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Thursday, November 14, 2013

SHOE MAKERS • ZAPATERO • Zapateria • Shoe Repair • Leather Boots • Boot Maker • Calzado in Costa Rica

The lost art of Shoe and Boot Making in LEATHER is still alive in Costa Rica and the workmanship tends to be REALLY NICE and the prices are even nicer compared to in North America!!!

Do you have extra large feet or strange shaped ones?  Have some shoes made for you!!!

Here are some leads I’ve found so far for:
Shoe Maker  •  Zapatero  •  Zapateria  •  Shoe Repair  •  Leather Boots  •  Boot Maker  •  Calzado

NOTE:  If you’re Getting CUSTOM MADE SHOES and BOOTS make sure to bring a sample picture of what you’re seeking and not many of these people speak English so if you don’t habla much Español, bring someone with you to make sure it’s all clear!!

My friend Katrina bought a handmade leather backpack at the leather shop that's in the Centro Mercado that makes things as well.  Sorry - don't have the name, but I'd had that thing for 9 years now & I take it traveling, used to put my laptop & LOTS more stuff in it, it's my primary back for going to the market & weekly I haul 4 - 2 liter bottles of agua de pipa in it, groceries, etc. & it's still in MEGA STRONG GOOD condition!!!!  They make shoes & all sorts of other things in leather!!!!  If anyone finds this contact info I’d REALLY appreciate it!!

Calzado JR
facebook.com/pages/Calzado-JR/308232959293046  •  2-258 6342
Specializing in making and repairing all types of footwear and leather goods - especially fancy cowboy boots!
OWNER:  Jaime Rosales (JR)
HOURS:  Daily 8am-6pm
LOCATION:  San Jose - on Paseo Colon - 200 meters north of the Torre Mercedes
(2-258-6342 • 2-221-2908 )

Calzado Gemelos • Talabarquería y Calzado los Gemelos
(facebook.com/ClG1616  •  CalzadoLosGemelos.com  •  2-256-4734 • 2-256-5390  •  SoniaIBarraVargas@yahoo.es)
They make 100% Leather Shoes, Cowboy Boots, Booties, Hats, Tack, belts and accessories for riding, Cowboy Shirt, Trousers and more
HOURS:  Daily 8:30am-5:30pm
LOCATION:  San Jose (Paseo Colon) - Diagonal to the North/East corner of Torre Mercedes

Calzado Lazo
Santiago Lazo, Proprietor
Alajuela - 275 meters North of Llobet Department Store
(SOURCE: JulieAndRickInCostaRica.blogspot.com/2011/02/these-booties-were-made-for-walkin.html)
They have a STORE in San Pedro - 2nd floor in the Mall San Pedro contiguo Van Heusen's
HOURS:  Monday to Saturday - 10am-8pm and Sunday - 11am-7pm.
facebook.com/pages/Calzado-Lazo/131568670197626  •  LazoBySofia.blogspot.com  •  2-283-4661  •  rigolazo@yahoo.com)

Laurie with Cariari B&B shared:
She went to a gal that had a leather shop in San Jose.
LOCATION:  San Jose - Off Paseo Colon turn LEFT at the Scotia Bank Bldg. Then turn LEFT at either the 3rd or 2nd street and there was a leather shop aobut 25 meters on the Left - something about Saddles, Boots & etc.

I hear there are 3 or 4 Saddle•Boot Makers in San Jose in the area of Paseo Colon (AROUND Avenida 3 around Calle 24 or 26 ish)
BillyGoatBruce share “They would be able to do any leather repairs or custom work you would want. Their usual boots are "Texas" (cowboy) style ("Botas Texanas" [I’ve heard they’re under $80-$100+!!]) and I think the saddles are also, but they do more than just those.”

Peregrino Calzado Artesanal - Fadrique Cordero
(2-268-7382 • 8-383-9688  •  FadriqueCR@hotmail.com)
Fadrique makes cool leather sandals (and he’s a Caribbean Food Chef!)
LOCATION:  Heredia
(I heard he was no longer making sandals but perhaps he can give you some other leads. Tell Fadrique Vicki connected you!!)

Calzado Fino Artesanal
Founded in 1940, Holiday Brs is a company dedicated to making fine footwear dress for ladies and gentlemen. Our manufacturing method is handmade, completely handmade as did our fathers in Mallorca (Spain) and native quality materials and always in leather, and we do not use plastic.

There are more at (no time to add them right now) -


 Do you have any other people that make shoes in Costa Rica?
Email me at LivingLifeInCostaRica@gmail.com



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