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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

APPLIANCES•APARATOS #3 - Where to Buy Appliances like Refrigerators, Stoves, Dishwashers, Clothes Washer & Dryers++ in Costa Rica • Dónde comprar electrodomésticos como refrigeradores, cocinas, lavavajillas, lavadoras de ropa y secadoras en Costa Rica - PLUS HINTS & INFO on how to pick the best ones • PLUS CONSEJOS & INFO sobre cómo elegir los mejores!

This is a list I've started starting with IMPORTANT HINTS and INFO on Buying Electrical Appliances in Costa Rica as this is a VERY different country with VERY DIFFERENT circumstances and VERY VERY different conditions and prices!!

This is by NO means complete so if you can enhance any of the listings (get me DETAILS!!!  Facebook pages, websites, phone #s, directions, hours, English-speaking contacts, etc.) - PLEASE forward them to LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com

First -
It sure seems that appliances made these days are basically designed to last only about 5 years - ESPECIALLY in Costa Rica where you have the extra element of the weather rusting things out FAST!!!

Basically if it has a bunch of gadgets - there’s more room for problems!
(this is because the end of September is the end of the business calendar year and companies NEED the extra money from lightening their inventory.
Next would be around Mother's Day (August 15) where I've noticed more deals with things - Buy one - Get one Free, throwing a toaster in with a fridge . . . 

MOST of these places - even big chains - you can wheel and deal – ESPECIALLY if you’re buying a LOT and/or paying by cash. Just ask! Note that IF a large appliance comes with a Power Cord [MANY do NOT] – MOST do NOT match the outlets here but you can usually find them at a Ferreteria/Hardware store like EPA).

GE and Whirlpool only have 1 year warranty.
Monge offers the option of purchasing an Extended Warranty on appliances (though it's not that cheap).

Ambitec & Monge have the best selection of high end appliances.

(this changes from week to week so it's BEST to COMPARE PRICES - BUT - OVERALL I've heard it's:
#1 - Monge
(the tend to have the best prices on LG)

LG is best overall for most appliances & tvs - but - NOT stoves or dryers. Their washing machines come with a 10 year warranty on the motor on some models
(so does Samsung)
#2 - Hogar Feliz
#3 - Casa Blanca
#4 - El Goyo


(based on ease of finding someone to repair it in a TIMELY manner and finding parts)?

I've asked a few of the Appliance Repair people I know and here's what they've shared (note - this CHANGES over time as quality changes):

Whirlpool and LG are BEST in Costa Rica.  
Front Load Washer have the MOST PROBLEMS (electronically).

If you insist on buying a new Washing Machine, 

Whirlpool, GE or Frigidaire are better though it’s best if it’s made in U.S. (this is RARE on newer machines though as most are made in Mexico) as MANY have weak transmissions and are expensive to repair.  
FYI - A 20 year old Washer is LOTS better than newer one.ESPECIALLY with Washing Machines, make sure metal part of body is in good shape - you can fix anything but the body.


a 20+ year GE or a 5+ year Whirlpool (better) or Frigidaire (ok). Whirlpool is better - BUT - NOT digital!!!!  
Note that GE Dryers have LOTS of parts and the controls are fragile so you might want to stay away from them.

Melvin (my #1 Repair guy in Costa Rica!!) does not recommend them as they're challenging to repair.

ALL new ones in Costa Rica seem to have PROBLEMS so - especially with rusting and the controls.
MANY have shared that the ATLAS Propane Gas Stove's control valve/nob seem to not work well and basically gives you 3 types of flame - Extreme Hot and Extremely Hotter and BURN the heck out of things FAST!!Seriously - if you want something to last longer - buy an OLD one - 5-10++ years old!!!  Just make sure it's one you can find parts for easily here)

STOVE - GAS (cheaper):
Mabe (store - easy to find spare parts in Costa Rica) or GE (Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire, Amana, KitchenAid are hard to find parts for in Costa Rica).

STAY AWAY FROM newer ones as ALL are made with cheap metal parts and a thin layer of paint so it rust fast.
If you insist on getting an electric stove - at least Frigidaire’s heating elements are at least cheaper to fix - quality is same but parts are cheaper. 

Whirlpool parts are REALLY expensive!!!

LG is more expensive - BUT - they're THE BEST of the new fridges in Costa Rica (best if it’s made in Korea)
Samsung, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Maytag. 

(they seem to especially have problems like heater - BUT, they have the best SERVICE DEPARTMENTS of all the companies if it's still under warranty [you might just want to buy the extended warranties but make sure to check what's covered])

NONE are very good as they ALL seem to have electrical problems eventually.  You MUST use it at LEAST once a week or the electronic board or touch pads will go bad!!

