Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dr. Mike Hannes - Osteopath • Structural Alignments • Acupuncture • Dorn Method - Pavas - San Jose, Costa Rica

Dr. Mike Hannes 
Centro de Terapias Manuales

Structural Alignments
(like a Chiropractor but WAYYYY BETTER for me!!)
Dorn Method
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorn_method  •  youtube.com/watch?v=hyz6iKnJ0OM
Chinese medicine (TCM)
Sports Therapy

I'm VERY SADDENED to report that Dr. Hannes is no longer practicing in Costa Rica.
This is a BIG DISSERVICE to the bodies of people that want to HEAL vs do the traditional Western Medicine cut into our bodies/drug route that based on MANY people I've known, can cause deeper harm to some bodies than the Holistic, more natural approach.  Sadly, more and more we're seeing the $$ and ego and insecure influence behind Western Medicine blocking IMPORTANT therapies to HELP people!!!
All I can say, when I went to him, the issues I dealt with had more shift in ONE visit than YEARS of therapy.

Do you know of any other doctors or practitioners in Costa Rica that do any of the above mentioned therapies (ESPECIALLY Osteopath)???
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