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I’m NOT an expert (an "expert" 2 ME knows 101%-NOT me). I believe in sharin info•helping where I can! And with over 2,200 entries, so some things might be out of date, so if you find old info PLEASE help each other by getting the updated info & sharing it with me to revise. At least you have some basic info to get you started.
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Friday, January 23, 2015


This is one of the MOST COMPLETE lists of various Forums and Message Boards on Costa Rica that I've started gathering - mainly geared towards people LIVING in Costa Rica or thinking about it and ExPats•ExPatriots.  I'm slowly adding "Pages" and "Groups from Facebook as I'm finding them to often be LOTS more helpful - either in the Instant Gratification of the responses or just the quality of some of the answers.
And in time I'll add Travel Forums as well.
It can also be a place to find information for people Traveling to Costa Rica. Basically these sites are what YOU make them to be but I'm a BIG believer if you don't find an answer - ASK (and PLEASE try to ask as CLEARLY and DETAILED as you can to get the clearest answers!!)

If you know of a Costa Rica Message Board•Forum•Group•Page NOT on this list or something that's no longer active - instead of kvetching about it - I welcome you to take a few minutes and HELPING to update it as it helps LOTS of people! 

(I'm a Solutions kinda gal - not just a bitcher [LOTS of sad/hurt puppies in the world])!!!!
PLEASE e- me any additions/changes at LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com


AND - if you found it made your life a bit easier, you learned some new info/tricks or it helped your business, PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION (of ANY size as till now, this has been a not-for-profit for me but I no longer have an "income" so HELP KEEP THIS INFO BLOG (and me) GOING!!!

Donation c/o  LivingLifeInCosta@gmail.com)


as soon I'm changing the format where this DETAILED version will be a PAID LIST
(by Donation - whatever you think it's worth)
and the free version will just give the name of the group (and you can spend your time learning about the different groups and finding the direct links!)



Message Boards and Forums are a way for people of similar interest, live in Costa Rica, fantasize one day, have been here.  The challenge to me is most do NOT allow someone to "advertise".  Instead, they're basically telling us to go through the yellow pages or search the internet - MY experience is OFTEN this is NOT the best way to find resources/suppliers, etc (I've had LOTS of people had SERIOUS problems doing it this way as some of the businesses [like Dental Tourism] have their OWN people posting their information and I wouldn't go to them if someone paid to do my WHOLE mouth [which needs a LOT!!!]).  I want to know what is going on/happening, etc. and I REALLY want to SUPPORT my community!!

DETAILS!!!  Peeps - if you just say "I like xyz restaurant" - you're telling me NOTHING - you're even wasting my time!!  Because finding information is SOOO CHALLENGING in Costa Rica, if I - and everyone else interested - has to go google, etc. - where is the caring/helping others at??  The way I post, you shouldn't have to ask more questions as whenever possible, I give the business name, phone number, website or Facebook address, email, hours, directions and I tell you WHY I like it (and sometimes prices as well).  I was raised in an environment to HELP OTHERS and where my opinion counted (sadly not many people were so validated)!!!  BUT - that gets some of my posts kicked off/refused - while 10 of the "I like xyz restaurant" stays on (I wonder how much depth is in the moderators lives or how many people help them in life???!!)

IF these message boards and forums below let you "advertise" most I know about allow you to do it ONCE A MONTH and/or put your website in the signature
Vicki Skinner

Loving Your Pet • House Sitting

FACEBOOK  -  I'm finding another GREAT resource is http://Facebook.com as there are LOTS of "Pages" and "Groups" for various interests and destinations (as well as ExPat groups) as well as businesses and they're usually WAYYYYY more updated than websites.



#1  -  Go to whatever Yahoo Message Boards you're desiring.

