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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where to buy INDIAN SPICES in Costa Rica

Here's a GREAT WEBSITE explaining the various Indian Spices•Flavors


GOKUL (San Pedro) and NAMASTE (San Jose - Sabana Sur) RESTAURANTS
(tell them Vicki with the blog sent you!)

Basmati Rice 40 ¢ 60,000 lbs
Basmati Rice 1kg ¢ 3500
Channa Dahl 1kg ¢ 4500
Toor Dahl 1kg ¢ 4500
Mung Dahl 1kg ¢ 4500
Masoor Dahl 1kg ¢ 4500
Ura Dahl 1kg ¢ 4500
Kala Channa 1kg ¢ 4500
Dahl Matter 1kg ¢ 4500
Comino 400gr ¢ 3500
¢ 200gr Ajwan 3500
Poppi Seeds 200g ¢ 4500
Mustard 400g ¢ 3500
Fenugreek 400g ¢ 3500
Asofetida 100gr ¢ 2000
Sesame 400gr ¢ 2000
Chili powder 400g ¢ 4000
Besan (chickpea flour) 1kg ¢ 3500
Mango Pickle (bottle spicy mango pickle) 500g jar ¢ 3500
Green Chili Pickle (pickled peppers) 500g jar ¢ 3500
Lemon Pickle (pickled lemons)
Garam Masala 400g ¢ 5500
Curcuma (turmeric) 400gr ¢ 3500
Star Anise 400g ¢ 3500
Anis current 400gr ¢ 4000
Papad (cumin, chili, etc) 200g pack ¢ 2000
Taj Mahal Tea 450g box ¢ 7500
Tetley Tea (Ginger, Cardamom, Masala flavors) 72 ¢ on 7500
Wagh Bakri Tea 500 gr ¢ 7500
Sai Flora Incense 1 ¢ 1500 package
Kala Namak (black salt) 100 gr ¢ 2000
Himalayan Pink Salt (Himalayan pink salt) 460 gr ¢ 3500
Gulab Jal (Rose Water) Bottle 5 Ounces ¢ 3000
MTR Sambar powder 200g ¢ 3000
MTR Rasam powder 200g ¢ 3000
MTR chutney powder 200g ¢ 3000
MDH Chana Masala (chickpeas marinade for) ¢ 100gr 2500
MDH Garam Masala 500g ¢ 7500
MDH Chunky Chat Masala 100g ¢ 2500
Qasuri Methi (fenugreek leaves) 50g ¢ 3000
Masala Boondi (chips fried chickpea balls) 285gr ¢ 3500
Bikaneri Sev (chips spicy chickpea balls) 285gr ¢ 3500
Sing Bhujiya (spicy peanuts) 285gr ¢ 3500
Thin Poha (thin flat rice) 908gr ¢ 4500
Himalayan Pink Salt (Himalayan pink salt) 908gr ¢ 4500
Rose Syrup 750 ml bottle ¢ 4500
Shan Aaloo Bhaji Curry (Curry for spicy potatoes) 50 gr ¢ 2000
Shan Vegetable Curry (Vegetable Curry) 100g ¢ 2000
Vanilla Custard Powder (vanilla powder) 100g ¢ 2000
Sac Rose Scent (rose essence for cooking) 50ml ¢ 3000


Amig@s: aqui esta la lista de productos actualizada de Restaurante Gokul y Namaste. Abrimos el Lunes!!!!!!!!!!!
Arroz Basmati 40 lbs ¢60 000
Arroz Basmati 1kg ¢3500
Channa Dahl 1kg ¢4500
Toor Dahl 1kg ¢4500
Mung Dahl 1kg ¢4500
Masoor Dahl 1kg ¢4500
Ura Dahl 1kg ¢4500
Kala Channa 1kg ¢4500
Matter Dahl 1kg ¢4500
Comino 400gr ¢3500
Ajwan 200gr ¢3500
Poppi Seeds 200gr ¢4500
Mostaza 400gr ¢3500
Fenogreco 400gr ¢3500
Asofetida 100gr ¢2000
Ajonjoli 400gr ¢2000
Chili powder 400gr ¢4000
Besan (harina garbanzo) 1kg ¢3500
Mango Pickle (frasco de encurtido de mango picante) frasco 500gr ¢3500
Green Chili Pickle (encurtido de chiles) frasco 500gr ¢3500
Lemon Pickle (encurtido de limones)
Garam Masala 400gr ¢5500
Curcuma (turmeric) 400gr ¢3500
Anis Estrella 400gr ¢3500
Anis corriente 400gr ¢4000
Papad (de comino, chile, etc) paquete 200gr ¢2000
Taj Mahal Tea caja 450gr ¢7500
Tetley Tea (Ginger, Cardamom, Masala flavors) 72 sobres ¢7500
Wagh Bakri Tea 500 gr ¢7500
Incienso Sai Flora 1 paquete ¢1500
Kala Namak (sal negra) 100 gr ¢2000
Himalayan Pink Salt (sal rosada de los Himalayas) 460 gr ¢3500
Gulab Jal (Rose Water) botella 5 Onzas ¢3000
MTR Sambar powder 200gr ¢3000
MTR Rasam powder 200gr ¢3000
MTR Chutney powder 200gr ¢3000
MDH Chana Masala (adobo para garbanzos) 100gr ¢2500
MDH Garam Masala 500gr ¢7500
MDH Chunky Chat Masala 100gr ¢2500
Qasuri Methi (hojas de fenugreco) 50gr ¢3000
Masala Boondi (chips de bolitas de garbanzo fritas) 285gr ¢3500
Bikaneri Sev (chips de bolitas picantes de garbanzo) 285gr ¢3500
Sing Bhujiya (mani picante) 285gr ¢3500
Poha thin (arroz plano fino) 908gr ¢4500
Himalayan Pink Salt (sal rosada de los Himalayas) 908gr ¢4500
Rose Syrup bottle 750 ml ¢4500
Shan Aaloo Bhaji Curry (Curry para papas picante) 50 gr ¢2000
Shan Vegetable Curry (Curry de vegetales) 100gr ¢2000
Vanilla Custard Powder (vainilla en polvo) 100gr ¢2000
Sac Rose Scent (esencia de rosas para cocinar) 50ml ¢3000



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