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Friday, November 1, 2013

RANT!!! Moving To•Living In Costa Rica HINTS - UNHappy People • "Victims" & Psychos

(interesting timing!!  I SOOOO believe in this!!!)

I'm going on a RANT on something I've been wanting to get off my chest for AWHILE but was trying to be nice on (more like have PITY for someone - wondering if what was going on within them was some sort of mental condition) - but when said person starts threatening ME for the thingS that THEY created/attracted/manifested . . . so here it goes!!!!

Ever know people that no matter what you do for them or just about every story they are ATTRACTING bad service, bad products, not so nice people?  Sourpusses?  Not so happy/friendly people?  You know the type - the perpetual "Victims" that blame EVERYONE else as they of course have done NOTHING to "deserve" this!! 

Costa Rica seems to be FILLED with them - like no place I've EVER experienced - ESPECIALLY in the ExPat communities!!  LOTS of UN-Happy wounded children in big bodies with LOTS of UN-resolved CRAP from their childhood they don't want to look at/work on!!!

The cashier didn't give them back the right change and that "ALWAYS" happens to you  •  their boss took advantage of them  •  practically every man they encounter "wants" them/comes onto them - heck - or guys on the streets drop their pants in front of you when you're just walking - minding your own business (is there perhaps some sexual abuse issue from your childhood you're not wanting to deal with???)  •  landlords do/don't do this for you (especially when you demand/expect it and you're only paying $400 or less on your rent)  •  or this person isn't on time - or doesn't show up but you already have in your brain that "that's what ALL Tico's do"  •  or this worker claims they've been doing a skill for ages but of COURSE YOU know SOOOO MUCH MORE than them (oh - and that you were paying $2 an hour and REALLY wanted to be paying even LESS [isn't that like SLAVE labor??].  I don't get why someone would hire someone to do the job in the first place when you already KNEW that "those people" can't do anything right!!), or the traffic was horrible at 5pm on a Friday (duhhhh - what CITY in the WORLD does NOT have Rush Hour Traffic at 5pm on a Friday??  Why the HELL are you going out in it when there were 23 other hours in a day you could have gone [of course if you weren't finishing a job but then, why weren't you carpooling with some interesting people, or meeting people near your job for a bite or a drink - to unwind - to wait out the worst of the traffic???)  •  or the neighbors have parties doing bad karaoke till 3am on payday (did you NOT do your research before in that MANY Latin's LOVE to party and unlike some of us - they don't always stop at 10pm), or the paint you saw on your computer wasn't what it was when you got it (do you not realize that EVERY computer has different tones??  If you have this "victim" history - why would you purchase something site unseen in the first place??), or your container sat their for WEEKS/MONTHS (example between a POSITIVE person - MY container came in a record 1 week from the docks of Miami to my house at 11:30pm on a Friday night and people in the shipping industry said there was NO WAY that could have happened - but it DID - because I just kept visualizing that my experience would be drastically different than EVERYONE elses!!), or the neighbors stole you yard tools (so if you already have read over and over that this stuff happens often here, why would YOU give them the opportunity TO steal it??  It's like you were setting them up to fail/steal

People, wherever WE go, our "stuff" (get real - our caca!!!) FOLLOWS US!!!  So if you're NOT happy/creating positive experiences/people wherever you come from, you ESPECIALLY will NOT be ANY happier when you move to Costa Rica!!

So PLEASE - I BEG of you - if life seems to suck for you in your home country, if people are screwing you over - or inept or whatever back at home - SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY RE-CONSIDER moving to Costa Rica as trust me - what you've been experiencing back home, WILL be WAYYYY WORSE in Costa Rica!!!!  ESPECIALLY if you're not a friendly kinda person and/or don't speak Spanish!!!

Another type of person I keep seeing that moves to Costa Rica and tends to leave within the first year or two are the people who's MAIN reason for moving here is because they think it's cheaper than living wherever they came from.  Sure, SOME things are/can be cheaper - like if you go to the "Feria"•Farmer's Market - but maybe you'll be better off learning to grow some of your own things and trading with others that grow different things.

If you're one of those unhappy victim types, I BEG of you - PLEASE do NOT keep reading/getting resources out of my blog and MOST IMPORTANTLY, above all - PLEASE do NOT use any of the services I've mentioned here on my blog as if I've shared someone on this blog, either I or others have experienced them and have had POSITIVE experiences - otherwise they wouldn't be on it!!

And people, if you hear someone bitching about a service/places/people - ESPECIALLY if you're a newbie and don't have much to go on, I welcome you to take into consideration where the bitcher's is coming from/THEIR history with attracting bad service/situations wherever go. 

I mean REALLY - are they THAT far gone that they don't realize the common denominator here???  Especially when the MAJORITY of the people you talk to about a service RAVE about it!!!  & we're talking former bosses and clients - ALL RAVING about the person - all except this ONE person that got screwed over. 

Hey - I'm not saying something didn't happen to them perhaps - it could have - which IS unfortunate - but what gets me are these people that CLAIM to be all into SELF Empowerment - that do NOT get that THEY ATTRACT situations for them to HEAL old CRAP that they grew up with!!!!

Hey - if someone does NOT like me, I feel BLESSED!!  Blessed because that ONLY tells me that they are NOT the type of people that I care TO be associated with!!  They're NOT the type of people that will ADD something POSITIVE TO my life and GROWTH which is why I'm here!!!

I KNOW for ME, one of the reasons I've never been "depressed" (which seems to be VERY RARE these days from what MANY share) - even though I HAVE DEFINITELY been on my knees - gone through the "Dark Night of the Soul" - I have ALWAYS been able to find the OPPORTUNITY for ME to grow/heal from whatever as it's ALL ABOUT ME!!!!

So to reiterate, if you hear of someone bitching about things in life - you might want to
and question where they are REALLY coming from!!!!!

And again, if you're one of those "Victim" people - I BEG of you
PLEASE do NOT NOT use ANYONE on my blog
as I do NOT want to subject them to you!!!!!!

(and PLEASE, consider getting SERIOUS help, adjust your medication and TRULY work on walking the talk you're spewing as we ALL have PLENTY of work to do - or we wouldn't still be here!!  [the person that inspired this rant KNOWS who they are! 
So if YOU meet someone ranting about my blog and a certain service they had a bad experience with - you might VERY WELL be dealing with one of these perpetual victims!!).

My blog CLEARLY states I am NOT an "expert" - I'm just sharing information. Information on things I've experience first hand, others have shared or I've found!

Peace WITHIN!!!!!!!

(ok - there - I've said it - now I can move on!!!)


Know anyone thinking of moving to Costa Rica?  You might want to share this RANT with them!! 
Or do YOU have any more RANTS to add to this??  PLEASE - DO in the "Comments"
(funny how MANY people have contacted me privately SOOOOO AGREEING with this!!!!)




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