You WILL need to create an account
Contrary to what it seems like, you do NOT have to use a Yahoo email address (you WILL to get signed up for it, but once you're on a group, you can direct your sign in to a non-Yahoo email address [on this note, Yahoo has started closing addresses that are not used - hence you won't be able to sign in with that account if this happens so every 6 or so months - just sign into that Yahoo address.  Unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to access those closed accounts and I have not been able to open a new account using that old address.  Oh well!!])you can use your own/regular email address.  In the area it asks for the yahoo address – just leave it blank.  In the area it asks you for an “alternative” email address – that’s where you would put your normal email address.

#2  -  CRUCIAL!!!  Under “Edit Membership” – make sure under “Message Delivery” to check “Daily Digest” as it automatically clicks “Individual Emails” which means EVERY TIME someone responds/posts – you’ll receive that email which could be 100+ a day in season!!  “Daily Digest” gives you one email with max. 25 responses.  Then you can see the titles of each one & you can go through & read those that are of interest to you & don’t waste time on those that aren’t.  The digests also give you people’s email addresses so you can respond directly to them if you’d like to (do NOT “spam” – ONLY send things to people that are relevant to something they’ve posted or you’ll be kicked off).

To the left of the word "Subject" and the subject line is a "down" arrow.
Press the down arrow to expand the header which allows you to see the "To:" line.
At the right of the "To:" line is another down arrow which gives you the choice of replying to the list, the list and sender or just the sender, select your choice before sending.


(towards the bottom of this listing you'll find a list of boards by DESTINATION)

In it's hay day (prior to Facebook and it's availability of instant gratification replies), this USED to be THE BIGGEST resource for info about Costa Rica with OVER 6,000 members (though sadly VERY FEW contribute which is typical in Message Boards in Costa Rica)!!!  It's one of the first places I go to find/share information!  Sadly they do not like you to share links to pages that help the people - but take you away from their page!!!

(every so often some troll posts asking me why I'm asking for info if I think I'm the know it all of info!  I post telling them to read the first paragraph of my blog which says I'm just sharin' info and I do NOT know everything.  Obviously he is the standard watch CNN type of person that gets their news source from just one place as to ME, we should ALL gather our info from as MANY places as we can!!  Isn't that logical????  Oh well!).

WARNING: I welcome you NOT to let some of the old timers (mentally - not just been here many years) that think EVERYONE should be living in the mountains eating gallo pinto with every meal intimidate you from posting what info you're seeking or sharing - even if you're wanting to know where to buy "Americana" type products or eat in nice restaurants or what happened to "All My Children" as there are MANY on the board that APPRECIATE and are seeking that type of info also!!

They also OFTEN ream people posting more "Woo-Woo"/alternative things - ESPECIALLY about holistic medicine and Self Empowerment/Spiritual (NON-religious) topics but IGNORE them and post anyways (if you have those type of questions/shares, you might ALSO want to join http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Costa_Rica_Conscious_Community - though I haven't had the time to really get this going [remember - ANY board is ONLY as good as those that contribute towards it!!]).

There are lots of members, but sadly, few post as they don't feel SAFE to do so.  I say to those sad/hurt/angry little puppies that ream others - "OH WELL!!"  I post anyways (luckily I was born with LOTS of confidence in some areas and ONLY know how to live AUTHENTICALLY and speak MY truth [which does NOT mean it's yours!!]).  If you see a mention/slam about blueberries - that's geared towards me!  (teeee heee heeee)  (in the PAST I've had/used numerous email addresses/"names" - each had/served a PURPOSE for the topic and has been part of me EVOLVING/defining myself - but some people just can't see outside their little box!!!   I also get reamed for capitalizing words.  Funny - if you look at them you might get that they usually either show EXCITEMENT or PASSION for something [guess LOTS of people have forgotten what that's about] - or, I don't know about you, but I sure don't read EVERY SINGLE WORD in a book.  It's been proven over and over that people don't.  I highlight the points that are MOST IMPORTANT so your eyes will go there!!)