The more bells and whistles, 
the more challenging it is to find parts here hence also LOTS more $$ to fix (IF it's repairable)!

MOST U.S. appliances seem to develop rust issues within 1-1/2 to 2 years in Costa Rica, so CAREFULLY inspect your appliances thoroughly EVERY MONTH!!!


I've discovered that MANY of the model numbers you find in the U.S., strangely you can NOT find the same model number in Costa Rica though EVERYTHING about it seems the same.  

"WHY?" you might ask??  I'm not positive, BUT, a few times I did LOTS of digging around and found that some (NOT all) of the items in Costa Rica, were items that didn't, shall we say, have the most positive reviews.  Hmmmm - looking at that a l've thought for ages and MANY others feel it might be the case - have you ever wondered why SOOOOO MANY things you buy in Costa Rica don't seem to last as long as they would elsewhere or say they should.  Overall, Tico's (NOT all) are known for not liking confrontation right?  When something breaks down in the U.S., most people I know will return it and if they're not getting good results/customer service, they can get quite boisterous yes?  How many Tico's have you seen carry on like that?  In my going on 8 years and I can say I have not witnessed many!  So have you ever wondered if there was a connection between this?????  Hmmmmmm!!!!  Makes ya think eh?  1+1 = __??? (I COULD be wrong but MANY OTHERS have shared similar observations!!)

One thing that is pretty consistent, you will usually find yourself paying LOTS more $$$ for the same appliances IN Costa Rica.

Also, MOST new appliances in Costa Rica are 
(excluding most LG which are made in Korea and some of the upscale appliances).


Do you have a model you like that you saw in the States but can’t find here, some of the larger stores MAY be willing to special order for you to come in their next container. ASK!!!

SOMETHING TO KEEP IN MIND - "In the U.S., the FTC requires appliance manufacturers to make repair parts available for at least 3 years. In the late 1990s, Maytag made a corporate commitment to make parts available for 15 years. If you bring an older appliance here, there's an excellent chance that you'll NEVER find parts for it because #1 - that model probably was never imported to Costa Rica and #2 - even if you were in the U.S. the supply of parts has probably dried up unless it's a Maytag (including Magic Chef and Jenn-Aire). It seems to me that one would be better off to buy a new appliance here and have some chance, at least, that it could be repaired, if needed." (THANX David Murray)


My #1 guy is:


Before I start share the "WHERE to Buy Appliances in Costa Rica, where are some other appliance related pages I've created that might be helpful!


At least in the U.S., too often if something (especially small appliances & such) breaks or isn't working so well, we just throw it out.  It's AWESOME in Costa Rica as there are LOTS of stores that have even knobs for the dryer that the manufacturer wants to charge you






The OLDER the BETTER EXCEPT for Fridges (because they use more energy & the gaskets are not in as good a shape.  Best to get one that’s less then 5 years because an Energy Saving Fridge could save you $10-$20/month on average (depending on size [note, that was NOT my experience when I got an Energy Saving Fridge])

Basically if it has a bunch of gadgets - there’s more room for problems!

Where to find 
It sure seems like LOTS of people are leaving and most are NOT taking their things back with them so sometimes you can get some incredible deals - especially if you're getting a bunch of things so don't be afraid to ask for a better price.

If you're selling your things - PLEASE - do NOT calculate in what you paid for it in the States, those taxes AND most importantly - do NOT calculate in your Shipping costs.  YOU made the decision to bring it so just suck it up. 

Check on some of the standard websites where people have things For Sale but if it were ME, I wouldn't just look for what others are offering - I'd post what I was seeking!!  But be as SPECIFIC•DETAILED as you can - saying #1 where you're located and how far you're willing to go to look at something (otherwise, your might get someone in Liberia offering a fridge and you live in Cartago).  Do you have or need transportation - it's not real cheap to haul something often.  If you're wanting a fridge for example - do you NEED to have a side-by-side, or 2 door, or bottom freezer, or stainless steel, or a specific side, or ice maker or water dispenser . . . Help make YOUR life easier and that of whomever is selling it (this same information is true for the seller!!  But make sure to include HONEST details like dents and pictures of the machine).  I'D look under Appliances • General and Garage Sales.
is THE BEST - THOUGH - you tend to have more of the appliances purchased in Costa Rica vs brought from the States - AND - most of it's in Español from Tico's - so it's harder if you don't speak Spanish

 CRAIG'S LIST Costa Rica
is one of the BIGGEST one for the English-speaking community.
I'd first check:

Appliances - CostaRica.en.CraigsList.org/search/ppa
General - CostaRica.en.CraigsList.org/search/foa
Household - CostaRica.en.CraigsList.org/search/hsa
Garage Sales - CostaRica.en.CraigsList.org/search/gms

Importaciones Miami
(ImportacionesMiami.com •  facebook.com/pages/Importaciones-Miami-de-Costa-Rica/195572540458489  •  2-255-3603  •  2-222-2465  •  Ventas@ImportacionesMiami.com)
They sell USED appliances that they bring in from Florida - as well as Used SPARE PARTS for your CAR!!

