Monday, November 19, 2012

BANDITs STEAL yet some MORE GUNS From Police

MORE GUNS STOLEN from the police!!
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A police office in Mata Redonda, San Jose, responsible for embassy security was attacked and robbed by 2 men who distracted the lone police officer. An Uzi submachine gun, 7 - 9mm pistols, 4 - bullet proof vests, and radio communication equipment were stolen.

2 suspects who asked for "everyday security issues" surprised the duty officer of the Delegation of the security forces in Mata Redonda, San Jose.

The robbery was discovered yesterday at 10:45am (broad daylight??), when neighbors came to the police station and found the only cop bound and gagged, said Juan Carlos Arias, deputy chief of the Armed Forces of San Jose.

The assailants fled the scene without anyone noticing the situation. Police did not know yesterday if they fled on a motorcycle, car or on foot.

Authorities ordered a closure of roads in the surrounding areas. "We are looking, for the descriptions we have, two men I can not give details, but one is short and the other of average height," said Arias.

Many doubts.  Juan Carlos Arias, to delve into the fact, explained that after the first investigation raised many doubts and for that reason since yesterday ordered an internal investigation.

"We need to know if the incidents attending the other officers assigned to the delegation were true and how the duty officer acted as they have protocols that must be respected," he said.

According to the version that gave the watch officer to his superiors, an individual initially came to ask a question about a procedure in the delegation. When the officer attending him, according to his version, he joined the confederate, who had a gun and threatened him.

The assailants allegedly forced the officer to open the armory, where they took an Uzi submachine gun, 7 - 9mm pistols, 4 - vests, radio communication and the respective arms boots.

Juan Carlos Arias said the weapons remained in the Delegation of Mata Redonda because they are used by officers who provide security at the embassies located in the district of the city of San Jose.

Arias said yesterday that the duty officer was in the offices of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) providing details on what happened.

This year has been very frequent thefts of weapons in various places.

January 30, 2012 - 215 guns were stolen guns from the Transito•Traffic Police in Plaza Víquez Gonzalez.

July 5, 2012  -  Bandits took 5 guns and 5 guns in the Recope offices in Limón

October 15, 2012  -  80 weapons were stolen from the Armory Polini, in San Jose.

(I wonder how MANY of the bandito's were captured AND how many of the guns were recovered???  And you wonder why fewer and fewer people are bothering to report crimes???  Hmmmm - I didn't realize that Uzi's were standard issue in Costa Rica [I thought we didn't have a military???  I guess that's what the School of the America's - know known as "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation" - sounds much sweeter doesn't it - suggested they get when they give their training to Costa Rica Police eh?].  I wonder what makes bandito's act SOOOO cocky that they can get away with this SOOOO MUCH???  Might it be - because they CAN??)???

I heard that THIS incident happened in a police station that's in a VERY BAD area.  Why was there just one cop there???????

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