Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vinyasa flow & Hang music class - KRAMA YOGA - Escazu

Vinyasa flow & Hang music class
Dagmar Spremberg & Gaudan

13 de Enero  -  5-7pm
Costo: $20 (día de la clase: $30)

Music moves us. The powerful effects go far beyond the experiences found through sound and rhythm. It is discovering this deeper sense of harmony in the body that helps us to embrace and dance with the rhythmic flow of life. When we are with our lover our heartbeats sync. When we explore asanas, regulate our breath, and move to a rhythmic beat we sync together as one, creating a harmony as a whole. Practicing together with rhythm and sound assists us into a deeper experience of yoga. The ultimate goal of yoga, Enlightenment or Freedom, is for our self to be in sync with all that is. It is the dissolution of resistance where we are missing absolutely nothing.

In this very special Vinyasa Flow class she will be accompanied by Gaudan (The Gaudan Project), playing the beautiful melodies of the Hang drum, a very unique, handmade instrument created in Switzerland. Gaudan has been living in Costa Rica for over 20 years and is well known as an artist.

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