They deal in washers, dryers, fridges, TV's etc. They bring them used, fix them up and rarely do they price them over ¢125,000 and they have a 3 month guarantee. They deal mostly in Kenmore, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, GE and other known brands. BUT there is a problem, they sell out so fast that MOST of the items they have in their showroom are already marked, “SOLD". To participate with a chance, you "register", you describe exactly what you want, pay a ¢10,000 deposit and they search for that item in the used market in Miami and when it arrives here and is put in salable shape, they call you and you go inspect it and decide. There are many others... you can check Craigslist for CR and look for other places.
LOCATION:  San Jose - Eastern side•Costado este de la C.C.S.S (the main Caja building) on Calle 7 between Avenidas 2 y 4.   Next to the Chinese restaurant.  
Tibas Centro (2-297-7771 / 2-297-7772)  - 50 meters South of the park - in front of TicoBurguesas. 

Used & New American Appliance store
Electrodomésticos Americanos nuevos y usados
(2-289-9558  /  8-311-7861)
Don’t go crazy going from garage sale to garage sale . Best Deals Outlet Store offers you the LARGEST USED APPLIANCE SHOWROOM in the Escazu area (Guachipelin) featuring New, Used, Refurbished, Scratched & Dented items of popular brands of Refrigerators, Washer's, Dryers, Freezers, Microwaves, Stoves, sometimes TV’s (right now he has some 27” tv’s, BRAND NEW, IN the box for $140!!) + like LG, GE, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Amana, Admiral Samsung and Maytag.  Best Deal Outlet has the cleanest used appliances you will find in Escazu.  Find an appliance you like and take it home, or they can provide delivery for a fee. Omar ships 1-2 containers from the states every month so the warehouse is constantly changing.  He personally inspects/works on them HIMSELF (hence their warranty).  Omar’s been doing this for MANY years and I hear he has some of the BEST PRICES & RELIABLE appliances!!!
PAYMENT:  Cash, MC, Visa, AmEx.  The price can be more negotiable with cash and quantity.DELIVERY:  Available mainly to the West Central Valley - Alajuela, San Jose, Escazu, Santa Ana, and surrounding areas (MAX Grecia to Curridabat).  Or they can help coordinate it to further areas.
OWNER: Omar (he speaks GOOD English)HOURS:  Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm (coming from far/limited time?  Hours can be longer by pre-appointment)LOCATION:  ESCAZU-Guachipelin - In front of the Escuela Publica school de Guachipelin.  OR - from ConstruPlaza - Go South (under the bridge - 400 mts in front of public school - on West side of street)
Please tell them that Vicki with the blog Connected you!!

Santa Ana
LOCATION:  about 50 mts towards Santa Ana from Pollo Loco, just on your right before getting to the corner where you have to turn right, this place sells appliances in great prices - Hotpoint Dishwasher - $145+, Kitchens - $262+, Fridges with ice maker - $301+, grease extractors - $20+, stackable washer and dryers - $465+, also A/C - $390+

There's a place in San Jose along 2nd Avenue near the CAJA building. actually it's right across the street from the east side of the CAJA same side of 2nd Avenue still) next door to a chicken restaurant. Second Avenue is the wide one way street that runs west to east through downtown San Jose. The CAJA building is on the south side of 2nd Avenue a block or two past the Gran Hotel Costa Rica. The name of the store is Importadores Miami or Import something Miami. They sell used appliances and usually have a few large TV's for sale. Each time I've been in, the large TV's have been marked as sold. They get a shipment from the US about once a month and they go quickly.

Bodega de Electronico Domesticos (or something like that) - near Cariari Mall - Refurbished applicances with guarantees of about 2 to 3 months.

Compra y Ventas - Santa Domingo - Used items with NO guarantee.


I have a Form•Questionnaire that you can receive by making a Donation to this blog that will help you ask the right questions to better your chance of getting clearer answers/quotes back (though this IS Costa Rica so no guarantees)!!  
For a copy of it, please submit whatever size donation you think it's worth to my PayPal account (left column of this blog) and email me at LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com and I'll email it to you.


