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Friday, June 8, 2012

Vicki Skinner's GEMINI BIRTHDAY • NETWORKING • POTLUCK PARTY at Hotel Pico Blanco- June 16

 Look at that VIEW!!!!  This is the room we're going to be in!!!


and also up in the area is an ARTISAN FAIR at the same time!!!
WHEN:  NOW - SATURDAY - JUNE 16 - around 4-8-ish-pm
(since it's not so easy to get there and I'd LOVE to be there so we all can see the INCREDIBLE VIEWS of the Central Valley below as well as the Sunset and the shimmering like gold lights below)

 (we'll be in what at one point was the disco - if you're facing the entrance to the hotel lobby - to your right is another opening.  Go through that & veer right & then a slight veer left [going right will take you to the hotel rooms])
(I'm holding it here since I don't have an actual "home" now [since I'm traveling around House Sitting • Pet Sitting and Hotel Sitting!!!] – so I figure let's hold it where I was living for awhile [in that sweet Cabina/Cottage - which is still for rent for just $400/mth furnished++] after closing my guest house so you can also enjoy the INCREDIBLE VIEWS - WAYYYYY up in the East mountains of San Antonio de Escazu)

POTLUCK - Please bring a BOCA or SWEETS to share with 6+ people PLUS whatever YOU'RE DRINKING
(PLEASE bring EVERYTHING you need for it since I don't have any of that stuff any more!!!! (I'll provide plates/cups/plastic wear [YUUKKKK I don't like using those things but I ain't cleaning up!!!]).

I made some Ghirradelli TRIPLE CHOCOLATE BROWNIES!!!!

(maybe you'll sell something!!  BE PREPARED!!!) and CONNECT!!!!  Around 7pm-ish we'll probably do a circle so everyone can say what they do!!!  You KNOW CONNECTING each other is what I'm ALL about!!  Actually - I'd LOVE IT if when you rsvp'd and if you have a biz, you'd share here what that is - like a link to your website or a brief description!!!

NO presents for me (though I never say "no" to "$$ Donations" for my http://LivingLifeInCostaRica.blogspot.com Costa Rica Info blog if you’ve used it and it’s brought you ease or business!!) - BUT - feel free to bring any gently used undergarments (especially bras), art supplies, unused medications for humans or pets (or pet things), shoes, makeup, sports equipment - to donate to Gail Nystrom's CR Humanitarian Foundation – http://CRHF.org  - mainly going to help the less fortunate people of La Carpio!

See “Directions” below and If you want to carpool/need a ride, English-speaking taxi suggestions, bus instructions, etc. please post below and we'll try to accommodate ya.

Please let us know so we can acknowledge your day also ("they" say all you need to have a successful party is at least one Gemini - imagine a BUNCH of us in one place!!!)!!!!
 Me - I was 55 years YOUNG on 6/9 (ya wonder why I am as I am!!)
Doug Kelly

It will be a predominately English-speaking crowd but there will be numerous Tico's/Latin's there so PLEASE do NOT allow limited English to prevent you from coming!!  You'll feel comfortable!!!

I'm a VERY open person so feel free to bring whomever you'd like - of any age (these gatherings tend to not be a wild party type of place and it will be an "Open House" so come/go as you desire). (it’s not going to be a very big party and sadly some of my good friends will be away this week on Visa Runs [that’s what happens when you wait till the last minute to inform people!!!]).

I've closed the guest house and sold everything and am just traveling around CR HOUSE SITTING • PET SITTING and HOTEL SITTING and am available June 17-July 4 and July 15-Aug. 13 if you hear of anyone seeking such services!!  (I have some tentatives in between)

I'm also focusing on my http://LivingLifeInCostaRica.blogspot.com  predominately in English info site which is getting OVER 15,000 views a month and one of the top one that pops up often when you're seeking things!!   I'm NOW accepting INFO ADS so inquire if you have something to promote as at this point they're strictly via "DONATIONS".    Have YOU gotten EASE or business from these posts?  Help keep the blog and me going (since this is really my only form of support these days) I welcome you to make a DONATION (details - top right corner of site)

http://YourCostaRicaConnector.com  (I’ve barely started the site but this has some of the info up on what I’m creating!!!  Mainly Connecting people, Dental/Medical Tourism, Vacation Rental Marketing Consulting/promotions++)

You can try me at 8-378-6679 though it's not always working so well these days (ahhh ICE!!) so maybe try texting me!  
SKYPE:  VallartaVicki   
US#:  1-941-312-7569 
email me - Vicki@SarongGoddess.com  - 
or try here!  It's casual!!  Come or not - it's all good!!


(it can be a bit tricky!)

