes+++) and, so maybe it's not your ideal style, but in time, you can find "your style" - or create it!!  OR, maybe you'll find a new "style"!!

Regarding things you're attached to - as one that's in the past 2 years literally sold just about EVERYTHING in a 6,000 square foot house and that's into letting go of things that things that weigh me down/burden me, add to MEGA stress - I can't tell how how much FREER I feel!!  But I'm also in a mode of TRUSTING that EVERYTHING I need will show up (yeah - "Woo Woo!!" but it's AMAZING how it almost always happens that way for me and my life is SOOOO MUCH better now!!  I also got more security WITHIN and don't need to try to impress anyone else!!!


My OLD Feelings on Bringing Furniture•a Container into Costa Rica:
MANY people that move to Costa Rica debate on whether to bring their furniture things with them or not. EVERY DAY I USED to look around my home and I BLESS the day I made the decision to bring a container!!  BUT - #1 - I brought things because I had the intention of having a Guest House and #2 - back in 2005 when I came, it only cost me $4,000 (I saved at least $1,000 driving a 24' U-haul to Miami, it was $2,000 on the Miami to CR leg and about $2,000 from Limon [the port], all taxes and delivery to my first place in Pozos de Santa Ana) and I KNOW there's NO WAY I could have replaced my "things" for under $4,000!!! Costa Rican furniture (typically called "Sarchi Furniture") tends to be HEAVY wood furniture not real well known for comfort (I'm a "sprawler" - my livingroom had 3 twin beds with LOTS of pillows!!).  

I'm finding MANY ExPats are leaving Costa Rica and not wanting the expense of shipping it back so they're selling their things and because the number of them seems QUITE HIGH, IF it were ME, I'd invest some time and gas into hitting Garage Sales and sites to find out what is being offered as you have a MUCH BETTER chance of finding QUALITY things this way (though not always so cheap as MANY people when pricing their things are wanting to incorporate how much it cost them to bring it to Costa Rica and all the HUGE taxes they may have had to pay)! 


1st place I'd look:
 YES - Costa Rica DOES have this wonderful U.S. site (AND in English at that!!) BUT - it hasn't caught on AS much as in the States.

I'd start with:
Household  -  CostaRica.en.CraigsList.org/search/hsa

Then I'd go to my blog entry on
as it has not just Garage Sale info, but it has other suggestions on where to find things.
(if you google - Garage Sales Costa Rica - it usually comes up towards the top 1-2 pages!!  Eventually I'm going to enhance this page more with more sales but in the mean time - it gets you going!!)

Are you on Facebook?
MANY cities have some Pages•Groups including things for sale type so search around.


Below is a list of a few places I've found to locate
and things for the home. PLEASE e- me anything else you've found at LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com

Like elsewhere - hit the malls.  Here are some sites with info on various malls or places to shop in Costa Rica:
•  EscazuNews.com/directorio-de-servicios-/135-comercio.html

•  TicoTimes.com/costa-rica-business/shopping-malls (this lists shops as well as malls)
•  TicoArtistico.com/directoriocostarica/centroscomercialescostarica.php 
•  VeoGuideCostaRica.com/shopping/costarica/liste/1257/FR
•   VirtualTourist.com/travel/Caribbean_and_Central_America/Costa_Rica/Shopping-Costa_Rica-TG-C-1.html


ALISS (I've seen people spell it Alyiss or Allys)
(facebook.com/pages/Aliss/115578825139736AlissCR.com - though here are a BUNCH of pictures I took in 2014 so you can get a better feel of the household things they have -

Costa Rica doesn't have many "department stores" but Aliss is MY FAV!!! They have many COOL/funky/unique things from bedding to furniture for inside and Outdoor•Patio Furniture, fountains to kitchen chachkee as well as clothing (downstairs) at decent prices and a GOOD SELECTION!! Every day of the week they have discounts on different types of items, too. Unique things I've found at Alyss - these really neat candle trees - a 3 1/2' metal shaped tree with 34 candle holders in it for just $16 each (in the states that would have been about $70+), sort of orange dishes with purple shiny stones in them (VERY festive!!), a multi-colored shower curtain and cool towels (including bright ORANGE ones!!), bright sheets (only one set as now I'm ordering them online and bringing them back on those trips though one day I'm going to try mailing them), rugs, etc., a bamboo room divider, rattan placemats and LOTS MORE!!). I've also found their things like kitchen chachkees like spatulas, serving spoons, etc. cheaper like I've found things overall there. THE BEST place I've found for the COOLEST Christmas decorations (which to me can make for FUN household decorative things year-round!!)
Cariari (2-239-1371 • 2-278-5917 • 2-278-5119) - LOCATION:  Real Cariari Mall - off the main highway to the airport
Multiplaza del Este - Curridabat  -  2-283-0164

Escazu - 2-289-7579 - LOCATION:  just south of MultiPlaza (where the old bowling alley used to be)
San Ramon:  2-445-1493
TerraMall - 2-278 -5117  -  LOCATION: the radial that takes you to San Pedro.