(8-361-0408 / DavidCohenCR@yahoo.com)
I've heard OVER and OVER that David is THE MAN for NEW Appliances and that he literally has the BEST PRICES in Costa Rica!!!  He says he can bring you just about anything that has a plug in it!
EXAMPLES: Plasma TV (regularly around $3,700 in Costa Rica that he can get for around $2,500), LCD 32” Panasonic ($1,180 - reg. $1600). Dishwasher (GE stainless steel $660/$440), Washer/Dryers, GE Microwave Stainless Steel ($175 - reg. $230), GE Profile Stove ($1150 installed - reg. $1700). Toshiba 29” ($350 - reg. $450), 21” $195, 30” GE Profile stainless steel range hood for $260 (someone found the SAME model in the STATES for $260-$290 + shipping - note that these prices have not been updated). I've heard he can also get mattresses?!?!
David tends to sell higher quality appliances than those I see at PriceSmart.
David know which brands have the best service centers in Costa Rica (though he swears by GE products for reliability and ease of repairs) and will assist you when you are entitled to repair services under warranty.
Warranties are usually for 1 year
FREE DELIVERY within the San Jose area. It's a 1-2 day turnaround on average and ALL prices INCLUDE tax!
He’s a REALLY NICE and helpful person!!   

PLEASE make sure to tell him that Vicki with the blog Connected you!!!
LANGUAGE:  English!!!


Gollo Remates
Gollo Remates are Gollo's "OUTLET STORES" where they sell everything from floor models, to items with dents and scratches but they still work and they are discounted!!!  What they have varies based on availability but the big Gollo stores sell everything from home appliances (for the kitchen - everything from big appliances like fridges, stoves+ to microwaves, mixers, toaster ovens, blenders, etc.  Also, washers and dryers - even sewing machines.  Personal type items like curling and flattening irons, electric razors•shavers, blow dryers, electric hair clippers+), furniture (everything from beds, livingroom to kitchen furniture - even prefab counters/sinks), some automotive chachkees and sports equipment, tv's•monitors, stereos•audio, cell phones, to computers, office equipment. Alajuela

HOURS•HORARIO:  Monday-Saturday•Lunes a Sábado - 8:30am-6:30pm 
DIRECTIONS•INSTRUCCIONES75 meters West•Oeste of the Juan SantaMaría Museum  (Dolores has great gringo directions at 

(2-552-4825 • 2-553-1271)
HOURS•HORARIO:  Monday-Saturday•Lunes a Sábado - 8am-6pm 
DIRECTIONS•INSTRUCCIONES: 25 Norte de la esquina Noroeste Mercado Municipal
Ciudad Nelly

HOURS•Horario:  Monday-Saturday•Lunes a Sábado - 9am-6pm 
DIRECTIONS•INSTRUCCIONES:  Diagonal a la Estación de Servicio Covasur

Sarapiquí - Heredia (2-766-5389, 2-766-5371, 2-766-5397)  
HOURS•Horario:  Monday-Saturday•Lunes a Sábado - 9am-6pm 
HOURS•HORARIO:  Monday-Saturday•Lunes a Sábado - 8am-6pm 



#1  -  BY FAR - Same day as U.S. "Black Friday" (the day after U.S. Thanksgiving [which has gotten VERY BIG in Costa Rica no thanx to us] - the 4th Friday in November - 2014 - November 28.  #2  -  Next BEST SAVINGS TIME - the
 (because taxes are due the end of September)
#3  -  Mother's Day (the week leading up to it)

With that said - you're smart to go check out prices JUST before because some places CLAIM they have drastic cuts in prices - but what they just done is jacked the published price UP & given "BIG PRICE REDUCTIONS" - which sometimes some companies have been busted for not giving ANY sale at ALL!! 

Some sales are buy one thing & get something else "free" - where you often end up with something you REALLY did NOT "need"!!!

NOTE:  I have RARELY found service people at these stores that speak any or much English!!!!  If you email stores for quotes - I found it quite challenging to get them back without me following up a LOT and be REAL CLEAR on what you're seeking!!!  So if you don't want to go it yourself, you can hire me or one of my Contacts to come with you and negotiate in ENGLISH so you know what's being said!!!

