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Saturday, January 5, 2013


Mrs Fields Cookies - are my FAV cookies in the WORLD (as Katrina would say - Linguasmo - "TongueGasmic!!!) but alas, living in Costa Rica for over 7-1/2 years, I've learned to do without - till NOW as

Mrs Fields is FINALLY in Costa Rica!!!!

and in a few locations - the one I've interviewed below is in
ESCAZU - San Rafael de/Trejos Montelegre
and also in MultiPlaza-Oeste • Escazu, MultiPlaza Este•East, Mall San Pedro, Mall Paseo Metropoli, Mall Paseo de las Flores and more coming!! 

(click in the bottom right corner where it says YouTube to make it bigger!)

The staff in Escazu is GREAT!!  Wil (our host in this video), Kenia, Alejandro, Elver and Mary/Maritza were ALL VERY helpful and there to serve you!!!

Wil gave us the scoop in this video on what's going on with Mrs Fields in Costa Rica!!!  (he did pretty good with his English!!!)

Mrs Fields cookies is Costa Rica are not real cheap but QUALITY abroad is not!  The big cookies are 900-colones (that's about $1.80 EACH) and the little "Nibblers" are 300-colones each!!!!  But sometimes you've just GOTTA HAVE one!!!!

They have
1/2 PRICE on ALL BAKED Goodies from
8-9pm EVERY day!!!

I shot this video for this blog (something I'm starting to do more so bear with me as I'm learning how to do them - plus with my amusing "VickLish" [a funnier/rawer version of Spanglish - hey - I work 15-20 hours a day on the computer so I don't get much time to get out and practice.  Besides - life isn't about being perfecto and people that are having an issue with it - might need to get a life and take a chill pill!!!)

I'm SOOOO HAPPY to have Mrs Fields in my neighborhood (as were MANY of the other people that came in while we were there) as it's been AGES since I've had a REALLY GOOD QUALITY cookie in Costa Rica (lets just say most North American's don't come to Costa Rica for the cookies/pastries/breads . . . !!)!  

HOURS:  They are open 365 days a YEAR!!  9am-9pm


FYI - ESCAZU is considered the "Beverly Hills of Costa Rica" and many refer to it as the "Gringo Area" - but you have the most restaurants here (and I feel the most and best variety) BUT you don't see lots of gringos in these restaurants - mainly because we can't afford the MUCH higher prices than we'd pay in the U.S. for the same products.  So Escazu isn't really the "Gringo AREA" - but it's more like the "Gringo CONVENIENCES Area!!!" because you can find just about anything you need in this little city just 7 minutes West of Costa Rica's capital of San Jose. 

We're talking Goddess forbid - even TGIFridays, Tony Romas, Outback, McDonald's, Burger King+++ DELIVER in Escazu (and much of Costa Rica)!!!!  In Escazu - within a 15 block radius you have OVER 50 restaurants (and there are LOTS more further out)!  You have the largest mall in Costa Rica, VIP and iMax Movie Theatre (heck 16 movie screens), English-speaking Taxi Drivers and others that speak some level of English, buses that take you right into San Jose which take you all over the country, doctors, hospitals, dentists and LOTS LOTS MORE!!!!   Plus there are MANY things to see within a 1-2 hour drive- making Escazu the PERFECT place to use as your base to do Day Trips from so you're not schlepping around and changing beds every night (MY FAV BandB is who's just 5 blocks from this new Mrs Fields in Escazu!!!).

Send a BIG HUG and "Hola!" to everyone from Vicki!!!

Mrs Fields White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie is STILL my FAV!!

What's YOUR Favorite Mrs Fields Cookie???

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