ADVERTISING POLICY:  They allow you to "Advertise" or even talk about things off-topic/not about Costa Rica ONCE a month on "ANYTHING GOES DAY" which is the LAST Friday of each month (isn't that one of the slowest periods???!!) - BUT - they say the posts can be delayed (interesting as I've tested it with other boards/posts and NEVER had that happen - hmmmmm) so best to get it on BEFORE 11pm.  They also allow you to add your "Signature" (name, contact, website - a short description) with each post you share.

I BLESS them as the were refusing SOOO MANY of my DETAILED posts (vs their standard "I like xyz restaurant" or posts without much content), that it got me off my tush to start my OWN BLOG over 5 years ago - http://LivingLifeInCostaRica.blogspot.com  where I share all the DETAILS!  Until recently I NEVER made a penny off it!!  I finally put a Counter on it the end of Oct. and learned I was receiving nearly 34,000 views a MONTH!!  "WOW!!!" I thought!!  
But NOW (June 24, 2012) - I'm getting OVER 16,000 VIEWS A MONTH!!! 
I've made a LOT of people some good $$$ and helped a LOTS of people with LOTS of EASE (wherever I go in public I get people telling me they've been following my blog for years and they know the "Sarong Goddess"!!!) so I'm now accepting "DONATIONS". 

THANK YOUR CRL Moderators as - as usual - I (and the people) come out AHEAD and WAYYYY more people are seeing my DETAILED posts each month than they would on the board!!!!! 

Cultural Activities, recommendation, suggestions, QandA, all you need to live in the central valley of Costa Rica.

 The host Daniel created this list in ’97 sharing info/resources he’s encountered/experienced in the Escazu/Santa Ana/Pozos de Santa Ana area. It has LOTS of WONDERFUL info on it in both Spanish and English (request which version you desire for his e- newsletter).

Costa Rica Conscious Community is a Message Board has been created as a "safe space" for people into things outside of the "norm" or even within the norm since to me "Consciousness" is in a nutshell - about connecting and sharing WHATEVER! It's for people interested in: Walking More Gently on the Earth • Self Empowerment • Healthy/Conscious Living • Growing • Remembering our TRUE Selves • A place to Ask Questions • Share your Resources (we're ALL SOOOO IMPORTANT to each other - the WHOLE picture!!!) • Organic Eating • Organic Growing • Sustainable Living • Holistic Things • Raw Foods • Healthy Eating • Socializing with other Like-Minded Spirits • Spirituality • Cultural Activities and Events • Classes/Workshops in Costa Rica • Questions and/or Experiences about Living in or Moving to Costa Rica • Tourism • Gardening • Exploring Costa Rica together/separately • Share healthy recipes (especially using Costa Rica ingredients) • Culture • Sharing your Costa Rica Photos • even a place to Promote your business (please limit it to once every 2 weeks [if you have new info] as long as you're contributing to the board - not just using to for your own gain [though you’re welcome to list your basic info in your signatures]. Have something For Sale? Seeking or have a place for Rent? Looking for something? This is your board! Invite anyone whom you feel may enjoy this group! We welcome you to share your pictures of Costa Rica! Add your Event and Birthday to our Calendar! Add Files on more detailed info you’d like to share! Share your DETAILED Trip Report (with links, contact info and REAL details ESPECIALLY welcome!!)! Start a Poll (this could even mean something like “Anyone going to ______ event?” or whatever! Most of all – this board is about CONNECTION for people Living in, Moving to or just LOVE Costa Rica!! Come Experience and Share Conscious Experiences in Costa Rica. We ESPECIALLY encourage POSITIVE experiences since we ALL DO create our own reality!! Come on in and share, learn and ENJOY!

A new general forum on Costa Rica by the people at InsideCostaRica.com - we'll see how it plays out but I wish it LOTS of SUCCESS if it bring us a new way to share/find!!!

A forum for expats living in Costa Rica/thinking of it/visiting.  NO NO NO advertising/promotions - you can't even put your business name in your user name!!!