(WalMart.co.cr  •  facebook.com/WalMartCostaRica  • 800-800-0722)
8 locations around Costa Rica.  Latest promotions - Walmart.co.cr/flippingCostarica.html
•   Alajuela  -  LOCATION:   400 meters South of the Hospital San Rafael de Alajues radial Francisco J Orlich
•   Cartago  (2-2553-4809):   -  LOCATIONLos Angeles gas station - carretera a Paraiso & I had De la Basílica de Los Ángeles 800 metros camino a Paraiso frente a la Bomba Los Ángeles
•   Curridabat  (2-272-1994)  - 
LOCATION:  1km East of the Bomba La Galera Gas Station & I've seen - Autopista Florencio del Castillo, Kilometro 2-2, frente a escuela Josefina Jurado
•   Escazu  (2-288-4270:   -  LOCATIONJUST as you get off the Pista at the first Escazu exit comino from San Jose - across the street from Centro Comercial Trejos Montealegre )
•   Guadalupe  (2-283-7170):   -  LOCATIONin front of the Rotonda de Angtigua Fabrica Gallito.
•   Heredia  (2-262-5353):   -  LOCATION400 metrs West of the Rosabal Cordero Stadium - Carretera Heredia Frente Colegio Santa Cecilia
•   San Sebastián (2-286-0033) LOCATIONCarretera de Circunvalacion, in front of the rotonda de San Sebastian
•  Tibas  -  LOCATION:  400 meters South of the intersection at Llorente de Tibas
HOURS: Sundays-Thursdays - 8am -10 pm.  Fridays & Saturdays - 8am-11pm.  HOLIDAYS - Christmas Season: Dec. 21 - 8am-mid, Dec. 22 and 23 - 24-hours/day, Dec. 24 - 8am-8pm, Dec. 25 - 8am-9pm
WalMart Central America also owns Mas x Menos • Maxi Pali • Pali • WalMart SuperCenters (219 stores in total in Costa Rica) •

Membership store ala CostCo/Sams Club ($35/year-personal [+1 extra card]), $30-business [+1 extra card. Up to 3 additional cards +$10 each]). Pretty good prices on APPLIANCES (including stackable washer/dryer for around $1,000).  Large quantities of food, household cleaning products, etc. Pretty good prices on FOOD in bulk, a few things of furniture, stuff for outdoors, electronics, GREAT selection for MEATS, FISH, etc. They carry some APPLE/MAC COMPUTER items. BAKERY. THE BEST & CHEAPEST ROASTED CHICKEN (under 3,000-c!!!!).  SNACK BAR (Pizza [I hear it's quite tasty], hot dog - CHEAP). PHOTO CENTER.  TIRE & BATTERY CENTER (they have some of the BEST prices for TIRES plus they also do basic car maintenance with SmartLubes - like alignment, change oil, etc. They also have the BEST PRICES I've EVER seen on MASSAGE TABLES (around $250 for one that is adjustable and well padded)HOURS FOR ALL:  Monday-Friday - 10am-8:30pm.  Saturday - 9:30am-8:30pm.  Sunday - 10am-8pm. 
ALAJUELA (shop.pricesmart.com/cr/en/about/club-details/6405)  -
LOCATION:  Barrio San José in front of Mutual Alajuela
•   ESCAZU (shop.pricesmart.com/cr/en/about/club-details/6402  •  2-288-0008) - LOCATION:  From the Autopista Prospero Fernandez heading West-bound, 200 meters oeste mano izquierda - from the toll on the left. Get off at the gas station and go all the way to the end and loop around under the Pista, pass Office Depot and it is on your right. If getting off the pista going East-bound - exit (Office Depot is right there) and veer straight and turn Right at the first street. If you hit CIMA Hospital - you have gone too far
•   HEREDIA (shop.pricesmart.com/cr/en/about/club-details/6403  •  2-262-4848) - LOCATION:  300 mts. North of Atlas Electrica•Mabe
•   TIBAS•LLORENTE (shop.pricesmart.com/cr/en/about/club-details/6404  •  2-297-2343) - LOCATION: In front of the Convento de las Monjas•Convent of the Nuns - 450 meters North of the Highway 32 overpass - or I've seen Llorente de Tibás in front of the Monseñor Anselmo LLorente School of Tibás  
•   TRES RIOS•CARTAGO (shop.pricesmart.com/cr/en/about/club-details/6406LOCATION:  Contiguo a Terra Campus - Adjacent to TerraMall La Unión•   ZAPOTE•CURRIDABAT (shop.pricesmart.com/cr/en/about/club-details/6401  •  2-283-4494 / 2-280-8359) - LOCATION:  SouthEast of Fuente de la Hispanidad
HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10am-8:30pm, Sun. 10am-8pm

