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Monday, January 7, 2013

FOR SALE - Used DIGITAL CAMERA - Kodak EasyShare M340 - 10.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom - Escazu, Costa Rica

Kodak EasyShare M340
10.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom, 2.7" LCD,

VERY EASY to use!!

VERY used/worn BUT it works good for photos (it has many different picture settings to choose from to adjust to different lighting situations [including the SOOOO important to have in Costa Rica "Backlight" that I don't have on my new computer!!])

INCLUDES a 4gb MicroSD Card (in CR a $15 value)

NO original power cable - BUT - I will include an Universal Battery Charger (you can use it with you cell, camera or many other non-standard batteries) if the price is not discounted (a $10 value)

Video you can even zoom in and out - BUT - it usually has a clicking sound when you play it back so not good it you're wanting to record audio/sound with it (but ok if you will dub over music or something). (someone wrote on a review about a solution for this that I haven't tried yet but he said you can change the AF Control under the video settings to "Single AF" and it should solve the problem)

Door where battery/SD Card is does not stay open all the time (just tape it if you need to [though it didn't do it much for me] - HENCE - the low price.


10.2 megapixel resolution
Make beautiful large prints or easily crop your photos

3x optical zoom
The Kodak EasyShare Camera lets you get in close and capture crisp, clear shots

2.7" LCD screen
With high contrast and brightness, this bright screen lets you compose, preview and review your shots

Share button and Kodak EasyShare Camera software
Helps you upload and share your pictures and videos to YouTube or your Kodak Gallery
Photos are meant to be shared with the Kodak EasyShare Camera. Easily upload and share your pictures and videos to YouTube and or Kodak Gallery via the Share button and Kodak EasyShare software (I haven't done this year so can't verify).

Additional Features
Exclusive Smart Capture feature automatically identifies the scene and adjusts camera settings for a great picture in just about any environment
•   Don't miss a shot with the security of in-camera charging and the power of the included KODAK Li-Ion rechargeable digital camera battery
•   Advanced video features include audio capture, playback, on-camera editing, and prints from video
•   Take stunning HD pictures and view them by connecting the Kodak EasyShare Camera to your HDTV
•   Combine up to 3 shots into 1 large picture with on-camera panorama stitch mode
SMALL internal memory (MEGA limited - only holds a few pictures) and SD/MMC card slot



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