Ads of things for sale, places for rent/sale, promote businesses, job postings (formerly http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CR_Classifieds)

This is a forum for those who want to know the truth about Costa Rica, without any sugar coating. That means that newcomers should not expect to be mollycoddled - ever - nor for us to be PC. (I think it was created as a response to all the moderation going on in a certain other Message Board which will remain nameless).  It is not going to be moderated, but we will NOT tolerate foul language, personal attacks, or any kind of flaming, spamming, or other misuse of the internet. NO ADVERTISING AT ALL - although members may include a link to their personal websites in their signatures. As initially set up this forum does not have built-in links, archives, or "Read This First" sections. Those may come later, if/when needed. Members are expected to have performed minimal research before posting questions that have already been answered ad infinitum and ad nauseum elsewhere. If the forum owner feels that a post shows a lack of groundwork, the poster may be referred elsewhere.  I would like to welcome all to what I hope will be a place for real and correct information about Costa Rica. I have been active for some years on a number of forums dealing with this country - both while researching and planning our own move here, and since settling here two years ago. I have found that too many forums appear to exist solely for the ego of the individual forum owners, or for business purposes, and moderating tends to be (imho) heavily weighted towards excluding free exchange of information and ideas. I do not want to see this deteriorate into wild political discussions, so please refrain from taking strong political positions. I do not intend to moderate at all, until or unless things get out of hand.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CostaRicasYoungExpats - A group started for people under 40 (or people that act like they are!) that has recently been revived!!!


http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SeniorCostaRica - Sadly this group doesn't appear to be serving who they claim to as there isn't hardly any dialoguing and just a few ads and links to other info sites (which I'm SOOO NOT opposed to as I'd rather support members/people I've gotten to know vs finding things just randomly online) though they refuse to post event info I've shared on my LivingLifeInCostaRica.blogspot.com info site - which are 100% NOT a ANY profit to me.
They claim to be about - "SeniorCostaRica is for people living in or considering living in Costa Rica. People interested in visiting for vacation or to check out the land of Pura Vida are very welcome. If you have grown children or are old enough to have them, you are the intended participant of this group.  We are totally un-moderated!. . . All posts about living in or visiting Costa Rica are welcome." 

BUT - because the moderators have "issues" with me, they've blocked all my VERY DETAILED Information posts - MOST of which are VALUABLE lists (many of which are towards the top of google searches - like where to celebrate Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, U.S. 4th of July, Garage Sales, events++ - ALL VERY relevant to seniors in Costa Rica (so the last paragraph "totally un-moderated" is TOTALLY NOT accurate is it??). 
Maybe it's time someone starts a new Senior group that actually HELPS seniors living in Costa Rica?????

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CostaRicaAffordableLiving  -  A small group to share information on living more affordably in Costa Rica - NOT a place to advertise things for sale.
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ExpatHealth - Health related things in Costa Rica and Panama

http://eating.TheRealCostaRica.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl - Food/Dining in/around Costa Rica but not currently very active.  Great concept (though do NOT post anything that has actual detail oriented or it may be dropped as it might be seen as  "advertising" hence MANY people I know dropped off of this or don't contribute)

ARCR’s forum.  ARCR holds a CRUCIAL 2 day workshop on living in/moving to Costa Rica held that last Thursday and Friday of the month (not December and I think one other [maybe August? - http://arcr.net/seminar.html ]).  On that note - they are a BIG CORPORATION (not an "association" as many people I've known thought) that really promotes the companies THEY affiliate with and SOOOO MANY people have shared that when people share resources that are not their "affiliates" - it sometimes gets removed.  MANY of these service providers charge gringo prices and that does NOT necessarily mean they're the best.  A LOT of this board is topics that promote their businesses but do NOT post anything that has actual detail oriented/REAL helpful or it/your may be dropped as they consider that "advertising.  I got kicked off this board for "advertising" in my signature THEY SAID but it's strange as I have NO clue how that "signature" got on that site as I had ONLY used it on another board but not as a signature - as my list of my pages.  So far no one's responded back.  I have ONLY promoted events and OTHER peoples things of which I NEVER made a penny off of [sad/hurt puppies]).  Despite that, I think they're a CRUCIAL group TO JOIN at least for your first year to learn/get what you can out of them and longer as long as their SPECIAL discounted rate is still the best with the CAJA (it's the socialized medical insurance that is now mandatory for ALL Residents to pay into). 