(Ambitec.netfacebook.com/pages/Ambitec-CR/385777391505140 • 2289-9155 • 2-588-2128)
HOURS: Monday-Saturday - 9am-8pm. Sundays - 10am-6pm.
LOCATION: Escazu (San Rafael) - NEW LOCATION - Centro Comercial Galería Escazú on Calle Vieja - 100 meters West of Plaza Colonial
(CasaBlancaCR.com  •  facebook.com/CasaBlancaCR  •  twitter.com/CasaBlancaCR  •  4-080-8722 • 2-242-8787 • 2-443-1011  •  servicioalcliente@CasaBlancaCR.com)Computer • Telephone • OpticalAudio • Video Games • Software • PhotographyAppliancesFurniturePersonal CareHome • Motorcycles • Tires • .  They have a CHAT ONLINE button!
LOCATIONS:  Alajuela  •  Zapote

They claim to guarantee the lowest market price.  Part of Grupo Monge which owns El Gallo Mas Gallo, El Verdugo, Importadora Monge & Play.
(2-588-8000 • 2-416-6786 / 2-442-8686)
LOCATIONS:  11 stores around Costa Rica - Alajuela  •  Avenida Cuarta(?)  •  Cariari  •  Cartago  •  Desamparados  •  Guapiles  •  Heredia  •  Limon  •  San Isidro de General•Perez Zeledon  •  San Rafael - Alajuela  •  Tibas. 
For details on the locations, go to www.GrupoM.net/NuestrasMarcas/ImportadoraMonge.aspx & at the bottom in read see "Encuentrenos en" ("Find us on").  To the Right of the map of CR is a white Search box with a red arrow & a drop down of the stores in their group & press "Buscar" ("Looking for"•Search) & a list of the stores will come up.

(facebook.com/ElVerdugoCR  •  ElVerdugo.net  •  800-837-3846  •  2-222-7979)
I hear they have some really good prices.  Part of Grupo Monge which owns El Gallo Mas Gallo, El Verdugo, Importadora Monge & Play.
LOCATIONS:   37 locations around Costa Rica.  For a list of their stores & locations, go to GrupoM.net/NuestrasMarcas/ImportadoraMonge.aspx & at the bottom in read see "Encuentrenos en" ("Find us on").  To the Right of the map of CR is a white Search box with a red arrow & a drop down of the stores in their group & press "Buscar" ("Looking for"•Search) & a list of the stores will come up.

(GEApplianceCenter.com  •  facebook.com/GEApplianceCenter  •  2-228-1767 •  2-228-1765 / GECenter@amnet.co.cr)
They carry MANY things at lower prices than GE’s website prices - when you ask for a discount (the more you get – the more you’ll get off). 
NOTE:  Per a few Appliance Repair people I've spoken with (that WOULD know), GE appliances aren't always the best around - especially their fridges - BUT - they have the BEST WARRANTY & REPAIR RECORD which is a plus - so, to be safe, you might want to purchase their Extended Warranty Plan if you go this way.
NEW LOCATION:  They're now located across from Saretto's Market in Escazu - 800 meters East of Tony Roma's (which is near PriceSmart).
A BIG challenge I've found all over is appliance stores seem to have VERY FEW English-speaking workers - let alone that understand the concept of GOOD Customer Service many of us are used to - BUT - I HAVE found that person for you here - someone that speaks GOOD ENGLISH & that gives the level of Customer Service we're used to, PLUS I have a DIRECT email address for him so you can write ahead for help (no need to run around town like most people do).
I'll share this direct contact introduction with you for a "DONATION" to my blog (TOP CENTER here - whatever YOU feel this information is worth to you).  For an introduction - first PayPal (note you do NOT have to have a PayPal account - just give your credit•debit card information) the donation to me at:
& after it's done, send me an email with your name & letting me know a bit about what you're looking for & I'll make the introduction (so you'll get even BETTER service!!).

(http://GolloTienda.com  •  facebook.com/GolloCR  •  Twitter.com/GolloGeek  •  800-004-6556)
Ok - there is a Gollo mas Gollo & Gollo Tienda - both have a symbol of a rooster - but I'm pretty positive they're totally different stores (why do people do such thing to confuse the people?).  Check their website for SPECIALS.  I hear their best store is in Zapote.
HOURS:  9am-8pm
LOCATIONS: MANY locations throughout Costa Rica.  To find one go to GolloTienda.com/sucursales Just a few - Escazu (2-228-9325) - just past/South and on the same side as McDonald’s, San Jose (MANY!) (2-255-4247), Santa Ana (2-203-3733), Pavas (2-291-5261), Alajuela (2-443-5004), Cartago (2-551-0767), Heredia (2-262-3544), Puntarenas (Jaco - 643-1839), Limon (2-758-0280) and Guanacaste (Liberia 2-666-0089),  Zapote (their best I hear) (2-234-0920 / 2-224-1671)

