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TATTOOS, Body Piercings & Modifications in Costa Rica

I CONSISTENTLY hear the BIGGEST RAVES from numerous people (ESPECIALLY Laine!!) on:
(  •  •  2-643-1523  •
Tattoos, Body Piercings and Modifications (Microdermals implants). 
THE BEST - Professional • award winning • Internationally acclaimed - 
 has 33 years of tattoo experience  •  is Licensed  •  is a 29 year member of the National Tattoo Association and Red Cross certified!!  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Keely comes and goes between Jaco, Costa Rica and Tuscon, Arizona. 
They have Portrait artist, freehand artist and has an all around amazing creative style.  All employees speak English.
Piercings:  Starts at 10,000-c withOUT a jewel.  Or 20,000-c/$40 (includes at basic sterling silver stud) by Jessie Tackett and Cyndi Milano
Tattoos:  Minimum $50.  $150/hour by Keely or Sean
HOURS:  Daily - 11am-7pm-ish
LOCATION:  Jaco - Paseo las Americas - #8 - 2nd floor (also in Hudson, Wisconsin)


Robbie (who has some REALLY NICE tattoo's) said HER FAVORITE place because “I have had both there and they are very popular, well priced and clean and professional”:

(  •  •  2-524-2973  • 
8-834-8255  •  •, Body Piercings and Modifications (implants and scarifications [fixing piercings, etc.).  3 tattooers and 1 body piercer/modification artist.
Tattoos: Start at $60 ($70+/hour)
Piercings Start at 10,000/$20 (they have a big selection of jewels also).  
Walk-ins a possibility but best to make an appointment.
HOURS:  Monday-Saturday - 10am-7pm.  Sunday by appointment.
Owner•Artist:  Johann Lopez (some English).  Artists - Emmerson (GREAT English)
LOCATION:  San Pedro (Montes de Oca) - 100 este•East y/and 50 norte/North of de Muñoz and Nanne (near•Cerca de Universidad Latina)


Tattoos and Body Piercings by Cole
(  •  •
One of the OLDEST Tattoo shops in Costa Rica (16 years [San Pedro]).  Body Piercings - Start at 12,000-c/$24-ish (no appointment usually necessary).  You usually DO NEED an appointment for Tattoos.  HOURS:  Mon.-Sat. 10am-6pm. ESCAZU (2-228-7469) -  Jonathan is good and speaks English.  LOCATION:   San Rafael - AutoPits (50 meters North of McDonald’s)
SAN PEDRO (2-280-6502).    OWNER•Artist - Alejandro Cole is at the San Pedro location.  LOCATION:  Los Yoses - from the Mall of San Pedro go West 300-500 meters at AutoMercado.  Sorry sorry I didn't get total clarity on directions (ahhh - life in Costa Rica) but just ask someone on the street where Quiznos is as I hear they're next door to it on the right side of the street - and across the street from Bar/Restaurant Rio.


HOURS:  Monday-Saturday - 11am-7pm LOCATION:  San Pedro - 25 meters South of Jazz Cafe, behind Fischel Farmacia on the main drag on a small side street. VERY popular, requires an appointment.


HOURS:  Monday-Saturday - 12:30-7pm
LOCATION:  San Jose (Downtown) - Avenida 10 and Calle 11


Tattoo Arte Corporal Infinito  •  8654 3067  •  4-034-1120  •
LOCATION:  Grecia  -  75 meters Sur•South


Check out the interesting story the Tico Times did on Tattoos in Costa Rica at:


Do you know and LOVE any other places that do
Tattoos, Body Piercings or Body Modifications?? 

(anywhere around Costa Rica as I'll put this info here)
Email me the DETAILS and your comments at


Where to get your Nose or other body party pierced in Costa Rica:




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