Thursday, January 31, 2013

FLIGHT STATUS - SJO - Juan Santa Maria Airport, San Jose, Costa Rica

Before heading to the airport to pick a friend up - or flying out yourself you might want to
Check the
Flight Status

for flights in/out
Juan Santa Maria (SJO) International Airport in Costa Rica


NOTE:  If you're picking someone up, you definitely want to check this ahead of time - especially so ESPECIALLY in the "Winter" (by North American standards - mid-November through around the end of March - when there's good chances of weather/snow delays)  or  "Summer" (again - by North American standards - about mid-June till end of September-ish - Costa Rica's Rainy Season - when there's a chance of that Fog belt (that hangs at the end of the runway) - diverting flights (sometimes to Liberia, sometimes to Panama City.  2 times I was picking people up at the airport and LITERALLY seconds before they were to land - as they were descending, I saw the planes change course!!  One went up to Liberia Airport in Costa Rica and stayed there for a few hours.  The other went down to Panama City and overnighted!!  So word to the wise - THIS time of year ESPECIALLY - you might want to NOT take a flight that gets you into Costa Rica after say 3pm!)



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