Saturday, January 26, 2013

AWESOME Wedding Fuegos Artificiales • Fireworks at the Iglesia San Rafael de Arcangel in Escazu - January 26, 2013

The other night I saw one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL • AWESOME Fireworks Displays (Fuegos Artificiales) I've EVER seen - from the balcony in Suite #4 at Casa Laurin B and B - in Escazu (San Rafael - Trejos Montelegre)!!

I looks like it came from after a church wedding - celebrating the nuptials (la celebration de la bod a) at the Church•Iglesia San Rafael de Arcangel in Escazu, Costa Rica at around 8:30pm on Saturday - January 26, 2013 (Sabado - 26 de Enero, 2013)

I would LOVE to find out who the happy couple was so if you can help - please have them email me at (and I wish you LOTS of JOY, DEEP LOVE and Success with your NEW BEGINNINGS!!!!).

Vicki Skinner


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