Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OFERTAS • DESCUENTO • CUPONS • DISCOUNTS - in and around Costa Rica

for•por Costa Rica

Coming to Visit - or Live In Costa Rica?

Times are a bit tighter these days and we can ALL use extra SAVINGS can't we?!?!?

Most of these offers you pay up front to receive the discount and if you don't use them you loose the credit.
La mayoría de estas ofertas que se paga por adelantado para recibir el descuento y si usted no los usa se ​​pierde el crédito.


SAVE 20% Off 
(they work with Mapache, Vamos 4X4, CR Save and are adding more)


15% Off 
The best Activities and Tours and SportsFishing
Canopy  •  Hanging Bridge  •  Rafting+
They are working hand-on-hand with the best firms.

What’s the P.C.
The “P.C.” is your Premium Card - 
an easy way to take advantage of 
on your rental car and activities during your stay in Costa Rica.

Getting the P.C. is easy
Buy your P.C. online. Print it at home or in your hotel in Costa Rica.

Using our P.C. is even easier. 
Visit the list of our affiliates and get your quote. Don’t forget to tell to them that you have a P.C.
Book your car and activities. Tours can even be booked a day in advance while you are on site in Costa Rica, giving you even more freedom.

The day you pick up your car or enjoy your activities, simply show your PC at the time of payment, and your discount will be applied - it’s as simple as that. So what are you waiting for? 

Join Costa Rica Discount and reserve your P.C. - Premium Card.


Costa Rica Descuentos
(this seems to now direct to
(I think this is from another country but offering special discounts in Costa Rica)  •
 TitiCupon and Yuplon seem to be THE BIGGEST sites in Costa Rica for descuentos•discounts)
(this one I'm not a big fan of since it looks like to see anything you MUST sign in first - before you even know if you'll like it!!)
(I think Yuplon is THE MAIN site for descuentos•discounts in Costa Rica)




Do YOU know of any Discount Sites to add to this?
Please e-mail me with their details, website and contact information


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Coming to Visit or Living In Costa Rica


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