Currently not real active

The straight up truth of politics throughout the Americas - but it looks like no one's posted on it in ages.

This MB was created as a place for people that think outside the box/norm, who have thought consciously about Different ways to look at the "norm" anywhere in the world (or alternative worlds/energy!!)!! ET's, Swine Flu, Cow Flu, Immunizing your kids, the Illuminati, Evil running the world, vegetarianism, animal rights, Spirits, Lizard People, waterboarding, Iraq, 2012 (ya'll DO realize that the Mayan's are NOT recognizing it as the end of the world, etc. si??), Spirituality, the end of the world, pesticides, genetically modified foods/seeds - WHATEVER you want to share/help educate people on!  It's NOT Costa Rica oriented but there are some people on the Costa Rica boards that have some fascinating things to say/share but don't have an outlet.

CostaRicanTimes.com/forum/index.php  -  a new board from the paper in the same name.


Free speech for free people in a free and democratic Country!  This is not a group like other Costa Rican groups, here you can describe a problem in as much detail as necessary to make others aware of the situation you are trying to relate. It matters what you have to say and how you feel about things. Nobody is going to delete your posts. Everything is allowed as long as it is legal in Costa Rica. We love Jokes ! This group is not moderated like others; the group owner does not own a real estate business, hotel, coffee farm or any other business that can compromise the site or opinions expressed on the forum.
(not active right now but YOU can re-activate it with your posts!)

 I think this board is SOOOO IMPORTANT - yet MANY don't want to TRUTH out (often out of a fear of it effecting their business). A place to report and discuss crime in Costa Rica. The best defense is a good offense - keep up to date on current criminal activities and share deterrent methods for preventing crimes. This group is unmoderated, though you must be a member to read or post.
(not active right now but YOU can re-activate it with your posts!)

This group is created for people interested in living life in Costa Rica, which encompasses sharing info that will enhance and assist in daily living. Topics will discuss Sustainable living, gardening, healthy recipes, resources, events, real estate rentals, moving tips, things for sale and sharing experiences that will aid the less informed regarding living, relocating and/visiting Costa Rica. Questions are welcome. Answers help! 

(not active right now but YOU can re-activate it with your posts!)

Health.groups.yahoo.com/group/CostaRicaAlternativeHealing  This group is being created as a place to share/seek information and resources in the Alternative Healing realm!  You are welcome to promote your or others business that are in the Alternative Healing environment IN Costa Rica.  This is a safe space to ask for/share things that some in the more "mainstream" world might deem "out there!!!!
 (not active right now but YOU can re-activate it with your posts!)

Found a business you LOVE and want everyone in Costa Rica to know about it (so they can grow and stay in business for you also!!)?  Looking for something?  We are creating this message board to help each other to make our lives Living in Costa Rica easier and more Joy Filled!!!!  ALL types of things are welcome (relating to Costa Rica on some level and no smut stuff).  We ALL are important to each other - PLEASE share!
(not active right now but YOU can re-activate it with your posts!)

Organic farmers and gardeners in Costa Rica share information on all topics related to organic farming, seeds and sources, challenges, buying, selling co-marketing and all things organic.  Rules:  Anyone can join, only messages on topic, definitely buying and selling are highly encourage.
 (not active right now but YOU can re-activate it with your posts!)

This group will explore various investment and profit making opportunities in Costa Rica.

