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Friday, January 25, 2013

Vicki's CR Information Sites, PET HOUSE SITTING

Links to Vicki’s CR Information Blog and LOTS of other CR related Info and Photo Sites
PLUS my Pet and House Sitting Services and LOTS more!!!
35,000+ Page Views a Month – often at the top of Google Searches! 
Now accepting Information Ads!

Some of my more popular specialized blurbs/links:
-  EVENT Announcements (heavy on ExPat groups and Self Empowerment, Holistic, Spiritual, Woo-Woo Communities and many in English)
-  GREAT English-speaking Hair Stylist
-  Things and FOR SALE and Rent
-  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Specials (separate posts)
-  A WONDERFUL Service-oriented BandB in Escazu (that even speaks French)
-  HEALTHY, Organic, Natural PRODUCTS -
-  TOURIST DISCOUNTS  -  Save 15% off CR Tours and 20% off Car Rentals
-  MATTRESSES and BEDDING in Costa Rica – 100% Cotton Mattresses and other Natural Bedding Supplies, Memory Foam Mattresses, High Quality Linens++
-  Semi-PERMANENT EYELINER MicroPigmentation/“tattoos” for JUST $100!!  Eyelash Extensions, Semi-Permanent “Makeup” – Eyebrows and Lips!
-  DENTIST in CR (ESPECIALLY for Dental Implants, Crowns and Root Canals and HOLISTIC dentistry), MEDICAL and HOLISTIC PRACTITIONERS.  I’ve researched Medical Tourism for OVER 5 years
-  ENGLISH-Speaking Taxi Drivers
-  AA and Recovery Options in CR
-  List of various MESSAGE BOARDS
-  EARTHQUAKE Site for CR, Hints, Tips on how to Be Prepared+
-  Airport Parking, how to get there (including how to get a 4 FREE rides to the airport!)
-  Owning/Driving a CAR vs taking TAXIS•BUSES in Costa Rica
-  Bio-Identicals and Hormone Replacement Therapy
-  Where to Watch U.S. TV Stations in Costa Rica and Radio Stations
-  Service Workers like for Appliance Repair++
-  Why I LOVE Living in Escazu, LOTS of pictures and other resources on Escazu++
-  The VIP and iMax Movie Theatre
-  TELL ME WHY??  What keeps you in CR?  Why’d you leave/are you thinking of leaving?  Why you want to move here?  What you/don’t you like about life in CR?  Why WERE you thinking of moving to CR and changed your mind?
-  Where to get a TOTALLY FREE/NO credit cards CREDIT REPORT
and LOTS MORE (1,300 Posts!!!)!!
For people that feel their pet is part of their family and

 want them to receive LOTS of love and attention, 2-10 massages daily, even let them sleep in her bed and have them all bathed and pretty the day of your return!   Have someone stay in your home that you can TRUST!!   If you want someone’s who’s almost always there, won’t destroy your place or steal things or snoop, is not a druggie/smoker or drinker and who will watch your home that’s not just looking for a landing/base place for their travels around CR – you’ll call me!
I can Connect you with ALL SORTS of people to assist you – ESPECIALLY in Escazu, people considering moving to CR, Newbies, Custom Travel Planning, Shopping+++
LOTS of pictures and links to various sites on ESCAZU
For people in CR into more Self Empowerment/Sustainable Living Consciousness
Post your POSITIVE stories, experiences, finds about life in CR!

DESTINATION INFO for Visa Runs (Nicaragua):
Hints on how to do the Costa Rica – Nicaragua Border Crossing

Ready to leave CR but not sure where to next??  Consider THIS SPECIAL area! 
Had someone pass away?  Songs, quotes, poems that might help.

Vicki Skinner


We'll be enhancing this listing so keep checking back and PLEASE SHARE it with EVERYONE you know that could use this information!!

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