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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BREAST FEEDING in Costa Rica - Lincoln Plaza orders woman to leave for breast feeding - Costa Rica

in Costa Rica

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RESULTS from the Breast Feeding-In•Protest "Mamatón"

Lincoln Plaza orders woman to leave for breast feeding

The Plaza Lincoln shopping center in Moravia - has found itself in the eye of the hurricane, after a security guard ordered a women to leave for breast feeding her baby in a public area of the mall.

Groups of concerned citizens are using social media to organize, and are encouraging mothers to come breast feed, during a protest at the mall on the FOOD COURT on Saturday January 12, 2013 at 12/noon.

Ana V. Amenábar C. MORRIS GRAY Krissia

The Lincoln Plaza shopping center is in the eye of the hurricane, after last Saturday one of the security staff will tell a mother who was banned breastfeeding in public areas of the site.

The complaint, made by Wendy Madrigal Acuña moved like gunpowder in social networks, to the point where a demonstration was organized in the food court of the "mall" for next Saturday - January 12.

In the morning the mall had posted a message on his official Facebook page- - criticized the attitude of those who were against the guideline followed by private stores, at the reaction of people on the site was forced to remove the comment and put a press release in which he denied that he had turned the order, on the contrary, blamed the employee of the action.

In this regard, the president of the Commission on Nursing, Fulvia Elizondo said that "this has never happened before in the country. We are telling mothers to breastfeed for two years and a half and no legal impediment prohibiting breastfeeding, nor any law that says you have exclusive areas. This is out of context in Costa Rica. Feeding a child is not an obscene act ".

Elizondo said he was not aware that the management of Plaza Lincoln had handled a request for the construction of nursery rooms, not asked for recommendation to the Ministry of Health to meet the requirements and to consider ways to build these areas.

In this sense does not rule out that the Ministry of Health to the mall do inspections to determine if sites arranged as feeding areas are eligible, instructions and specifications for the comfort and safety of the mother and child.

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