Eco-Tourism. Costa Rica: travel, budget travel, bed and breakfasts, community tourism, deforestation, banana plantations, rainforests, logging, entertainment, buses, hiking, backpacking, visiting national parks, seeing wildlife, and other topics.
(not active right now but YOU can re-activate it with your posts!)

A friendly list for those English speaking people who live in Costa Rica and wish to exchange pointers and other information to make their Costa Rican residence easier. We also have members who are about to come live in Costa Rica.
(not active right now but YOU can re-activate it with your posts!)


TheRXForum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=103  =  This is actually a forum for people in the SportsBook industry and can have some sexist derogatory remarks towards women at times but sometimes there's some other good helpful info on it




MEGA right-winged MB where people mainly bitch but currently there aren't a lot of people contributing.  FYI - the original starter of this group - Chuck Leake passed away a few years ago. 
GalloPinto is a different type of Discussion Group. We share a lot of WEB found articles and opinions. But, we really appreciate a member who can write intelligent, coherent sentences and is able to string some of those together into actual paragraphs. We do not limit discussion to Costa Rica, but open things up to civilized back-and-forth on just about everything under the sun, including politics, religion and even pretty girls. Very little is off limits --- as long as you handle things with good taste. Even controversy can often be appreciated --- but other members must always be treated with respect. We do try to spend time staying abreast of local and regional Central American happenings. What we are not is a ready and waiting panel of experts panting to answer the same old questions about moving to Costa Rica. GalloPinto welcomes questions, stories and deeper level discussions on Costa Rica and most other subjects.

I learned the hard way (I only read their title of "Welcome to the #1 Source for Information on Costa Rica" without reading the info for newbies) that this is a board ONLY for guys (and some with SERIOUS mommy/anti-women issues). LOTS of talk on the "working girls", strip clubs, "massage parlors", etc. (trust me, I SOOOOO have NO issue with this type of board as it DOES serve a purpose!!).  You wouldn't get that in reading most of the topic headlines. With that said, there IS some GOOD info there!





is a website and email notifications are sent for this also

Annie, the now former Info Goddess for the San Ramon area has left Costa Rica but Collie and Norm have taken over

THE MUST HAVE Newsletter • Information Site for all things San Ramon for what's happening•events, news, what's for sale or rent, dogs and cats needing new homes+++  
Subscribe to this great source for this AWESOME area

(what I LOVE the most about San Ramon is it seems to be the BEST AREA for an intermingling of ExPats and Ticos!)

(San Isidro de General•Perez Zeledon and down
THE Info Goddess for the Southern Zone is my wonderful friend that oversees
THE online newsletter and Information Site for the Southern Zone that comes out on WEDNESDAYS(to get things added to it, email a brief description to her BY Tues. at 10am)
To subscribe, contact her at - SarongGoddess@PuraVidaConnections.com
(and make sure to tell her Vicki Connected you
She also presides over the

San Isidro de General•Perez Zeledon Feria•Farmers Market
on Thursdays - 7am-4pm and Fridays 8am-2pm
LOCATION:  In the back left corner - just before you enter the new supermarket.


Gay Costa Rica

Gay Central America

 Gay Latin America

(there are also some private boards where people of a specific group only can subscribe.  PLUS - . . .  there are SECRET message boards [where moderators and their supporters LOVE to ream members of other boards!!  Teeee heeee heeee heeeee!!]).


 Do YOU know of any other FORUMS or MESSAGE BOARDS or Facebook PAGES on Costa Rica that are not listed here?

YOU can help others by "Sharing" the info!
Please e- me the link and a description of what it's about at 



Have you found any of this information made your life a bit easier or helped your business?  
(of ANY size is welcome) as, over the past 5-1/2 years, this has been a total NOT-for-profit act of love for me but I no longer have an "income" so I get to ask YOU to show YOUR Appreciation!
PAYPAL Donation c/o 



PLEASE "Share" (especially on Facebook!!) this list with EVERYONE you know that would enjoy this info:

. 11949

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