(JopCo.net  •  2-215-3545  •  info@JopCo.net)
They sell Restaurant and Hotel supplies so they have GOOD HEAVY DUTY industrial strength appliances!! 
ENGLISH SPEAKERS: Gustavo Jop (he speaks GOOD English and is part of the Jop family), Juan Carlos and Alvaro
HOURS: Mon.-Fri.-8am-6pm
LOCATION: Guachipelin, Escazu - From the Rotunda closest to the Pista at MultiPlaza West - take the North/West road. Go down 800 mts. (passing MuebleAmerica) and it’s in an warehouse complex (Complejo Attica) on the Right that also as KFC’s offices. It’s Bodega #2

(facebook.com/LaArtistica  •  LaArtistica.com   •  twitter.com/LaArtistica1  •  4055-1500 ext 221 - Servicio al cliente)
Maytag dealers (1 year warranty and they come to YOU to fix it!!). Don’t see a Maytag model that you’d like/saw in the States? Sometimes they’re willing to special order other Maytag products they normally don’t carry with their next container.
OUTLET - LaArtistica.net/outlet  - Avenida 2 between Calles 7 and 9 (2-223-5544). HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 9:30am-6:30pm, Sat. 10:30am-6pm
Rohrmoser (near the U.S. Embassy on the road to Pavas)(2-296-2590). HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 9:30am-7:30pm, Sun. 10am-6pm
Curridabat (across from WalMart) (2-272-8787). HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10am-7pm, Sun. 10am-6pm

I hear they have some great prices
LOCATION: Heredia (Santa Domingo)

LOCATION: MultiPlaza

LOCATION: Heredia (San Pablo)

MONGE (aka Importadora Monge)
(facebook.com/TiendaMonge  •  800-222-2000  •  2-416-6786 • 2-442-8686)
Part of Grupo Monge which owns El Gallo Mas Gallo, El Verdugo, Importadora Monge & Play.
(2-416-6786 / 2-442-8686)
LOCATIONS:  128 stores around Costa Rica.
For details on the locations, go to GrupoM.net/NuestrasMarcas/ImportadoraMonge.aspx & at the bottom in read see "Encuentrenos en" ("Find us on").  To the Right of the map of CR is a white Search box with a red arrow & a drop down of the stores in their group & press "Buscar" ("Looking for"•Search) & a list of the stores will come up.

PLAY - Monge
OK, so here's the scoop I've put together - Play has evidently merged with their parent company Monge so I believe the store may still say Play but they also have Monge in the name (I've also seen "Gente Play"). 
From MY experience helping people find appliances, Play seems to be at the higher end price wise for buying appliances - BUT - they also have some of the NICEST UPSCALE APPLIANCES you won't find elsewhere!!!! 
Part of Grupo Monge which owns El Gallo Mas Gallo, El Verdugo, Importadora Monge & Play.
LOCATIONS:  Escazu  •  Heredia - Paseo de las Flores  •  Zapote
For details on the locations, go to GrupoM.net/NuestrasMarcas/ImportadoraMonge.aspx & at the bottom in read see "Encuentrenos en" ("Find us on").  To the Right of the map of CR is a white Search box with a red arrow & a drop down of the stores in their group & press "Buscar" ("Looking for"•Search) & a list of the stores will come up.

A BIG challenge I've found here is they have VERY FEW English-speaking workers - let alone that understand the concept of GOOD Customer Service many of us are used to - BUT - I HAVE found that person for you - someone that speaks GOOD ENGLISH & that DOES give that level of Customer Service we miss PLUS a DIRECT email address where you can write ahead for help (so you don't have to run around town like most people do).
I'll share this direct contact Introduction with you for a "DONATION" to this blog (TOP LEFT CORNER here - whatever YOU feel this information is worth to you).  For an introduction - first PayPal the donation to me at:
LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com (note you do NOT have to have a PayPal account - just give your credit•debit card information) & after it's done, send me an email with your name & letting me know a bit about what you're looking for & I'll make the Introduction (so you'll get even BETTER service!!).
HOURS:  Daily - 10am-8pm
Escazu - Next Door•West of EPA (2-588-8300)
Zapote - In front of Cemaco (2-234-4586)
Heredia - Mall Paseo de las Flores (2-261-9606)

PRODUCTOS LG (LG = Life’s Good!!)