Get off Pista del Sol at the WalMart exit (if coming from San Jose – it’s the first exit. If coming from the West - East-bound – it’s the 2nd exit after the toll plaza – the exit at the back of WalMart).

Go straight up that street – passing 3 lights (1st light – where you’d turn into Walmart/Tony Romas. 2nd light – just past TGIF/Chocolate___. 3rd light – just after McDonald’s/KFC).

At the 4th light – the “Scotia Split”/Cruz” (at Scotia Bank/Banco) you want to stay in the left lane – going straight up the hill.

Pass Plaza Atlantis/Automercado (on the left) and El Novillo Allegre (on the right).

At ChiChi's Bar - TURN LEFT. (it's a small one-way street running behind Riverside Condominiums - sort of hidden behind a big tree - on your Left so keep your eyes open)

Go up to the end of that block (1 block) and at the stop sign where you must turn left or right and TURN LEFT.

Then IMMEDIATELY - TURN RIGHT - and go up the street (look for/follow the signs).

Go up – up – up the road till you come to a split in the road to the big green wall (on your left) – TURN LEFT there and follow that street – up – up – up.

When you come to the stop sign (in front of you will be a sign for the Recycle center [in Spanish]) – TURN LEFT.

Cross over the little bridge one block to the end and TURN RIGHT (there will be signs here saying “Hotel [or Mirador] Pico Blanco” [as well as Mirador ___ Azul"] guiding you there).

Go up – up – up the mountain till you see the signs with an arrow saying “Hotel Pico Blanco” and turn LEFT into the driveway (at the driveway is an open lot.  If you pass the new house construction on your left just after the Pico Blanco sign you've gone too far).

Follow the BAD driveway up the hill towards the hotel – first it veers to the right, then veers to the left and keep going up towards the hotel. 

On your left you’ll first see a 2-story white apartment building with a 2-car open carport, then a sign that says “Hotel Pico Blanco” and an open iron gate and then another 2-car open carport and a big black garage door - keep going UP - all the way to the end to the parking lot and Hotel!

IF the parking lot is full at the top, where that "Pico Blanco" Sign was at the 2-story apartments (see pic below) - there's a side street (see in the picture below - the white sign with red "Hotel Bar Res" sign - on the right). 

Turn Right there and follow that up to the BIG parking lot at the top and I'll add some signs directing you. (you'll be entering above & have to go down)

 (see the white sign with the red writing - top right?  THAT's where you'd turn Right to the 2nd parking lot)



There is a bus (Escazu - el Curio) that goes from San Jose/near the Coca-Cola - up to 2 blocks from the driveway into the hotel = but it IS a 3 block walk UP UP UP the hill to the Hotel Pico Blanco. It's now running ever 30-60 minutes (45 min. on average).

OR - you can take a San Antonio bus up to the Pueblo and catch a pirata/pirate taxi up to Hotel Pico Blanco for 1,000-c. They're parked on the South/East corner across from the BACK side of church.

Chepe is my #1 pirata - 8-350-1008 (some English) or
Maritza 8-663-4631 who does not speak English but is a sweetie

TAXI (red):
Jorge is my MAIN guy - 8-629-9824 (and he speaks a fair amount of English)
Alonso  -  8-640-6656

OR put a RIDE REQUEST on the Facebook Page!



Looking for an inexpensive (rooms are just $40 or $60/night!!!), QUIET place to stay with INCREDIBLE VIEWS in Escazu for yourself (or friends you don’t want staying with you - or for a romantic rendezvous)???

Hotel Pico Blaco has rooms with balcony facing the Central Valley starting at just $40 a night 

or the $60/night rooms with the HUGE Picture Window with AMAZING VIEWS of the Central Valley from your BIG Queen or King bed!!!

This is a WONDERFUL PLACE to come see the views and if you come for dinner – I HIGHLY suggest their Costillos/Barbeque RIBS (the juicy/fatty pork ones) with their yummy homemade mashed potatoes and salad or soup and the Steak has always been tender and tasty for me or the Chicken!

PLEASE ALWAYS tell them that Vicki Connected you!!!


a Tribute to the Boyeros/Farmers/Oxcarts in San Antonio!!!

Come early and check out one of my FAV pieces of art and I think one of the best kept secrets in Costa Rica!!! This Wall Sculpture dedicated to the boyero/farmers and oxcarts spans almost a CITY BLOCK!!! To this day - EVERY time I look at it tears come to my eyes at the BEAUTY in it!! I can FEEL the artists PASSION at it!

You'll have to go THROUGH this little Pueblo and it's located across the street from Musmani - down on the soccer field (or across the street from the front of the church). Google the San Antonio iglesia for directions this way (it's more complicated).

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