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Monday, November 19, 2012

Seeking Americans Expats with HIGH RISK Job or Business Abroad for TV Show

(photo from RockClimbingCostaRica.com [who I hope submits their info!] and taken by photographer Sally Rice with SallyRicefFotos.photoshelter.com)

with a HIGH-RISK job or business
OUTSIDE the U.S.!!!

Do you work a high-risk job outside of the United States?
Are you an English-speaking expatriate that risks it all for the big reward?
Do you put your life on the line whenever you clock in?
Are you and your team the only ones that have the guts to get the job done?

Red Varden Studios, a Los Angeles-based television production company, is now casting for an American group, family or business that are currently working a high-risk or high-stakes job outside of the United States. Ideal characters for this project are dynamic expatriates who are risking their lives for a big payoff. Do you put your life on the line whenever you clock in? Are you and your team the only people who have the guts to get the job done? If so, we want to hear from you!

They are now casting for English-speaking individuals, groups, or businesses residing internationally to complete a risky job. We are aiming to highlight a job similar to that of Deadliest Catch, Ax Men, Gold Rush and Ice Road Truckers and Storm Chasers.

Unique, large, and dynamic personalities are a MUST.

To be considered, candidates should submit the following to RVScasting@yahoo.com
•     Photographs of all potential candidates (both group and individual photos)
•     A description and job title of each candidate•     The personal story of the candidates and why those stories would make for compelling television.

Please include the contact information for each candidate (name, number, email, city, country).

Red Varden Studios is a television and film production company founded in 2007. Red Varden develops and produces scripted and non-scripted content for studios, broadcast networks, cable networks, syndication and digital media outlets, within such genres as documentaries, reality shows, game shows, viral videos, comedies, dramas and independent live action and animated feature films. Since the  launch of the company

Red Varden has produced two seasons of the series The Othersiders for Cartoon Network and sold other projects to TLC, Oxygen, Cartoon Network, ReelzChannel, and Fremantle Media.

(tell them that Vicki with the LivingLifeInCostaRica blog Connected you!!)

LET's all help find a BUNCH of businesses in Costa Rica submitted to get them here to feature Costa Rica (and bring you/EVERYONE more business)!!!!

(thanx for passing this on Jennifer!)

Please share this with your expat friends around the world!!

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