(Ricesa.com  •  facebook.com/telefoniaricesa@ice.co.cr)
(I hear they have great prices)
Santa Ana - 100 metros South•Sur of Banco Pupular • 2-282-6330 • 2-282-7979.  Store•Muebleria 2-282-9544
Escazu  -  Centro Comercial Plaza Escazú • 2-228-08-80 • 2-228-58-30

LOCATION:  MultiPlaza

SANTA ANA (Frank says he’s found them to have some of the best prices for this area)


Looking for help Shopping for nicer Appliances, Furniture, etc. 
but  new in town and don't know where to start/look or 
don't speak Spanish or just want someone to accompany you or drive you around and help you out??

I have some of my drivers and others that you can hire to help you help you find things!
Email me to help match you up with the best Connections!


GOLFITO - the Duty-Free Zone
Golfito is a Duty-Free Port where you don’t pay Duty/taxes on new goods and can often save 30-50% (even better savings if you wheel and deal them and/or are paying with cash!!).  NOTE that in the old days you would often save as much as 1/2 what you would pay in San Jose (let alone in smaller cities) though I’m hearing there are MANY places IN the Central Valley that are pretty cheap these days and when you add the costs of getting down there, staying overnight, etc. - it might not be worth it unless you’re buying a LOT!!!)!!!!! FYI – it’s at LEAST a hard 7 hour drive on the Southern Pacific side of Costa Rica!! They have about 40 stores that are normally open from around 7:30am till around 6pm. GREAT if you need a BUNCH of things!!

When most people think of THIS Duty-Free zone they think mainly of appliances - but you can also find car accessories, clothes, Cosmetics, liquor, toys+!!

To get these special discounted rates you MUST STAY in Golfito for a MINIMUM of 24 hours BEFORE!! This means arriving at least a day before to get a “Boleto” (proof of when you’ve arrived). Request a Purchase Authorization Card - TAC (Tarjeta de Autorizacion de Compras.  This is only for people 18+ so leave the kiddies at home!  They're not going to help you hear!!) which is free and given at the Duty Free Zone entrance.  Then you get a permit to purchase up to $1000 (note I've also seen it was just $500 so don't quote me yet).
Day #2 you do your shopping, spend your $$ in Golfito, stay the night and the next morning, you retrieve your goodies to get them tax free (make sure to have your Boleto and passport or cedula) and have/hire someone to trolley it out to however you’re getting it back. Anyone can buy Duty•Tax Free - up to $1,000 per person (note I've also seen it was just $500 so don't quote me yet) per “semester” (meaning up to 2 times a year.  I believe a “semestre” is a 6 month period - Jan.-June or July-Dec. [I’m not clear on if that means just within any 6 month period or within this specific timeframe]. If my perception of this is accurate – the smartest time of the year to go if you need LOTS of goodies would be to arrive on June 29, shop on June 30, then, on July 1 get a NEW Boleto [staying for another 24 hours - though you MAY have to leave and come back in for it to count as 2 trips] and purchase on July 2 – that way you can get $2,000 per person). I’ve heard from some people in the past that some local local Indigenous people would sell them their certificate for a greatly discounted rate (I believe they get extra ones). WELL . . . the day after I learned of that AM Costa Rica e- news letter said that the cops are REALLY CRACKING DOWN on that!! Chances are GOOD that the transporter WILL get stopped by the cops along the drive these days and the cops are REALLY checking the serial numbers and comparing them with the numbers specified on the facturas and the items carried by the driver along the way asking to see your documentation [so make sure to have them handy]). IMPORTANT NOTE: Some local Indigenous folk have made it a business to “sell” their Boleto at a greatly discounted price. The BIG problem with this is now the police are BIG TIME cracking down on this and if you’re stopped, they’re checking. To bring things back – either contract in advance a Cargo Company (that on average is 2-3% of the total cost of what you’re buying) or hire a driver with a BIG van (trailer) or truck
(NOTE:  I have some Tourism Van drivers that are GREAT, give North American level of Customer Service and speak GOOD ENGLISH so they can help you with this [and if they haven't already used their credit, maybe you can talk them into using theirs for you but PLEASE tip them WELL for that as that is literally potentially taking away from them using that for themselves or their family and if they do not do that for you - PLEASE be understanding!!!].  If you're interested in their info - email me at  -  LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com  but make sure to ask them to have taken the seats out ahead of time if you need that.


There are some people that offer regular Shopping Tours.  As I find some of them, I'll add them - or if you have any to add - email me their DETAILS to

Opening Hours for TAC - Monday - 1-8pm.  Tuesday to Saturday - 8am-8pm.   Opening hours for shops - Tuesday to Saturday 8am- 4.30pm, Sunday 7am- 2pm 




In Costa Rica's Yellow Pages phone book ("Telefonica Amarilla" - http://TelefonicaAmarilla.com), look under “Electrodomesticos”


Have you found this listing brought you more EASE or saved you money?
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