(ZenDesigns.com (aka Furniture-CostaRica.com)  /  facebook.com/ZenDesignsCostaRica  /  isada@hotmail.com)
One of my FAVORITE STORES for everything from Furniture, Fountains (I bought 2 there) to Decorative things. Mainly things with an Indonesian look. Still good prices overall.
HOURS: 9:30am-6:30pm
•  San Jose  (2-296-2480 / 2-296-2473 / 8-827-3433) - 50 mts South of McDonald’s in Sabana sur - in front of the side of Universal

•  Escazu  (2-288-6069  /  2-288-6071)  -  100 meters south of BAC San Jose
•  Liberia  (2-668-1240 / 2-668-1239) - Local #7B and #12D. Solarium. Opposite the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia.

(AlteaDesign.com  •  facebook.com/AlteaDesign)
COOL Ultra Contemporary “stuff” for the house. LITERALLY one-stop shopping for everything you need to decorate a home - from furniture, dishes, towels, etc.!!
Escazu (San Rafael) (2-288 2009 / 2-228 3408 / 2-288-2014) - Across the street from Vivero Exotica just north of Plaza Rolex/CitiBank/McDonald's. HOURS: Daily 10am-7:30pm
TerraMall-Cartago (2-518-0450) - 2nd Floor. HOURS: 10am-8pm
San Sebastian-Circunvalacion (2-227-2882) - close to the Mas por Menos - 200mts. East of Hipermas. HOURS: 9am-7pm
Liberia (2-668-1255) -In front of Airport


(Cemaco.co.cr  •  facebook.com/CemacoCR)
Not much furniture (other than quite a few Outdoor•Patio Furniture things) but a REALLY GOOD place for decorative household things, good style, wide array of kitchen items, bed and bath things, state of the art items such as new type pressure cookers, espresso makers, lemon zesters. FOUNTAINS here for $25-$40+!!
Alajuela – De McDonald’s Tropicana – 475 mts. Sur/South – a Mano Isq. (2-443-1880 / 2-443-1780 / 2-443-3543). HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 10am-8pm. Sat. 9:30am-8pm. Sun. 10am-6:30pm
Escazu – MultiPlaza (2-201-6363 / 2-201-6262) – HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10am-8pm. Sun. 10am-7pm
Pavas – De Canal 7 350 mts. Oeste/West – Carretera a Pavas Contiguo a Pali (2-296-3711). HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 10am-8pm. Sat. 9:30am-8pm. Sun. 10am-6:30pm
Zapote - De La Rotonda de La Garantias Sociales, 25 mts. Norte (2-280-2112 / 2-280-0710 / 280-0508 / 280-0608). HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 10am-8pm. Sat. 9:30am-8pm. Sun. 10am-6:30pm.


(Yamuni.com  •  facebook.com/YamuniClub)
1/2 decent small department store with a little furniture but mainly housewares, rugs, upholstery / fabric material
SAN JOSE (2-258-3337) – Sabana Park – Avenida 10 near the old gym just east of Sabana Park – the Gimnacio Nacional (get off at first bus stop and walk up 2 blocks).
(note this is just a couple blocks West of the Avenida 10 Feria•Farmer's Market which operates from 4am-around 1pm+ [some venders stay later] so it's a great excuse to check out one of THE CHEAPEST farmer's markets in Costa Rica.  They also have a bit of a Flea Market thing happening on Saturdays and Sundays [though from what I've seen, that's mainly made in China cheapo stuff and lots of junkie stuff])

SAN PEDRO near Mc Donalds of Curridabat.


(LaArtistica.net/en •  facebook.com/LaArtistica  •  2-296-2590)
Some pretty expensive stuff but also a few good buys (especially if you pay by cash). The place is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside and inventory moves quickly. As close to Ikea as we have seen here but LOTS more $$$. Be sure to check out their outlet store Downtown. DELIVERY!
OUTLET - SAN JOSE - Downtown (2-223-5544) - HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 9am-6:30pm, Sat. 9:30am-6pm. DIRECTIONS: Avenida 2nd between Calles 7 and 9.
PAVAS/ROHRMOSER (2-296-2590) - HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 9:30am-7:30pm, Sun. 10am-6pm. DIRECTIONS: On the main road in Pavas, across the street from Octubre 54 and just East of Jiron mattress store, close to Cemaco (just West of Sabana Park, North of Escazu)
CURRIDABAT (2-272-8787) - HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10am-6pm. DIRECTIONS: Diagonal to Hipermas.
WAREHOUSE - LIBERIA (2-668-1313) - HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 8am-5:30pm. DIRECTIONS: Calle 4 and 5


