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Friday, November 16, 2012

Do you know of any other Artisan Fairs, Festivals, Crafts Fairs, Bazars, Bazaars, Holiday fair, Business Fair, corporations doing a Holiday or business Fair at ANY time in ANY Location in/around Costa Rica?

I'm working on creating some sort of Master List for my
(NOW OVER 27,000 Page Views a MONTH - up from just 7,000 1 year ago!!)
to help Artisans/Small business people
plus the consumer learn about them to attend!!

PLEASE email me ALL the
DETAILS you can get me to

(I'm a MEGA DETAILED kinda gal so name of fair, dates, entry fee, booth fee, city, location WITH directions, website, Facebook page and/or Facebook Event Invitation, email address, phone number, Contact, name of Contact that speaks English, any deadlines, DETAILED DESCRIPTION of the event . . . !)

Also, let me know if you have a business and would be interested in receiving information on this list.

PLEASE "SHARE" this list with EVERYONE you know that either has a business to promote at such a venue - or wants to know about such fairs/bazaars to attend!!


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