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Friday, November 16, 2012

COUPLES - Intro to Non-Violent•Compassionate Communications - Dec. 3 & 4 - Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Introduction to Compassionate Communication Workshop
(aka Non-Violent Communications)

Finding the words to say how you feel and what's important to you can be difficult. Wouldn't you like to express yourself in a way your partner can hear you without defensiveness and misunderstandings?  Wouldn't you like to hear them in the same way?

LaShelle Lowe-Charde (http://WiseHeartPDX.org - a U.S. trainer from Portland, Oregon in Non-Violent  Communcation – NVC who specializes in couples communication and a Buddhist) – has helped thousands of people gain the skills and understanding they need to create honest caring relationships with partners, family, friends, and co-workers.
Saying what's really true for you, being heard, and hearing others deeply is one of the most satisfying aspects of relationships.  It can also be the most difficult.  Learning these skills doesn't just help with conflict it also helps create more authenticity and connection with the important people in your life.

The workshop will be experientially focused.  They will introduce a concept and skill and then you will take time in a structured exercise for you and your partner to practice and integrate what you are learning.  You will learn using examples from your own life.

They will cover the following topics:

Begin to identify the language that interferes with connected and clear communication.


Learn to create an internal dialogue of compassion for yourself.

Honesty and asking for what you want

Express your feelings, needs, and requests in a way others want to hear.


Learn to listen for the truth of what someone is saying regardless of the words they use. 

Anger, guilt, shame, and depression

Learn to hear the important message these feelings are sending.

For those who have not heard about or know anything about NVC - the general idea behind NVC is to increase the connection between human beings through communication. NVC increases our consciousness about ourselves  - example - why it is that we may fall into a negative state over something - and she shares the tools for being able to communicate with others (in this workshop, your partner) - including difficult topics and hot buttons -  in manner that allows the other person (your partner) to be able to really hear and connect with what you are saying, and also for you to be able to connect and really hear others (your partner).  For couples, understanding and togetherness increases, and relationships are strengthened!

This workshop is for couple who would like to create a better relationship that values authenticity, compassion, and mindfulness in communication.

Join LaShelle and just up to 10 other couples - for this 2 day Workshop - whether you are new to Compassionate Communication (aka Non-Violent Communications) or would just like to practice and stay grounded in the basics.

WHEN:  Monday - December 3rd AND
Tuesday - December 4th  -  9am-12pm/noon
(this workshop is a 2-day workshop)  

WHERE:  Santa Teresa, Costa Rica (on the Pacific side) 
at Hotel Milarepa

$140/couple (Residents living full time of Costa Rica - $120/couple [workshop only])
(FYI - LaShelle charges $350/couple for these workshops in the U.S.)
PAYMENT METHODS:  Paypal (send as a “Personal Gift” OR - you pay the 3% fee)                                                                             OR
             Direct Deposit into Banco Nacional Costa Rica (account information given upon registration)

Space is limited to MAX just 10 couples so do NOT put it off!!  Register today!!!


for Couples

Have you and your partner been trying to make a change in your relationship?  You’re committed and yet, more times than you would like, you can't find a new way when you need it?  Do you feel frustrated seeing how an interaction could happen, but doesn't? 
This is a helpful enhancement to the  Introduction to Compassionate Communication (aka Non-Violent Communications) - for COUPLES or individuals.

Monday - December 3rd - 2-5pm.  Tuesday - December 4th - 2-5pm.  Wednesday - December 5th - 9am-5pm

Milarepa Hotel (http://MilarepaHotel.com) - Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

 $95/hour per couple (sessions are 60-90 minute)


From Within Costa Rica: 
Brenda Kleysen  -  BrendaKleysen@me.com    8-844-8856

From the U.S.: 
LaShelle Lowe-Chardé  - LaShelleLoweCharde@gmail.com    1-503-544-7583


with LivingLifeInCostaRica.blogspot.com
1-941-312-7569 (U.S. #)  •  Skype:  VallartaVicki  •  LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com


PLEASE "SHARE" this with ALL couples you know that could use a hand with clearer Communications and in their relationship!!



alujihi said...

I'm subscribed to LaShelle's newsletter and am very happy/surprised to know she's coming to Costa Rica!

Unfortunately it's difficult for me to get to Santa Teresa. Any chance to bring her to San José? I could organize a group of couples over here if it helps...


Living Life in Costa Rica 2 said...

I'm just the messenger. Best for you to contact BOTH parties but do it FAST if she's able to make any changes/additions.