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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Costa Rica Conscious Community Message Board Expands

For nearly 8 years, the Costa Rica Conscious Community Message Board
has been a place for like-minded folk to share Conscious related topics/workshops - as well as things for sell++ with others though strictly related/connected to Costa Rica. 

I've regularly received members wanting to share some similar info but that are not related specifically to life in Costa Rica and they've been rejected.

I'm open to growing/seeing things a different way so I'm open to trying an experiment to see how it goes if we open this up - THOUGH, I want to take this in STEPS because I'm REALLY hoping maybe some people can Connect with others here that they have similar interests with and friendships can form!

So, FIRST let's OPEN this board up to ya'll sharing SELF EMPOWERMENT related topics, CONSCIOUS EATING and CONSCIOUS LIVING - even if they're NOT related to Costa Rica!

I am asking that we keep it POSITIVE and NOT NOT NOT fear-based and if you don't agree with something, that's cool - just please don't post it here and create negativity or slam anyone.  PLEASE RESPECT where others are coming from! 

The word "God" doesn't work for you - don't use it!  Something a bit too Woo Woo for you - why read it?  Simply go onto the next entry! (life's REALLY quite easy isn't it?!?!?!)

NO ONE is higher than the next!  We ALL have our areas of passion and strength and weaknesses and things still to work on/REMEMBER!

I'd especially like to see people share free/cheap workshops, webinars, teleconferences, websites, etc. so those interested can go and get what they want from it.

Like something you see here but don't want to respond to the WHOLE world or just want to say "THANX"?  Go up to the "From" bar above and click onto the persons name that made the post and it goes privately!

If this works out, MAYBE next month we'll add more Esoteric topics.  Let's just start with these topics above and see how it goes!

I'd love to see more people sharing and ESPECIALLY CONNECTING!!!

ENJOY!!! and PLEASE SHARE and remember that this/any board ONLY works if YOU Participate!!!

Vicki Skinner
(aka the Sarong Goddess)

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