(GrupoAkiro.com  •  facebook.com/AkiroMuebleria  •  info@grupoakiro.com)
COOL Contemporary Furniture!!! Not lots of choices.
SAN JOSE -Barrio California (2-223-8625 / 2-257-5665) - DIRECTIONS: Avenida 2nd - 50 mts West of KFC
SAN JOSE (Downtown/Paseo Colon) (2-234-8174 / 2-283-3243) - DIRECTIONS: Paseo Colon - 25 mts East of KFC (THANX Daniel with www.EscazuNews.com)


(facebook.com/Octubre54  •  Octubre54.com
Contemporary things - 2-232-2956 / 2-296-1525 / Traditional things - 2-232-5638 / 2-232-9025)
More contemporary design with some traditional styles and some COOL things!! More expensive/$$. Some cool futons.
DIRECTIONS: Rohrmoser - On the main road in Pavas, across the street from LaArtistica, 100 meters West of Antojitos Mexican restaurant


(Searson.co.cr [not working now] • facebook.com/muebles.searson • 2-520-1112)
Searson is like Cemaco but it seems LOTS more expensive for much of the same or similar stuff.

HOURS: Mon-Sat. 9:30am-6:30pm, Sun. 10am-4pm . DIRECTIONS: Sabana Sur, 300mts West of the CR Tennis Club.


(VersatilCR.comfacebook.com/VersatilMuebles • 2-289-2524 / catalina@VersatilCR.com / polasua@gmail.com)
COOL contemporary wood designed furniture manufactured in Columbia. DIRECTIONS: Escazu (San Rafael) - Calle Vieja - in Plaza San Rafael #11 - in front of ICE. Home also to Henry's bar (4 blocks from Vicki's so if you're in the area, swing by - 8-378-6679)


(not sure if they're still around as I'm not finding any info on it)
Escazu (2-2-289-5329 / impoisa@ImportadoraIsa.com) - Urbanización Los Anonos Casa #42
Rohrmoser (2-291-4943 / matahari@ImportadoraIsa.com) - la Tienda Mata Hari, on the main road in Pavas - in front of Antojitos Mexican restaurant.
Guanacaste (2-652-9005 / matahari_g@ImportadoraIsa.com) - Tienda Matahari, entre Tamarindo and Flamingo
Quepos - Pacífico Central, puede visitar nuestra tienda en la calle central de Quepos L´Aventura Multiboutique - in front of Hotel Kamuk.





(facebook.com/PequenoMundoCR  •  PequenoMundo.com                                     
Check out my pictures of the smaller Escazu location at - 

I think Pequeño Mundo has some of THE LOWEST prices I've found in Costa Rica for household goods.  It's kind of like the American Big Lots or the old time Pic N Save (are they still around??) where it's always different (ok, so that's how Costa Rica is overall) and most of it's the cheap quality "Made in China" stuff, but you can find LOTS of things here - to me - making it perfect for someone that JUST moved here as in many ways it's a cheapo one-stop-shopping place!!
They have everything from:
•  Housewares•many things you need to set up a new Home•Kitchen•Hogar (though cheap quality) from dishes sets for under $20, glassware
•  Decorative items
•  Hardware•Ferretería (a GREAT place to find everything from the old fashioned [healthier for you] light bulbs, hammers, screwdrivers an ones mainly)

HOURS:  Daily 10am-7pmd all that type of stuff)
•  Food•Groceries•Abarrotes
•   Furniture (in the larger


They say they have some of the best prices on furnitures & I think also appliances & other things for the house & you can sometimes get additional discounts from their Facebook page.
HOURS:  Daily - 10am-8pm
Heredia: 100 metros norte de Mabe, frente a pequeño mundo en el centro comercial Heredia 2000.
San José: Sabana Sur, Avenida 10, entre Yamuni y la Municipalidad de San José.


?? (can't remember the name)
San Jose (Downtown) - In front of Mercado Borbon (one block north of Central Mercado)
Everything from furniture, futons, office furniture, etc. though cheaper quality.  Delivery was only around $15 to have a futon delivered to me in Escazu.


La Cueva
LOCATION: San Jose (Downtown) - Near the CocaCola Building


San Jose (Downtown) - Calle 10 between Avenidas 1 and 3 - A BUNCH of pawn shops within what can be a VERY DANGEROUS area so PLEASE bring a National with you and STAY AWARE 101% of the time!!! They have EVERYTHING from computers to jewelry, furniture, appliances, etc.!! REALLY CHEAP!!!



(http://PiccoloMondoCR.com / 283-3435 / info@PiccoloMondoCR.com)
Bedroom furniture for Baby to big people
DIRECTIONS: Curridabat - 600 metros South and 50 mts. West of POPS in Centro Comercial Piazza Milano #2

See my blurb at:


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